Abelie Gabinelli

Player Name



Abelie "Glider" Gabinelli


"Kid with a big gun"; Movement specialist; General fighter


Move at Height: Years of orchard tending taught her balance and movement. She’s able to do all aerial acrobatics and some types of dance which she loves to practice. Glider excels at heights- she can see better, move better, and usually people won’t look for her there unless they know her well, yet Glider excels at movement in general, and she never seems to stop, whether shes walking around or dancing down halls. She grew up in trees though, not around people. She can be socially awkward and won't always voice thoughts that are relevant and important. Because of this, she will either listen and do /exactly/ what she is told, or she will go forward with her own plan, no matter how stupid it really is.
Itsy Bitsy: Glider, being a small person, can fit places others can not as well as sneak around with greater ease. But there are down sides to being small besides not being able to reach the very top shelf in the kitchen. One such problem is that she is more easily overwhelmed and she can be easier to corner, trap, or hurt.
Firey: Sure Glider can get angry, but that is not why she's firey. She also has a drive to get things done that can lead her to poor decisions, but again, that isn't the reason. She's a fire dancer. As such she usually has burns all over herself after she has been playing, and after she's been practicing, she usually has bruises. She also has a zest to get things done no matter what it takes— she sometimes leaps into poor decisions.


  • Academics: 4 (Italian, Russian, English)
  • Athletics: 6
  • Perception: 5
  • Sneak: 6
  • Survival: 5
  • Ranged Weapons: 6
  • Melee Weapons: 5
  • Physical Defense: 5
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Body: 5
  • Mind: 4
  • Action Points: 3
  • Load Limit: 11
  • XP Held: 0
  • XP Used: 0



+Smallish Canvas Bag covered in fruit colored stains, may have once been white
Simple phone (Kept on her most of the time)(she has several phones that are 'burnt crisps' in her fire gear bag)
Two journals filled with plant samples, sketches, tufts of hair and fur, and detailed notes (sometimes kept in her bag)
Some first aid supplies (usually in her bag)
A long climber’s rope that is attached to her canvas bag by twine (Kept attached to her bag)
Headset and ear buds
Laptop (its really a netbook)
+Pocket Knife (Always kept on her)

Personal History

She grew up in Italy, on a large orchard and winery. Her job was to gather the wild food during its season and to pick the fruit and flowers during their seasons. She was small and invested her time off season learning to climb trees and skip from one tree to the next. She learned this quickly and with her free time she climbed trees to listen to the animals. She learned all of their calls and played music with them. She was recruited into the military when she was old enough and taught how to snipe. With her ability to climb through trees, blend with her surroundings, and find places to rest in the trees, she excelled in the task. She never ended up going to college, instead learning everything she knows from the soldiers around her and the Foundation teams that she ended up working with. The Foundation approached her when she left the military in one of her more childish sprees, and convinced her that she should join. They put her in a local site until a hostile anomaly came in contact with her mother and younger brother, making them victims, and Glider spent too much of her time trying to be with them, watch them, and take care of them. She was sent to work in Reconnaissance Force Kappa-6 (Angel Eyes) for a year where she learned English while they were stationed at [Data Expunged] temporarily. ** During this time it was revealed she had worked as an undercover field agent (yes that means she was a spy) during some of the time she was supposedly in the military ** She was to stay with them, but do to a violent allergic reaction from the next location, she was moved to [Data Expunged.] She was temporarily assigned to [Redacted] where she was forced to learn Russian. From there she was moved from one mobile unit to another, and when she threw up her hands and almost left (for the third time,) she was sent to [Redacted]. When it was discovered that not even the higher-ups knew where that unit was (or if it existed) they sent her to Site-354 until they could locate the unit.


Most characters are likely to misjudge Glider's gender and sometimes age. Because of her size and way-of-life, she keeps her hair cut short. She also retains the appearance of a undeveloped woman. She usually doesn't wear skirts or feminine clothes, so she is used to being thought as a boy or a teenager. She has a faintly delicate face, but it doesn’t look female nor does it seem male. She wears contact lenses, but they do not increase her eyesight.She also has significant tattooing on her body. The most obvious of which lies around her neck. When asked about its origin, she either ignores the question or gives such a vague answer that the observer figures they may as well give up on the whole idea.
Anyone who dares to step in her space will see that she keeps hanging rods and rope everywhere.
Glider sometimes wears clothes that cling at the ankles, waist, neck, and arms, but are otherwise are loose. She wears gloves and a little back pack.She also enjoys wearing her military uniform of cargo pants and an olive green shirt. The third main outfit that she wears is comprised of loose pants of varying length and a sleeved sports bra. (Other wise she wears everything from hooker dresses with padded bras to tuxes. Those are just WAY easier to explain)
She always seems to have some type of fruit or vegetable on her, and her bag is permanently stained by such things. She also tends to go barefoot when she can, keeping her thin soled running sneakers in her back pack. She often wears a hat, clipping it to her belt when she starts climbing.
Raised in Italy, English is her second language, and sometimes she may use it incorrectly, especially as she was taught it because of the persistent boredom of a coworker. As a result, any of her personal writings are in Italian, and she speaks in Italian when she can.
The photo fails to display how small she is, and was taken with her tattoos nonexistent.

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