Frequently Asked Questions

Technical and RP Questions

I don't understand how to make an aspect

A character aspect should be able to be tagged and compelled. That is, in a given situation a GM should be able to compel to penalize a character, or a player should be able to tag it for a +2 bonus to a skill (at the cost of an AP of course). Ideally, it should also be able to arise regularly. For instance, Anatidaephobia is not a good aspect.

What do all these different markers around text mean?

  • Two tildes (~) around text indicate an inner thought or a telepathic message.
  • Two square brackets ([ ]) around text means that it is in another language and has been translated for your convenience in understanding. Note that only you, the player, knows what this means, and not your character (unless they speak the language).
  • Two curly brackets ({ }) around text indicate a text message sent via either PDA, cellphone or written on something (like a piece of paper).
  • Two Less Than Greater Than signs (< >) around texts indicates speech from a speaker or a PA.
  • Four Less Than/Greater Than signs (« ») means speech through radios.
  • Bold text generally means a sound effect, such as BOOM.
  • Two slashes around a word means /emphasis/ on that word.

Can I keep a WIP character sheet on the site?

Of course! In fact, you're actively encouraged to do so. Makes it easier for the GM team to see your sheet and keep tabs on it as you're creating it.

My character's made and approved. How do I start playing?

A GM will bring your character to Area-354 by helicopter. Once landed, your character will receive their billet keys, a site map and a short briefing. From there you can just have your character introduce themselves, and go from from there.

There are no runs or incidents happening. What do?

Just because there's nothing GM-related going on, doesn't mean you can't have your own fun. Have your character chat it up with others, perform some of their regular duties, take a shit, we don't care. Who knows, you may even create some drama.

Help, I used the wrong modifier when rolling the fudge dice!

No need to panic. Just sub in what the actual modifier is with the result you got. E.g. If you rolled 4df+2 and got a 2, but it should have been 4df+3, then you got a 3.

Help, I used the wrong number of fudge dice!

Just reroll, using the right amount of dice.

What is LP, and why do I see it referenced on some pages?

LP or 'Legacy Points' was part of our previous equipment unlocking system, which has since been rewritten. It was replaced by Double XP, and isn't something you'll be dealing with.

Canon Questions

Where is the Red Pool located?

The Red Pool is located in southern North West Territories. Yes, that means northern Canada. Site times are UTC-7, and current weather conditions can be found here. The current map looks like that.

Is alcohol permitted? How about tobacco and nicotine products?

Alcohol is not permitted on-site. Tobacco and nicotine products are permitted. However, all character must smoke outdoors, as indoors smoking is not allowed. All other drugs are not.

Do Poolboys still have contact with the outside world?

Yes, they do, but it's limited. Foundation workers are only permitted to send and receive letters and emails to their family and friends back home.

All real time communication (phone calls, Skype, video calls, IRC, any messenger) is prohibited due to the fact that it's almost impossible to edit and filter. Phone calls will have to take place off premises.

Packages are prohibited due to the difficulty and amount of work involved. You'd need a method to have the packages sent to a fake location where the individual at 354 supposedly is, then have it discreetly picked up, and routed to 354, when it could be fit in among supply shipments to the facility.

Can Poolboys access the internet, social media, Internet Relay Chat, Netflix, porn, Steam and similar media from the outside world?

If your character has such an insatiable thirst for porn…then they should probably get laid.

General internet, porn, Netflix and Steam (but no multiplayer) are accessible. Everything else is blocked. So basically, your character has all the internet, porn, games and movies they could handle.

Can Poolboys go on temporary leave? (Go on vacation)

Yes. This could be a good idea to do if you need to go on vacation for a while but aren't going to be gone long enough to justify having your character be transferred to a different site.

Are relationships between characters allowed?

Of course. As long as both players consent to it, the GMs are informed and the relationship is played both realistically and tastefully, two characters (of any gender) may have a relationship with each other. IC, the Foundation neither condones nor prohibits relationships between coworkers.

Can Poolboys have pets?

Yes, as long as there isn’t too much pet, and can stay in the character’s room in a cage. Thus, potted plants, mice, hamsters, fish, guinea pigs and rabbits are permitted, while dogs and cats are not.

OOC Questions

How do I join the chat?

We've got a fairly comprehensive guide on IRC here.

Is there anything I shouldn't talk about?

We're a pretty easygoing chat, but there are limits. For the courtesy of members, please don't:

  • Sexual abuse (If there is sexual abuse among members though, tell a GM as soon as possible)
  • Advocating/Bragging about performing harmful/illegal activity
  • Other stuff we can't think of off the top of our head, but would be rude in context.

Also, remember that though we don't ask for Victorian-era formality, we do expect that you remain courteous and civil while you're here.

Who runs this game?

TheRaven is our glorious leader and has final word over everything in the rp. He can override the decisions of anybody else, and is the big cheese around these parts. However, he usually defaults to PresidentEvil or Echo on most issues. If you feel like a GM or Admin was being unfair, or need to report some bad stuff going down, go straight to him.

I run this really awesome RP! Can I talk about it and promote it to other members of the chat?

If it's appropriate and people want to talk about it, sure. We don't like it when you just pop in and talk about yer game nonstop, but if it comes up in conversation we won't stop you from talking about it. That being said, there is a limit to our patience, and if a GM tells you to stop talking about it, you should probably stop talking about it.

I run a bot. Could we replace our current bot with mine?

Currently, we have no plans to replace our bot. Should Glacon go down, we'll invite a new bot temporarily.

Note that we are aware of the current issues with Glacon.

A new user couldn't find the site's join password. Should I tell them?

No. If they seriously can't find it, then they probably wouldn't make for a very observant and beneficial member. If you can't find the password… well, you might want to look a little harder. It's really not even slightly difficult to find.

Crap! I got banned! What do I do?

Calm down. Chances are, this was a temporary ban because you were doing something stupid or against the rules. It should be lifted after 24 hours, at the most.If you have any questions about a ban, you can PM an GM through chat or WikiDot PM.

If you've been permanently banned, you will be told. After a period of no less than three months, if you wish to appeal a permaban, you may PM any of the GMs. Unbanning is left at the discretion of the GM team, with the Owner having final say.

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