Victor Engyel

Player Name



Victor Engyel


Ex U.S. Army Sergeant/Survival Trainer


Bigot:After being ambushed by a unknown and otherworldly beast during a secret operation. Victor has a hatred for unnatural beings, both friendly and hostel. Ranging from being rude to them, if they are friendly, to shooting them at the first hint of aggression or hostility. He does not like being around things from other worlds, dimensions, or any other place besides Earth.
Set In Ways:Taking after his father, he is the most stubborn man you will ever meet. When he has his mind made up on something, he will not let it go. If he thinks he can fix the microwave, he'll take it apart until he finds out that the microwave is really a piece of research equipment.
Soul Survivor:Victor blames himself for the deaths of the men he served with while in the Army. He carries the guilt around as a reminder to never let his people down again. His extreme sense of loyalty often hinders more than it helps, as it not only gets in the way of his duty, but his team's duty as well.


  • Athletics: 6
  • Perception: 7
  • Survival: 8
  • Ranged Weapons: 7
  • Melee Weapons: 6
  • Physical Defense: 6
  • Mental Defense: 6
  • Body: 6
  • Mind: 6
  • Action Points: 3
  • Load Limit: 12
  • XP Held: 0
  • XP Used: 0




Field Items

  • Old brown cowboy hat
  • A old .44 six shooter revolver (no evidence of proof marks or a serial number can be found)
  • A 21'' Kukri Machete
  • A 30GB MP3 player
  • A pair of over the ear noise canceling head phones
  • Colt AR-15 A3 Tactical Carbine

"At Home" Items

  • A beat up ESP/LTD Viper series model 330 with a WW2 era pin-up model on the lower part of the body
  • A FW15 Crate guitar amp
  • Two boxes full of rock n' roll,heavy metal,etc. T-shirts
  • Large collection of records and record player
  • His old Army uniform

Personal History

Victor grew up on a farm outside a small rural town with his mother, father, and 4 siblings (2 girls 3 boys counting him). Like the rest of his siblings, Victor helped on the farm with everything from fixing farm tools to shooting the foxes in the hen house. He was the best shooter out of his brothers and sisters, so good in fact, his mother always joked that he could, "Shoot the pit out of a peach."

After turning 21 he went off to the Army, to follow his father and grandfather's foot steps. He was sent into combat for three tours of duty and excelled. He was hand picked in the middle of his 3rd tour for a operation in [DATA EXPUNGED]. He was the only survivor in his squad after being attacked by an unknown animal in a joint mission with [DATA EXPUNGED]. Given the sensitivity of the operation the government honorably discharged him with benefits, not just for his service, but to keep him quiet.

After leaving the Army, he returned home to help with the farm. When he returned, he was greeted by a empty piece of land. His brother told him that their parents had died due to an unknown illness and the house was condemned while he was away in the Army. Having no real reason to stay, he left to find his place in the world. After 6 years of traveling, the long arm of The Foundation reached out to Victor and offered him a second chance to avenge the men he served with. Wanting to clear the world of the thing he was almost killed by, he had taken the job without hesitation. After his training in an undisclosed location, he was shipped to the Red Pool to finish what that thing had started.


He stands at 6'6'' and is 194 lbs with a large scar on his chest from his time in [DATA EXPUNGED]. He has blond short feathered hair with green eyes and tan white skin.

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