Stefan Kleist

Player Name



Stefan Kleist


In-the-Field Psychologist


Fight or Flight: Stefan has gotten panic attacks since he was young, triggered usually by severe wounds or visceral description, sending his adrenaline skyrocketing at in-opportune moments. Normally, this only causes him to feel ill and figity, but in high-stress situations can send him into a major do-or-die state of emotion. However, his regular experience with the natural chemical has enabled him greater control when experiencing an adrenaline rush, allowing him to focus his senses and reactions greatly when his system is flooded with the drug.
Blood of the Wolf: Stefan learned to hunt from an early age, his grandfather always enjoying taking the young boy out with him to hunt. Through his many years of hunting, Stefan has developed great accuracy with rifles and an above-average ability to stalk and track his prey. Although not rivaling most dedicated stealth users, he is able to at least be on-par with them if he puts his mind to it. However, due to his experiences hunting, he cares little for non-human, non-sentient life when human lives are on the line.
Audio Sensitive: When one is still and silent, the small ticks and whispers of the world come to bear, hidden behind the chatter of daily life. Stefan is more attune to the white noise of nature, both able to pick out audial patterns and eased by them. However, chaotic noise and sharp sounds can prove detrimental to his ability to focus and will usually irritated him.


  • Agility: 5 (Base: 5)
  • Perception: 9 (Base: 8)
  • Strength: 2 (Base: 2)
  • Persuasion: 5 (Base: 5)
  • Bluff 2 (Base: 2)
  • Academics: 5 (Base: 5) (PhD in Psychology) (English, German)
  • Science: 1 (Base: 1)
  • Sneak 2 (Base: 2)
  • Ranged Weapons: 7 (Base: 6)
  • Physical Defense: 8 (Base: 6)
  • Mental Defense: 8 (Base: 8)
  • Body: 6 (Base: 6)
  • Mind: 6 (Base: 6)
  • Action Points: 4 (Base: 3)
  • Load Limit: 8
  • XP Held: 5 + (6 from LP)
  • XP Used: 13


Standard Load

  • Gas mask | PDef | Protection from gas-based attacks | 1 XP |

Mission/Exploration Specific Firearms

  • Antique, Military Grade AK-47 w/Tactical Light (Maintained in working condition.) | Ranged | 0 | 0 | Load 2
  • Antique Bayonet/Entrenchment Tool | Melee | 0 | 0 | Load 0 (Attached to rifle)

Non-Mission/Exploration Specific Firearms

  • M1911 .45 ACP | Ranged | 0 | 0 |


Mission Load

  • Iphone 4S and headphones
  • Duct Tape
  • (10) Glowsticks
  • (10) Emergency Flares
  • Lighter
  • Standard Sample Kit

Items in room/office

  • Various books
  • Laptop
  • Emergency Radio
  • Folders and notebooks

Purchased Items

  • "Sustain, Continue, Prolong" /8XP/+1 AP/
  • Gas Mask /1 XP/Protection against gas and vapor-based attacks/
  • Downrange Bible /3 XP/+1 Ranged/
  • Ballistic Vest /6 XP/+2 Pdef/
  • "Magic Eyes" /3 XP/+1 Perception/


  • "Naturally" formed rock spear: One of several shot at Donovan during "In Which Don is Insulted". Does not appear to have been shaped into its javelin-like form by any tools, rather formed that way.
  • An anomalous whiteboard and markers: Retrieved from "The Girl with the Long, Black Hair" in a strange, haunted high-school. Items drawn will come to life. Can be erased without worry, unlike the painting the evil girl spawned from thanks to Erik.
  • A Jersey: A hockey jersey of the "Disaster City Robots", recovered from "Disaster City".
  • Strange Flower: A metallic rose with stained glass for petals. Kept in Stefan's office and available for testing at all times.

Personal History

Stefan graduated from Indiana University with a PhD in psychology. Immediately after, he enlisted in the USMC and was sent into the field as an officer during ongoing conflicts in the middle east. A few years later, his platoon encountered SCP-████, having escaped containment at a nearby Foundation containment facility. After receiving 87% casualties, the surviving members of his unit (Himself included among their number) were backed up by a Foundation kill team, who managed to re-contain the creature with the help of the survivors.

After being picked up by Foundation personnel, Stefan was offered the choice of joining or being given amnesiacs. He chose the former. After becoming part of the Foundation, he was alternated through several facilities over the course of about 3 years, acting as a psychologist for the first before also being cleared for field work after approximately 13 months. Eventually the Foundation saw fit to anchor him at Site ███, one of the newer facilities.

He grew accustomed to his work there, eventually settling in for what seemed to be the long run. However, after 8 months of stationing there, a memetic SCP breached containment of the facility, causing multiple deaths before the facility was locked down. After containment was restored, Stefan was sent to a year's worth of [REDACTED] therapy after Dr. N███████ was affected by the meme. Dr. N███████ was secured at [REDACTED] for further study and treatment.

After his therapy, Stefan again floated around various facilities for a few years, now having been assigned to Area-354.


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