June Saro

Player Name



June Saro


The homeschooled African doctor


Outside the Box: June's work with some particularly nasty wounds has left her with the skill of spontaneous improvisation. She's the best there is when it comes to unconventional treatment, but getting her to follow standard procedure is an achievement.

Preventative “Medicine”: June learned something important in her medical courses. Strike first and strike hard, even if the problem doesn’t look like a threat. She loves making brutal preemptive strikes, even if talking might be better.

PhD in Stabology: Working with a scalpel for so long's given June a fondness for sharp objects. In combat, she's great with knives and the like, but she hates working with anything else.


  • Agility: 6
  • Strength: 4
  • Perception: 6
  • Intimidation: 5
  • Bluff: (1)
  • Medical: 8
  • Academics: 4 (English and French)
  • Melee Weapons: 5 (6 with strength)
  • Physical Defense: 5
  • Mental Defense: 5
  • Body: 5
  • Mind: 5
  • Action Points: 3
  • Load Limit: 9
  • Current Load: 4
  • XP Held: 6
  • XP Used: 6


Subcutaneous Tracker
Foundation Boots | 6 XP | +2 Agility



  • Ka-Bar combat knife (+1 Load)
  • LED flashlight (+1 Load)
  • Radio
  • PDA
  • Backpack (+2 Load)
    • Gauze
    • 0.5 litre bottle of rubbing alcohol
    • Splint kit
    • Scalpel
    • Aspirin
    • Penicillin
    • Suturing kit
    • Forceps
    • Gloves


  • Personal clothes
  • Medical textbooks
  • A metal box filled with cutting tools, some medical, some not
  • White gold ruby ring
  • 2cm wooden cross, made on site
  • Decorative Plaque (Made by DT)

Personal History

June was born in South Africa and raised by her single father, Dr. Robert Saro, an Englishman who'd moved to Africa to provide free medical aid to those who needed it. From a young age, June took an interest in academic subjects and was homeschooled by her father, in addition to normal education. When not being taught by him, she'd be reading his textbooks and learning about the human body.

She started medical practices early, working as an amateur veterinarian and helping the animals kept in her father's home, helping anything from a small cut to a fractured leg. She was naturally talented, and her father quickly shifted the focus of her home education. He allowed her to have some limited involvement in his work, later to the furthest legal extent.

After attending Duke University in the United States and receiving an MD degree in seven years, she resumed helping her father's medical practices, as well as starting her own free clinic. The Foundation's attention was drawn as business in other local clinics sharply declined after she began independent practice.


June Stands at 5'10" (1.78m) and weighing a variable 132 pounds (60kg), with very dark skin, bright blue eyes, black hair in a single braid, and an angular, typically serious face. She's very curious, and enjoys prying into people's personalities and minds. She's kind and has a decent sense of humour. Once she gets to work, the jokes drop and the professionalism comes out. Once she's focused on something, she's rather frightening when she narrows her eyes and drops her smile. When she's not in a uniform, she's usually in a black turtleneck and jeans.

After an incident in the pool, June's right arm has extensive, but not severe, burn scars.

When passing the time back in her home country, June became adept at both wood carving and singing.

June's birthday is on July 17th.

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