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An extra-dimensional Christmas party turns into a (Red) Pool party, when the celebrations (along with copious amounts of eggnog) spill over into camp.

Master Of All He Surveys

Hopes are raised by the news that construction of the replacement Site is set to begin in the near future, but the Poolboys have a bitter pill to swallow before it happens - the exceedingly acerbic architect, Mr Lambart.

A New Maintenance Director

Chaos reigns supreme as the replacement Maintenance Director arrives, along with the construction team.

Burning Down The House


Wave of Babies

An upswing in activity from the Area's escaped, anomalous creatures sees Taggart, Lily, Loren, and Eriko sent to investigate. They discover a dead and partially eaten civilian before being ambushed by komodo dragon-like lizards and forced to retreat in disarray.


XP: +1 XP to Eriko and Loren.

Entire Team is Babies

The Poolboys are sent to investigate after a mysterious blue orb appears from the old site ruins


XP: +1 XP to Loren and Lily


Stoat and Roger head out into the cold, dark night to investigate, after a transmission from Duncan cuts off mid-sentence.


Stoat, Hijack, Nitish, Taggart, Chloe, Lily, Zach, and Alex hear a mysterious buzzing noise coming from the firing range, followed by the arrival of a giant flying bug!

XP: +1 XP to Chloe and Stoat

Transmissions From Another World, Part 1: Fabulous Prizes

Lily, Loren, Taggart and Monty have their viewing experience abruptly hijacked by a mysterious and sadistic alien gameshow.

Transmissions From Another World, Part 2: PLEASE STAND BY

Lily, Taggart, Stoat, Ross, and Murphy head into a disused research vault to search for the source of the anomalous transmissions.

Transmissions From Another World, Part 3: Up All Night

After a hefty delay, a third transimssion starring the team takes over every TV on site, showing them a world where the Foundation has been revealed to the public.


A motley crew of Poolboys head off to investigate the sound of engines late at night in the construction site for the new Area, when Duncan radios in a report of a rogue excavator on the loose

Deaths: Murphy 'Hijack' Castillo - Accomplished his objective, but made the Green.

Injuries: Stoat (-4 Body), Ross (-3 Body)

LP: 3LP to Strife


What starts out as a simple job - "Take out the trash" - turns into a siege as Eriko, Ralph, and Ross are trapped inside of medical by an anomalous scorpion. Luckily, timely intervention from DT helps the poolboys contain it.

Sinister Slinky

When Arthur is working on one of his clocks, a spring pops out and starts causing trouble, especially after it splits in half and goes flying. Eriko, Ross, Arthur, Ralph and Alex are involved in the affair.

I Wanna Set the World on Fire

Someone gets clubbed in the back of the head, the poolboys investigate, are attacked by ant-people, and burn half the forest down in retaliation.

XP: +1 XP to Greg.

Hopeless Bleak Despair

Eriko goes to hell.


Oh Mister Sandman

Arthur gets a visit from the sleep fairy.


Fae Folks

In which Alex gets shot.


The Many-Faced Demon

Elif thought she would be having a quiet, relaxing evening in the garage… until the bad thoughts came back. Her friends must band together to combat the forces of evil, using the power of friendship!


An Espionage Agent Walks Into An Armoury…

Rick's quick trip to the Armoury to pick up his new and improved coat takes a turn for the worse when the buttocks of an implausibly fat man, a possibly haunted rock, mint-scented urinal cakes and the QM meet…

-3 Body to Rick.
Barred from the Armoury until further notice.

The Stage is Set

The play will begin soon. The characters are in play. The show will be wonderful.

As the hallucinations continue, Eriko meets the Hayden who is not. The ensuing chaos results in the Hayden who is stuck in the brig and Eriko in medical.

+1 XP Taggart, Phelan, Loren, Jason, Eriko, Hank, Ashley, Daniel, Collin

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