Your character will be working within one of Site-354's departments. Choose wisely friend, for therein lies your character's specialty.


Often referred to as Area-354's "bad apples," Espionage is the leading department on investigative matters, housing sleuths and sneaks alike. Members of Espionage are often tasked with scouting out areas, the interrogation of sapient creatures, and the recording of events on missions and on-base, as well as maintaining other documents of importance. Those in Espionage are granted access to the requisition of on-site archives and security footage, within clearance.


Need a patch after a mission? Got a nasty boo-boo on site? Accidentally inhaled an incredible quantity of nerve gas? The Medical Department takes care of any injuries staff members encounter. Equipped with some of the best medical doctors around and some nifty healing tech, the med bay will have you back on your feet, and have those feet back at the pool in no time.


Known as Site 354's brawn, Security Department is made of the toughest agents ever assigned to Keter duty. Their job is being the strength of mission teams and being able to handle guns, big scary reptillian folks, and keeping their team safe. Security personnel also patrol the site to keep members of their team from injuring themselves or each other.

Research and Development

Seen as the 'Mad Science' division of the site, Research is responsible for artifacts retrieved from the pool and making usable tools out of them. Researchers is tasked with identifying, retrieving, studying, and using anomalous objects.


Engineers are the refiners of the researchers. They get the tools to make weapons, tools, and other man-made mechanical madness that assist the poolboys in containment. Engineering hosts a broad range of fields from robotiscists to metallurgy, gunsmiths and maybe some exotic technical positions.


Some people don't fall into other categories. Some people exist with entirely different jobs on-site. Maybe there's a chaplain, cafeteria worker, or custodian. Personnel in this slot report directly to the site director.

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