Eleanor Reynolds

Player Name



Eleanor Reynolds


Extremely Pacifist Researcher


A True Lady: Eleanor is never unkind. She's never rude or distasteful. She always knows what to say, when to say it. She's always paying attention to know how and when to act in any manner. Even when she's upset it's hard to take her seriously. Although this usually wins people over, it also means that her concerns are usually brushed aside as unimportant, even if they're vital.
More Than Meets the Eye: Despite appearing and acting the part of a proper lady, Eleanor is tough as nails. She's not unwilling to get her gloves dirty for the sake of science and is fairly intelligent, able to connect things in her mind that may at first seem silly to others. However, she's also stubborn and when she thinks that something is necessary to do, there's no reasoning with her no matter how charismatic the plea.
So It's Like Crocodile Jellyfish, Right?: Eleanor is relatively disassociated from the world around her. She'll relate one thing to another without sense or not question something that's very odd or strange. She's rarely phased when presented with paranormal or otherworldly phenomena. At the same time, she may be unable to register implicit danger and appear a complete airhead in some situations.


  • Persuasion: 8
  • Academics: 4 (French and Spanish)
  • Science: 8
  • Athletics: 8
  • Perception: 8
  • Physical Defense: 6
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Body: 6
  • Mind: 4
  • Action Points: 3
  • Load Limit: 14
  • XP Held: 0
  • XP Used: 0



  • A small sketchbook she always keeps with her, along with appropriate pencils and erasers with a marker or two
  • Some rope, in case she needs to hold things down as necessary
  • A small knife, tweezers, a net, and sterile bags/containers. She can't fight with them but she can do well enough to get samples
  • Eleanor carries with her a few treats like some cookies or granola bars
  • She will sometimes insist on bringing a tea set for everyone in case they meet any friendlies

Personal History

Eleanor always had a way with words. She scored high grades in her classes, proving to be an asset to any team she was on. After some time of multiple discoveries on her part in multiple fields, she was given an invitation to the most frontier line of science, the SCP Foundation. This was an invitation she happily accepted. She did fairly well with humanoid SCP Objects and especially with interviews, learning to remain her cool and collected, with her calmness showing her through any situation and her smile brightening every room.

It was at this point that she had come across a fairly interesting amount of research going on in SCP-354's base. Despite knowing the risks, as usual she would not be dissuaded once her mind had been made up and she packed her things to move to Area 354.


Elanor has warm green eyes and relatively pale skin with long dark hair, styled and taken care of to be luxuriously soft and shiny. She is usually seen wearing some makeup, typically accentuating her eyes. She is 5 ft 3 in and is of average weight.

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