Knowledge Charts

Renee's Chart:

Number Knowledge Gained
1 How to properly open a bag of Skittles
2 The exact time of Jimi Hendrix's death, down to the nanosecond
3 What time it is in Sullana, Peru.
4 How to successfully distinguish species of grasses from each other
5 How to make the perfect pancake
6 Ways to skin a cat
7 How to snap the neck of a tiger
8 How to say "goodbye" in every common terrestrial language
9 The usernames and passwords for a variety of high level government officials' classified intelligence accounts
10 The best way to tackle an enemy larger than you

Cecil's Chart:

Number Knowledge Gained
1 Number of bubbles on an average roll of bubble wrap
2 1200 ways to use owl feathers in modern fashion design
3 The diet of wild field mice
4 How to prepare rabbit stew
5 The exact facial features of the emotional states of a goat
6 Knowledge of carving various patterned turtle shells out of wood
7 How to make a ranged weapon out of peas and elastic bands
8 The ability to repair broken vehicle breaks within 20 minutes
9 How to tie 99 different kinds of knots
10 How to conceal one's tracks
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