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Re: Old Logs
EmperorOfTheCowsEmperorOfTheCows 29 Aug 2018 09:39
in discussion OOC BULLSHIT / General » Old Logs

It's kind of sad, going back, that many of these logs are now lost. Especially not knowing about the missing logs when I began reading through it.

Re: Old Logs by EmperorOfTheCowsEmperorOfTheCows, 29 Aug 2018 09:39

I might be a year late, but by god, if my heart didn't just melt a little.


So, you all know about the rewrite and whatnot in progress, and in keeping with the theme of having player input on it, we're opening up this thread for you to share your ideas for unlockable equipment, as well as the new feats and masteries.

Relevant materials:

So, hit it with whatever you're thinking of. Note that we're trying to get away from boring equipment that anyone can buy and gives only flat stat bonuses, so more exotic stuff is definitely on the table (derived from SCPs, maybe, or just bleeding-edge tech).

Unlockables/Masteries/Feats by The RavenThe Raven, 10 Jul 2014 03:16

[16:29] Echo BALTHAZAAR
[16:29] Balthazaar ECHO
[16:31] =-= Mode #farreconooc +v Echo by Tehpillowstar
[16:31] Gara gasp
[16:31] Dr_Kens Wow
[16:31] Dr_Kens look
[16:31] Dr_Kens It's Echo the Poopmonger.

[01:58] Gara Hi.
[01:58] Dr_Kens Pie
[01:58] Gara Lie.
[01:58] Balthazaar Die
[01:58] Gara Lye.
[01:59] Dr_Kens Rye.
[01:59] Gara Cry.
[01:59] Balthazaar My
[01:59] Gara Dry
[02:00] Dr_Kens Fry
[02:00] Echo CSI
[02:00] Gara Why
[02:00] Dr_Kens Try
[02:00] Balthazaar Wry
[02:01] Echo TTFltyt
[02:01] Echo *Fly
[02:01] Gara Psi
[02:01] Echo Guy
[02:01] Dr_Kens Guy
[02:01] Dr_Kens FUCK
[02:01] Echo HAH
[02:01] Dr_Kens We fucked up.
[02:01] Echo KENS LOSES
[02:01] Dr_Kens GG
[02:01] Gara Kens lost.
[02:01] Dr_Kens GG NO RE
[02:02] Dr_Kens B========D

Hello, although this seems like not that many people are on here anymore, id like to ask if this Site is still in use or if it is a ghost town…

"Alright, let’s just spam them in until I get a victory. Or as I like to call it, America’s military tactic!"

So, I'm new here by DomotoroDomotoro, 04 May 2014 18:42

20. The correct answer to the question "What would you like to eat?", especially if posed by an anomalous person of questionable moral integrity, is always, "I'm not hungry."

21. Running away is a valid tactic.

Rick Caiaphas
Assault (with rifle preferred over shotgun)
Nationality: American
Appearance: Semi-maintained hair
Callsign: Whatever the RNG pops up for him

Re: XCOM: Farthest Recon by strife26strife26, 05 Mar 2014 14:11

Mark Williamson

Assault (Probably)

Nationality: Australian

Appearance, tall, scrawny, looks like a hippie.

Callsign: That Idiot.

Re: XCOM: Farthest Recon by Dr BalthazaarDr Balthazaar, 05 Mar 2014 11:50

Name: Valters "Santa" Ozols
Preferred class: Support
Nationality: UK (Close enough)
Appearance: Short cut hair, average build, slight sutbble.

Re: XCOM: Farthest Recon by HankolijoHankolijo, 04 Mar 2014 14:58


Help me save the world from Alien Invasion! Post here the name of your character along with preferred class, nickname/call sign, skills, nationality and appearance! I'll stuff them in my game and see whether they can blast some alien scum…or get blasted themselves.

Some characters have already made their place in my save files, but feel free to add things like appearance or call sign even if your character shows up here.


Front-line units specializing in defense, mobility and close-range damage, allowing them to close in on the enemy and flank more easily. They can be equipped with either assault rifles for mid-range combat or shotguns for close encounters. They excel at close quarters combat and urban combat.

Versatile jack-of-all-trades who focuses on squad defense, supporting fire, healing teammates and being able to carry more gear with them to missions. A highly mobile class. I usually upgrade my supports to act more like medics than fire support.

Specializing in lots of dakka and explosives. They use high firepower combined with explosives and have some support capabilities. However, high damage capabilities and explosives comes at the cost of a much lower aim stat compared to other classes.

Soldiers who specialize in very high damage at very long distances. The most fragile out of all of the classes and start out quite weak…but become incredibly powerful once they have a few promotions under their belt.

MEC Trooper
Soldiers who sacrificed their limbs for a badass power suit of awesome. They work like tanks, being able to tank damage and dish out a LOT of it. However, just like tanks, they have to be carefully maintained and take a lot of resources to create, prepare, maintain and upgrade. Despite this, the firepower and sheer tactical advantage they bring to the battlefield is unmatched.


A late-game sub-class that involves mental domination of the battlefield. Any soldier has psychic potential, though those with higher wills are more likely to have "The Gift". Powers come in various flavors such as mind rape, inspire others, the fear of god, mind control and telekinetic force fields. I test all soldiers for the Gift, though you can specify if you DON'T want your character to be tested, or if you always want them to be psionic.

Gene Mods
Genetically modify a soldier, fusing their DNA with the DNA of the alien invaders, providing incredible tactical advantages. I generally give gene mods to all my soldiers, but you can specify if you DON'T want that here, or request specific gene mods on your soldiers. More information, along with a list of specific gene mods, can be found here.

A list of all nationalities in the game can be found here.

Nicknames/Call signs:
A list of all default call signs can be found here, but the game allows you to type in any that you desire, so you're not limited to those found in that list.

Current List

Jason "Oxide" Dodridge (USA)
Jiyeon Song (ROK)
Duncan Schwarz (AUS)
Mark Williamson (AUS)

Ralph Bushnell (USA)
Alice Erdrich (CAN)
Valters "Santa" Ozols (UK)

Gregory Powell (USA)

Jack Taggart (AUS)
Bill Smith (USA)

MEC Trooper:

Jason Dodridge
Duncan Schwarz
Jiyeon Chloe Song

Gene Modded:

XCOM: Farthest Recon by TehpillowstarTehpillowstar, 04 Mar 2014 14:49

hankolijo That's a lot of exclamation….
hankolijo MARKS
Tehpillowstar dohohohoho
ShotgunFiend I think half of my brain cells just committed suicide
ShotgunFiend And I still have more then enough to make a better pun than /that/
hankolijo Shaddap
ShotgunFiend ;3
hankolijo Then go for it, half-braindead smartpants.
Tehpillowstar Let's not mark this moment in pun infamy, guys
Tehpillowstar (  ̄ υ ̄)
ShotgunFiend Nope
ShotgunFiend nopenopenopenopenopenope
hankolijo Hilarious.
hankolijo Mark my words, I will make a good pun any time now.
hankolijo :3
Tehpillowstar Sheesh, your marksmanship needs work.
hankolijo Are you kidding? I got top marks!
Tehpillowstar Yeah? And what about that grade there? A mark on your otherwise perfect record.
hankolijo The teacher marked that one out. With a MARKer.
Tehpillowstar Did she write some remarks too?
hankolijo She didn't. She wasn't great with English, she came from Denmark.
Tehpillowstar Did she teach marketing?
ShotgunFiend I can't believe you two would mark yourselves as such terrible pun makers.
Tehpillowstar Why don't you go and learn about the Markov chain, ShotgunFiend. Our puns are remarkable.
hankolijo She taught biology. She taught us about tree markings.
Tehpillowstar What about when animals mark their territory?
Tehpillowstar 8D
hankolijo Yeah, but she didn't have us mark that stuff down.
Yui907Mobile Afternoon.x
hankolijo You just missed some top-mark jokes Yui.
Tehpillowstar I have determined that hankolijo is a remarkable punmeister, who has decent pun marksmenship
hankolijo I mark you as such in my books as well, GG.
hankolijo Also I think SF died along the way somewhere. Or is running on 1/3 of his brain cells. One or the other.
hankolijo Any remarks SF?
ShotgunFiend The person in request: <ShotgunFiend> : is not available. Please leave a message after the tone.
ShotgunFiend beeeeeep
hankolijo Oh hi SF. Top marks bro. Mark this time tomorrow in the calender, when we make bob puns.

Well, I'm keen to help out however possible. Call upon me at any point.

It's been a long time since I visited this thread. There's been some major changes, and a lot of disappointment, and anticipated waiting.

It's worth talking about what had happened, and what we can learn from it. But that's a big thing to talk about. Something that really needs to be discussed, and discussed as soon as possible. We are not going to revive the RP by a miracle. Motivated GMs, an active, loyal playerbase, constant softrp and regular runs aren't going to fall out of the sky and fall into place themselves.

We, and that is we the playerbase AND the GMs, are going to have to do this together. We can restore the RP, and I'm very confident that we can do it in less than a month.

But only if we work for it. And not only work on it NOW, but have something to show for it.

If we keep waiting, nothing will happen. And FR will be as good as dead.

This is a drawing I have been working on since before Alivi's Into The Wild run (Back in late October). It's my progress so far as of 12/24/13. Obviously since it's been a while since then, I've made changes to drawing and added more content, which I will be briefly over viewing. The drawing is almost complete—All I really need to do is finish some dresses, some people and add shading.

I meant to make this thread for a long time, as everyone deserved to take a look at the drawing, but I'm a lazy bum I kept forgetting. So now that I've remembered, take a look~

Name Position Notes
Nolan Patton Bottom-Center Nolan here was one of the first characters who's face I've finished, which you can tell because it's oddly big. Originally all the characters would have been larger and more animesque, but I ended up gravitating to smaller heads and realistic eyes.
Eva Volgorde Left to Nolan While I previously drew a beautiful version of Eva…this is not the case, unfortunately. I still think she needs quite some work here. *Le sigh*
Jack Taggart Center-left The eyes here feel a bit too set close together and he looks too young in my opinion, but I don't really want to erase and start over here. I also may note that I originally wanted to make everything more Project CAS-style, but I couldn't draw Taggart's duster without looking lame as hell, which is why he's wearing the same thing as Duncan Edit: It's not a fedora, Echo!
Alicia "Stoat" Thorne Far left Stoat is kind of like a morning, Victorian waif. I drew her as one, at least. I had a lot of trouble with her face this time and I'm not happy with the results. Next time I get the chance, I'm going to re-do it.
Duncan Schwarz Center-Above and slightly to the left He doesn't really look a lot like the photo sadly. He and Taggart are wearing the service parade uniform for the Australian army. I may note here that Duncan, Taggart and Greg, along with Jason, Bill and Rick are positioned on flat-side-top trangles. This is not coincidence.
Gregory Powell Left of Duncan I based his appearance after the Hero model that PresidentEvil made, but I made his shoulders a lot less hilariously broad.
Alissa Clemens Left of Taggart In my current drawing, her face is finished. She kinda looks pissed. I may note that she currently takes the position where I originally drew Chloe, but I decided I did not like how Chloe turned out, so I erased it all.
Renée L. Ryan Top-left corner I'm not fond of curly hair. And smiling people.
Ralph Bushnell Center-Above Roget first said he didn't have glasses. What a bum.
Arthur Morton Right-bottom corner I have begun to draw Arthur in my current version of the drawing here.
Eriko Ishikawa Right of Ralph Notice how Eriko's sleeves are shorter than the usual kimono. That's because Eriko is married. Now that's what I call detail.
Loren Steinburg Bottom row, third from right I'm not sure what Loren looks like beyond "Black haired and pretty", so I've been having trouble with her face. Also, take note that Loren & Elif, Jason & Alice, Nolan & Eva and Ralph & Eriko are all either holding hands or are touching each other. That's an indicator that they are a couple.
Lily MacDonald Top row, second from left Drawing Lily, I found out I am terrible at wedding dresses
Murphy Hijack Castillo Bottom-left corner It's a fucking Abrams. What more can I say?
Jiyeon Chloë Song Mid-row, second from right Originally Chloe was going to be back-to-back with Taggart, her pointing her machete as the camera, but I didn't like how her face looked, not to mention that she looked pretty lame, so I erased her and now am in the process of making her look like a Marine in combat gear.
Elif Hülya Right of Loren The clothing she's in is actually Russian. Not for the irony, but because it looks awsome.
Bill 'Tarik' Smith Center Mind you, I didn't intentionally make Bill the near-center of the drawing. It just sorta happened.
Rick Caiaphas Left of Loren He's obviously the most completed out of all of the drawn characters, and I'm damn proud of how he turned out. Is actually holding the possibly-haunted rock.
Mark Williamson Top-row second from right Sorry MarkxMaria shippers. It ain't happenin'.
Maria Ramirez Right-top corner Just as much as I hate drawing curly hair, I apparantly cannot draw convincingly Latina people.
Phelan McHale Far right He…might be dressed for his interview? Mind that he's drawn in the hard copy of the sketch.
Jason Dodridge Right of Bill Little does anyone know, when Echo sings, small woodland animals come and clean his house. The animals you see (The cat and dog) are nods to the player here. The cat here is Drippy, and the puppy is a puppy Echo rescued back in Iraq.
Alice Dodridge née Erdrich Behind Jason She's actually standing on top of a box. <_< >_>

My estimates of completion for my drawing is sometime next week, as I've been working on this for ages and want to move on to something else.

[Camera shows Mark sitting on his bed, looking less than great. Time is late.]

"So… Today was pretty damn shitty. After being real fucken quiet for near on a month, we get called down to the sub, same as always, and we go down. It was me, Chloe, Simon, Everett and Hank. Anyway, part of the way down something goes wrong, and the sub fills up with water and everything goes black.
Next thing we know, we're all waking up in this great place, all grass and trees and sunshine. We see this figure in one of those Japanese gowns that we've been running into lately. And then… Then Johno was there…"

[Pauses for approx 1.37 minutes.]

"There were dead people there. People we loved… So, so we caught up with them for a while, but then the guy there told us that there was an accident. Apparently we were dead, and that we had a choice. We could stay there in heaven, or go back to site fucking 354."

[Another pause.]

"I wanted to stay there with Johno. I really did. Hell, I was going to, but Chloe came up to me and talked me out of it. She thinks people here need me… I'm not so sure, but she seemed to believe it.
So, as you can fucking imagine, I was pretty emotional, and then Simon starts going on about bringing E over there. People started arguing about that, on account of it being selfish as fuck, until the robe dude brought Ralph over, and he was somehow able to talk him out of it.
After that, Greg showed up. He seemed happy, teased me a bit about Flower. Anyway, he showed us these videos of what our lives might turn out to be if we went back. Showed us some pretty confusing stuff involving me and Chloe…"

[Confused pause/ coughing fit.]

"Anyway, when that's done, Simon tells us that he's staying. It was pretty sad, he's been a bit of a mentor for me here…
So we said our goodbyes, Si and Ralph finally got on good terms, I hugged Johno again, and then we were on the edge of the pool and Si was dead…"

[Pause/ nose blow.]

"E took it better than I thought, so that's good, but I'm in bad shape. I miss Si, I miss Johno, and it's brought all that pain back. On top of that, I've caught a cold or some shit…
I'm just so worried about Johno. I hope he understands why I had to leave him there… But I'll see him again, which is reassuring, I guess. Doesn't stop me from rethinking how he died over and over again, and that /fucking/ idiot who killed him. I'd like to find that motherfucker…
Anyway, I shouldn't think like that… It'll only hurt more."


"This is agent Mark Williamson. Signing off for the rest of the year."

[End log.]

[Video shows Mark sitting on his bed, a bedside desk with his possessions on it behind him and to his left. A new addition of a pink and aqua coloured sword, along with some large pointy teeth are now present with the rest of his things.]

"Okay, so it's the… 9th of December, current time is 12:14 AM. I swear this place gets weirder every day I'm here. We went on a dive today, and we ended up in wonderland. As in Cheshire cat, mad hatter, blood splattered wonderland. We somehow ended up wearing these weird outfits, the sort you'd expect in a place called wonderland. I ended up dressed like Zorro. We found these swords too, mine was pink for some reason."

[Mark points to the pink sword on his desk.]

"Anyway, we found alice, she was all chained and had all these knives and things in her. We tried to help her, but she was just too far gone, and she exploded into a river of blood. After that a monster showed up, but we managed to stab it to death. Then the mad hatter showed up, drove Rick insane, and called a thing called a jabberwocky down to us, which we had to fight. I stabbed it in the face though, and it died. Thing is that it said it put a curse on my home, which is a bit worrying."

"As far as life out of the pool, we got a new person to play with, her name's Zoe. We also got this Everett dude show up, but apparently he was working here ages ago, had to leave, and now he came back. Dunno why he would, it's /way/ too bloody cold here to want to be anywhere near the area, and that's without that fucking pond out there."

[End log.]


I am asking the entire Far Recon community for help.

I need you guys to make Mother 3-styled sprites of your own characters.

What is a sprite?

In computer graphics, a sprite (also known by other names; see Synonyms below) is a two-dimensional image or animation that is integrated into a larger scene.1

Where can I find the sprites from Mother 3?

You can find the Mother 3 sprites here. If your mental image of your character doesn't fit any of the named characters, then you can look for a more varied assortment of people here.

Wait, do I find a sprite that resembles my character or do I make one from scratch?

I find it easier to find a sprite that somewhat resembles the character I want a sprite sheet of, then recolor the sprite in Microsoft Paint2. You can make a sprite entirely from scratch but remember that I'm aiming for a Mother 3 artstyle here.

I'm too lazy to do this.

Then I simply won't include your character in this upcoming project. Sorry, but I don't have all the patience and time in the world to make sprites for everyone.

What's the minimum amount of sprites do you need?

I need, at minimum, a forward facing sprite that can walk foward. If you provide more than that, that would be great.

What's your minimum standard for quality?

Your sprite must still look visually Mother 3-like, and your sprite must look good. That is, it can't look like something just barfed a bunch of pixels. Otherwise I won't accept it.

When's the due date for sprite submissions?

Please PM your sprite sheets to me via Wikidot before Christmas. (December 25st 2013)

What do you need this for?

That's a secret. ;)

What if you don't get enough sprites to do…whatever you're doing?

Then I'll either make do or won't do it at all.

If you guys have any questions, post them here.

Far Recon Sprites by TehpillowstarTehpillowstar, 10 Dec 2013 06:28

While that is a valid point, do keep in mind that there are sometimes actions that, while they may be something reasonably attainable in general, are not possible in a certain situation. It's not necessarily a matter of "I don't want the character to do this." so much as "The character would not be capable of this under the circumstances.". Changing DC based on circumstance is kind of important, because the alternative is constantly buffing/debuffing the character themselves, which is extremely tedious in most cases.

Re: A Discussion of Concerns by WogglebugWogglebug, 07 Dec 2013 21:19

I also believe that the complaints also stem from general GM rigidity: the unwillingness to compromise to player victories with the dice.

An example that comes up in my mind is how a GM called for an agility roll, and the user rolled a 9 (+,+,+,0,0,0), but yet still failed the roll, simply because the GM did not want the user to pass the agility roll. (The roll was call for I believe for the character to rise from his/her seat.)

The problem is DC inflation where the DCs just don't match the difficulty of the skill isn't just because of no hard and fast rules, but most likely, because the GMs railroad players, ignoring the dice results in favor for what they had planned. This fact is rather unfortunate as it heavily implies that the GM team lacks the skill to be flexible in the incidents and runs they create.

That's not to say that the lack of calibrated DCs isn't one of the root causes, but the lack of them gives GMs the excuse to set any DC that they desire.

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