Dougie MacLean

Player Name



Dougie MacLean


A Scottish grunt a long way from home.


Information Horder: Growing up in a well-to-do family with a small private library, Dougie's booksmarts carried over into is military life. Dougie carries a organised, footnoted, cross-referenced journal detailing his experiences with parascience, allowing him to either make sound logical deductions, or make connections where none exist.

Designated Marksman: Following on from Dougie's methodical upbringing, he trained as a fireteam-level sharpshooter, gaining excellent scores on the firing range. He is capable of supplying fast accurate semi-automatic fire.

Civilian Affinity: As Dougie progressed up the cadet forces, he was tasked with the welfare of younger members. This taught him to look out for the well-being of others in all aspects of his life. As such, Dougie has strong sympathies for kids and civilians in the line of fire. This may cause him jeopardize his own safety to help injured children, researchers and technical staff.


  • Agility: 4
  • Strength: 6
  • Perception: 6
  • Medical: 4
  • Survival: 4
  • Ranged Weapons: 7
  • Melee Weapons: 6 (Strength +1)
  • Physical Defense: 6
  • Mental Defense: 6
  • Body: 6
  • Mind: 6
  • Action Points: 3
  • Load Limit: 12
  • Current Load: 12
  • XP Held: 0
  • XP Used: 0




  • L86A2 Rifle (+2 Load)
  • Browning L9A1 (+1 Load)
  • Ammo (+2 Load)
  • Knife (+1 Load)
  • 1 water canteens (+1 Load)
  • Medkit (+1 Load)
    • Painkillers
    • Sterile needles
    • Bandages
    • Anti-sceptic cream
  • Radio
  • PDA
  • Shovel (+1 Load)
  • Rope (+1 Load)
  • Pocket (+1 Load)
    • Penlight torch
    • Multi-tool
    • Whistle
    • Compass
  • Pocket (+1 Load)
    • Lighters
    • Journal
    • Stationary

At home:

  • Acoustic Guitar

Personal History

Dougie was raised in bonnie Caledonia. A rural boy, living with his father at Cadderlie on the north shores of Loch Etive.

Dougie joined the Air Training Corps at 13 to kill the boredom of the his country life, and at 19 he joined the RAF Regiment swelling the ranks of slow exodus of the young from the Highlands and Islands. Exceptional service during operational Operation Telic resulted in recruitment by the Foundation. His initial operations in [DATA EXPUNGED] during the outbreak of SCP-█████ resulted in the collapse of the local resistances and civilian militias. Following this apparent failure, Dougie has no idea if his re-assignment is a promotion or punishment.


He used to be able to play guitar . He's nothing special on it though.

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