Alissa Clemens

Player Name



Alissa Clemens


Sassy Medic


Bitch Please: Don't cross Alissa unless you want a tiny, enraged woman in your face.
Like I Give A Fuck: So what if that shit is a monstrosity from the abyss? She gives no fucks. So what if you just broke up with your girlfriend? You're an asshole, she gives no fucks.
Have To Fix It: If something goes wrong, Alissa will want to fix it, if it's a broken heart, a broken leg, or even a broken mug.

Lily-Livered: Alissa's liver has been partially converted by the machinations of the Improver. Her tolerance for alcohol is greatly reduced; when she drinks, Alissa will end up three drinks drunker than she actually drank. Her liver has been weakened; drugs or toxins, or body blows to the liver will cause her to roll half her Physical Defense, rounded down.


  • Medical: 12
  • Persuasion: 6
  • Academics: 5 (Spanish and Russian)
  • Science: 6
  • Athletics: 7 -1 if using arms
  • Perception: 6
  • Melee Weapons: 0 +2 if using palm-mounted hypodermic needle
  • Physical Defense: 5
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Body: 4
  • Mind: 4
  • Action Points: 3
  • Load Limit: 11
  • XP Held: 2
  • XP Used: 7


  • Sedatives | 3 injectors, Medical roll of 4 to subdue a target | +0 | 1 XP
  • Physical Defense 101 | +1 Pdef | 2 XP


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  • Medical Pack
  • A strange needle
  • Her left thumb and forefinger play host to forceps, her middle finger houses a scalpel. Her pinky extrudes a miniature flashlight, and her ring finger has a suture dispenser. Her wrist has a gauze dispenser.
  • Her right palm hosts a hypodermic needle and her wrist has a dial to select one of three liver-based compartments
  • The first such compartment has a limitless supply of pure, medical-grade isopropyl alcohol
  • The other two can either hold a doubled amount of a standard Medical consumable or be used to acquire a sample in the field.

Personal History

Alissa had a rather average childhood, and graduated very high in her class at Clarkson College. Soon she was picked up by the Foundation, and cut ties from her sister. However, when her sister joined the Foundation she opened up communications again.


5'1", mocha skin, dark eyes and long frizzy hair.


Picture was taken a year before her induction into the Foundation, by a patient at the hospital she was working at. It should be noted for recognition purposes that Dr. Clemens had recently had a hair treatment.

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