Complete Contents

Survival Kit

Item Number
Survival blanket 1
Magnesium firestarter 1
Matches, waterproof in box 1
Hexamine tablets 4
Chemlight, green/IR 2/2
Flares, green/red 1/1
Signal mirror 1
3L Camelbak w/inline water filter 1
Water purification tablet sheet 1
Dehydrated ration pouches 3
Emergency fishing kit 1
Non-magnetic steel snare wire 1
20m paracord 1
Poncho 1
Multitool 1
Utility blade 1
Ziplock bags 8
Tarp, 2x3m2 1

Total Weight: ~3.5kg

Hazmat Ensemble

Item Remarks
Upper Garment Incorporates hood and faceplate
Lower Garment N/A
Hazmat Gloves Two-layer; PTFE liner/Nomex outer
Hazmat Boots Impermeable compounded butyl rubber
Independent Oxygen Supply Back mounted air tank w/30m supply
Protective Bag Holds suit, boots and gloves, carried on the back
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