After After Action

footprints on a soft beach
washed away by waves
a lady in a white dress
a man in khaki shorts

wind that comes with ghosts
that tease them on their walk
a thousand memories
that the waves could never wash

two hands clenched together
in love and comradeship
a secret sealed in a contract
a secret sealed with a kiss

a little girl named remember
with mother's looks and father's smile
a heartbreak she'll never know
another thousand memories

like a piece of sea glass
rounded by the waves
time dulls these memories
to wash up on the beach

letters from those who've moved on
dancing around, twirling around
never speaking their minds
words left unspoken

a bittersweet lozenge
flavored with nostalgia
scented with defeat
and tasted with resolve

footprints on a soft beach
washed away by waves
each step a memory
leading to eternity

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