Greg Powell

Player Name



Gregory Powell


Support Gunner, Former Green Beret


The Professional: Gregory Powell is the consummate special forces operator: calm and collected at all times, he is utterly devoted to the mission and will weather any obstacle to complete it… including the objections of his teammates.
Nicotine Freak: Greg has been a smoker for years, and becomes extremely irritable without nicotine. He has no problem taking gum, patches, or dip if his cigarettes aren't an option… but god help anyone who gets between Greg and his fix.
Sustained Fire: Greg prefers to let a prolonged burst from his machine gun do most of the talking in combat. Despite his excellent marksmanship scores, subtlety and finesse and not his strong suits.


  • Medical: 2
  • Persuasion: 2
  • Athletics: 6
  • Perception: 5
  • Sneak: 3
  • Survival: 2
  • Ranged Weapons: 7
  • Melee Weapons: 5
  • Thrown Weapons: 4
  • Physical Defense: 6
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Body: 6
  • Mind: 4
  • Action Points: 3
  • Load Limit: 12
  • XP Held: 4
  • XP Used: 2


This is only for equipment that you have unlocked using XP and that boosts your skill. List it below, along with what skill it increases, by how much, and the XP cost.

  • Negev NG7 machine gun | Ranged Attack +0 | 0 XP
  • Mark 23 SOCOM pistol | Ranged Attack +0 | 0 XP
  • Unknown Model Tranquilizer Revolver | Ranged + 0 | 0 XP
  • Blue Ant Carbon Fiber Tomahawk | Melee Attack +0 | 0 XP
  • Frag Grenades | Throwing | 1 XP
  • Gas Mask | Defensive Equipment| 1 XP


  • Smokes and Lighter
  • Tactical Flashlight: A ruggedized high-intensity flashlight for combat situations.
  • Radio: A Foundation issue encrypted radio with headset.
  • PDA: A Foundation issue secure PDA.
  • Chemlights and Flares: Chemical glow sticks and magnesium hand flares for illumination.
  • Plasticuffs: A pack of plastic zip-tie restraints.
  • Booze: 2 bottles of Maker's Mark, safely ensconced within the confines of his room.

Personal History

Gregory Powell joined the US Army in 199# and completed the Special Forces Qualification Course in 200#. He served two tours in Afghanistan and one during Operation Iraqi Freedom and was decorated several times before coming to the attention of the Foundation, who recruited him shortly thereafter. He served as a security officer on several SCPs and was promoted to full Agent after the [REDACTED] incident and assigned to Site-354 as part of Special Task Force 354 - "Poolboys".

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