Into the Wild

Hey everyone so this in an info page for the upcoming 7 day Into the Wild Run.

There are a max of 7-8 slots only for this run (sorry) before you take a slot let me tell you a bit of what is going on:

This will be a week long run with run events every night. HOWEVER you do not need to be on each one to gain XP for the run.

In order to gain the Run XP you will need to:

  • Write the "Recordings" and compile them and turn them into me, the GM of the run. The Recordings are the submissions your poolboys records on the issued video cameras. It can be about their thoughts, anything. This will not be shared IC, but just OOC for flavor and fun. ALL RECORDINGS MUST BE SUBMITTED FOR XP
  • You must got on AT LEAST 1 run event, however I hope you go on multiple! It is a very fun run that I hope you all enjoy.
  • Soft RP regularly. The events will be set in a separate IRC room. This is in order to allow uninteruppted runs and soft rp in FR. Since it is a 7 day event in real time. I want to see what the poolboys go through. I will be on as much as I regularly am. Most events will take place in the evening.

This Run takes place for 7 days in extreme circumstances, by signing your character up you risk them to be exposed to extreme circumstances that could result in minor to severe:

  • Sickness
  • Injury
  • Death

People who are on less, and do not think they can consistently attend the runs SHOULD NOT SIGN UP. Players need to stay active to ensure their character's survival.

Run times

Sunday, Tues, Thurs- 7:00 EST
Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat- 11:30 EST

SIGN UPS START AT 10/19/13 AT 11:15 EST

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