Load Limit

Load Limit is a measure of how much the character can carry, without becoming overburdened and decreasing their effectiveness. This particular stat is derived from the sum of Strength and Body. As a character takes damage during a mission, they become weakened, causing their Load Limit to decrease one point for every point of Body lost. Should a character surpass their Load Limit, certain penalties to skill rolls are inflicted:

Surpassed By Penalty
1 Agility -1
2 Agility -2
3 Agility -3, Strength -1
4 Agility -4, Strength -2,
5 Agility -5, Strength -3, PDef -1
6 Agility -6, Strength -4, PDef -2

What Costs Load?

The following will always cost Load:

  • Unlockable Equipment
  • Weapons
  • Ammunition for 3 Load weapons
  • At GM discretion, large Flavour Items (or excessive amounts)

The following will not usually cost Load

  • Flavour Items
  • Ammunition for 1 and 2 Load weapons

Determining Load

Far Recon's Load system takes two variables into account when determining the Load of a particular item: Weight (how much the object will weigh the carrier down) and Size (how large and unwieldy the object is to carry around, and how much room it takes up).

NOTE: The examples are not exhaustive. They merely give you an idea of what sort of size and form factor you are looking at for each category.

Size Weight Examples Carried Load
Tiny > 500g A grenade, other small handheld items Anywhere you like 0.5
Small ~500g - 1.5kg Most handguns, a large torch, knives, small pouch of things Clipped to a belt, in a holster, in a backpack 1
Medium ~2 - 4kg Assault rifles, SMGs, briefcases, laptops, standard body armour, things generally requiring two hands to use Shoulder strap, in hands, backpack/back 2
Large ~6 -12kg Light Machine Guns, large cases, rocket launchers, heavy body armour Carried by hand or on the back 3
Extra Large 15kg+ A backpack welding kit, very large and bulky items Carried on the back 4

GMs are to be consulted regarding load at the beginning of character creation, as well as when adding any items to a character's load post-creation.

Flavour Items

As of 21/09/2013, 'Flavour Items' no longer cost any Load to carry. Flavour Items are here defined as items:

  • Smaller than 2-3 Load;
  • That are not weapons;
  • That do not grant any bonuses.

A character is allowed to carry/use a reasonable number of occupation-appropriate Flavour Items. This is at GM discretion, and exceptions may be made, particularly if an item is large, or it is felt that a player is abusing the system by taking excessive amounts of 'free' items. As with all items, they must be GM approved, and cannot be added to a character at a whim.

The following are good examples of Flavour Items:

  • Basic body armour
  • Basic helmet
  • A light source
  • Camelbak or water bottle
  • Gloves
  • Department specific items:
    • Espionage
      • Basic Lockpicks
      • Binoculars
      • Portable audio recording device
      • Portable video recording device
    • Medical
      • First aid kit
    • Security
      • Flexicuffs
    • Maintenance
      • Toolkit
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