Sal's (Now Irrelevant) Bestiary

Note that this page is for species, and not single character listings

Miscellaneous Creatures


A 5 foot long reptilian creature. It has the ability to completely blend in with its surroundings, making it invisible. It can easily be identified through various tricks by making the ground muddy or splashing it with paint. Its corpse glows when it is killed.

Flander's Poppies

An interdimensional species of poppy with decaying human flesh for roots. Sprouts and grows at an accelerated rate. An unknown memetic or psychic effect by the poppies causes giddiness and a loss of judgment. Animals of any kind standing in a field will soon have poppies growing on themselves. The roots of these poppies are burrowed underneath the flesh, making them extremely painful to remove. Blood loss and tissue damage generally follow. Following complete coverage by poppies, the victim will collapse into a deep sleep and become buried. Only known sample currently in Foundation custody.

Cave Trolls

Large, humanoid, grey numskulls wielding clubs. Can be completely pool generated or changed humans. Extremely brutish.

Red Pillbugs

Incredibly bouncy pill bugs that typically infest large structures. Smaller bugs may come together to form one giant ball, which can present a considerable threat.

North American House Hippo

Comprehensive study

Creatures of Earth

Boulder Bros

Boulders ranging in size from 3 feet to 7 feet in diameter, with a face. They have two buff rocky arms and rocky legs. Live on a diet of small pebble bugs. Sapient.


10 foot armadillos made of rock, with the ability to roll up into boulders. While not inherently hostile, their rolling state can be dangerous for those in its path.


Rocks ranging in size from 6 inches to 2 feet. They can extend bird legs from their bottoms and beaks from their fronts. Squawk loudly when disturbed. Live in large groups, which can be viewed from far away as large piles of rocks. Respond with group hostility when attacked.


A larger, possibly matured Squock, now a large boulder. Squock colonies tend to center around sleeping Squolders, which they awaken when the group is threatened.


A boulder with eyes and fins. Swallows water and bloats when enraged, causing spikes to puff out from itself. When on land it can roll around and crush hostiles. Spews hot steam when cornered.

Creatures of Cold


A large, humanoid creature covered in white fur. Sapient and quite polite. Identifiable by its distinctly Canadian accent. Loves to eat barkalsnat, a red fish whose skin is a delicacy among yetis.


A flat, but wide creature that may at first be mistaken for a white blanket. Has two long, flabby wings, a tail with a small stinger, and two purple domes for eyes. Its sting causes its target to fall unconscious. Nests in caves, where it nurses its young and keeps them warm from the cold. Makes a loud SHLUK SHLUK noise as it walks. Stalks its prey from a cieling where possible.


A velociraptor-like blue creature. Shows a level of higher-intelligence, possibly sapient. Has a marked value of "honour". Makes a yarping noise when alert. Has a blue fin extending from its head.

Tyrannosaurus Yarp

A T-rex-like Yarp. What it loses in intelligence it makes up for in sheer size and strength. A proficient predator and loose cannon.

Creatures of Heat

Lava Worm & Subspecies

Lava Worm

A gigantic, cylindrical, red creature. At its end, in place of a head is a large hole with a mouth-hole 8 feet in diameter, lined with powerful teeth. Typically swims through lava, but can swim through water. Also has the ability to fly. Can spew lava at prey, and bleeds lava when wounded. Bled lava solidifies into igneous rock, where it may hatch later into a number of subspecies.

Steam Worm

A 1 foot long lava worm with small arms. Appear in massive (500+) amounts and feed on artificial structures and flesh. Extremely lethargic, but their large numbers make them a hazard. Deflate and turn to igneous rock when punctured. Superheated steam pours out, and it is suggested they be punctured from a safe distance.

Flying Steam Worm

A variant on the steam worm approximately 4 feet in length. Has fleshy wings on either side that allows it to fly. More aggressive.

Mole Steamer

A 7 foot steam worm with 4 legs and long, mole-like claws. Burrows fast and attacks its prey by ejecting itself from the ground. Its tale can be cut off, from which pours out steam. Deflates into igneous rock when killed.


A 16 foot long, 4 foot wide steam worm with long pincers at its end that drip with lava. Walks on several dozen small legs that make a distinct clicking noise. Very aggressive and territorial. Can roll up into a ball when threatened.

Creatures of Sky

Cloud Creatures

Various sea-dwelling creatures formed from clouds. Much larger than their flesh-based counterparts. Typically harmless, however they can cause quite the scare among the unaware.

Creatures of the Desert

Bird Peoples

The Sun Bird

A giant bird that shone like gold, frequently mistaken for a second sun from far away. Last known member died after being attacked by a hoard of sand worms. Sapient.

Sun Bird People

Most likely sapient, extinct species of humanoid bird-people, referred to by the sun bird as its "children". Seemed to be proficient with the bow & arrow. Hunted to extinction by sand worms.

Moon Owl People

Humanoid owls, armed with medieval weapons. Hold a rivalry with the sand worms. Possibly extinct, given that their apparent last stronghold was flooded. Worshiped a large owl - possibly a second moon - until it was killed by worms.

Desert Crane People

Humanoid cranes, armed with victorian-era weaponry. So far the two encountered varieties of cranes are priests of the Arch of Cranes and pirates. Stocky, but speak in typical English. They revere their creator, Cranus.

Great Ska Rabmush and Interior Organisms

Great Ska Rabmush

A gigantic, mechanical scarab apparently built by the peacock peoples around 800 - 700 years ago. It has long, scarab legs, and large wheels at its bottom. Coloured a deep green with several large, blue lines forming patterns along its backside. Holds a powerful, but outdated database. Excellent for desert travel. For more information on its layout, see the run The Great Ska Rabmush on the logs page.

Gear Beetles

Mechanical beatles that fly around the Ska Rabmush's engine room to fit into different spaces as gears. Apparently makes the Ska Rabmush more efficient. How they work is unknown.


Mechanical butterflies with a blue underside and a shiny backside. They form together on a solar array skeleton to form a massive solar cell. They can move from array to array to catch the sunlight, making them very versatile. How they work in unknown.


Sand Worms

2 foot tall, grey, worm like creatures. Have four arms which they use for burrowing, although they are incredibly efficient at wielding swords and bows. Typically move quicker through earth than on land. Attack in large hordes, and act as a hivemind. They are led by a large queen, similar to an ant colony. Death of a worm colony queen results in the brain death of all colony members.


A species of sapient camels. They wear purple robes and a variety of hats, along with sandals, and mainly move in a bipedal manner. Camelvanners are a nomadic merchant and shepherding peoples, moving vast caravans of Cowmels and merchandise between the cities of the desert. They speak in a broken English, but are understandable.


Six to eight foot tall desert roaming mammals resembling cows, covered with thick, sand-colored hair and sharing qualities with camels, such as a large hump and foot structure. Cowmels are a valuable resource to sapient creatures of the desert, functioning as a means of transportation as well as a source of food. This is exceptionally true with Camelvanners, who often use them as a means of transporting goods between tribes.

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