Ted Brennan

Player Name


Trevor “Ted” Brennan


Combat Medic


Just Followin' Orders: “Ted's good, does his job, doesn't ask questions, follows orders to the letter. Doesn't care who's giving the orders. This naturally makes him an excellent subordinate, but he'd follow the devil himself if the horned bastard were sporting a colonel's patch.”
— SFC Daniel L. Craig.

Sucker for a pretty face: “Ted's a hard bastard, but I tell ya, he get's all [EXPLETIVE] soft the minute some chick starts flirtin' with him, when he was with that french girl back in [DATA EXPUNGED], I tell ya he was this completely other guy, it was funny [EXPLETIVE], but [EXPLETIVE] apparently it works,”
—SPC Clinton Delveaux

A friend in need: “I only ever seen Ted lose his [EXPLETIVE] about 3 times, and it's always when he's treatin' one of us, or when we're in real deep, y'know? I remember this one time, one of our old Platoon Sgt's once took a bullet in the side somewhere, an' he drops dead right in the kill zone, and I'm thinkin [EXPLETIVE] getting him woulda been suicide, But it was like he was possessed, you know, ended up killin' Nine insurgents, True [EXPLETIVE] story, right there” -SSGT Robert Van Dyke




Melee Weapons:6
Ranged Weapons: 7

Physical Defense:5
Mental Defense:5


Action Points:3
Load Limit:8
Current Load:8

XP Held:0
XP Used: 0



M16A4 + ammunition

Duffell Bag
-Spare uniforms, patches, medals, etc.

Medic Bag (containing standard fare)
-Rolls of Kerlix,
-Ace bandages
-SAM splints
-Various Scalpels
-Artificial Airways
-Combat Gauze

Personal History
Born October 15th 1987 in Boston, Massachusetts to a. enlisted in the United States Army on October 29th 2005 serving 7 years and rising to the rank of Staff Sergeant, during his time in the military, he successfully completed both the Airborne and Air Assault special schools. Brennan Later signed onto the foundation after the ████████ incident in Bagram, Afghanistan on ████ ████ 2008 involving an as of yet unclassified SCP that had fallen into the hands of the Taliban. Brennan later led the expedition to eliminate the Taliban threat in the area, a mission which was completed with resounding success. No further anomalies have been identified in the area, indicating the SCP may have been destroyed.

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