Logs - Plot Arcs


Noises In The Night

A Midnight Disturbance

The sound of hammering breaks the silence of a winter night at Area-354, leading Everett and a sleep-deprived Simon to embark on a search for the source of the infernal racket. A comedy of errors follows,resulting in a cold trip and temporary blindness for the unfortunate physicist.

Warning, Construction Ahead

Once again, an unusual noise takes Everett on a late-night hunt around the Site, this time accompanied by Duncan. While they narrow the source down to the ruins of the old site, the voices and swinging torch beams attract the attention of new hire, Loren Steinburg, who (unsuccessfully) attempts to shadow the pair and find out what they're up to. An undignified near-arrest later, the trio venture into the ruins, where Loren and Everett chase down a cockney builder, who reveals himself to be rather more than meets the eye. After considerable discussion, it's decided to let the intruder depart, and the encounter is reported.

Upswing of Disorder

A plot arc based on the intrusion of the Chaos Insurgency into Area-354, which necessitates the arrival of a mobile task force to occupy the site. This slowly becomes more and more ubiquitous, until the MTF is basically controlling the entire area from their headquarters in the brig.

An Emergence of Chaos

After hearing an order to reinforce the brig, Taggart, Stoat, Everett, and Monty arrive to find that a Mobile Task Force has taken over the building and that there are Chaos Insurgents inside. They tell the poolboys that one Insurgent has run off into the woods. They head off to the woods, and capture the Insurgent without any problems. They're suspicious of how the Insurgent is weak, especially Monty, and the task force captain has to contact SLJ to have him prove the captain's not a fraud. Taggart helps guard the prisoners, and sees one of them scratch "NoCI" into the black painted window.


XP: 1 XP was awarded to Magnolia


The Poolboys get briefed on the Chaos Insurgency.


Lee's Dossier

The Poolboys discover Lee Jame's expunged personnel file.


Unanswered questions

A descent into the tunnels uncovers some of Director Lee's documents, and some spindly creatures. Taggart and Everett are injured, while several others are covered in blood and guts. Several more damaged documents are recovered


XP MonkeyBomb and Positronium earned 1 XP each.

The Call of Macaw

A confrontation between the MTF and operatives of the Insurgency are turned around when the poolboys try to sneak into the brig. They get cornered by the MTF, but a sudden attack by a pool monster interrupts their meeting. Taggart, Lily, and Arthur pursue it up into the woods, where they are cornered by task force agents and forced to board a helicopter taking them off-site.


XP Wogglebug, TheRaven and AgentFlower earned 1 XP each

Following Macaw

Loren, Lloyd, and Everett go to investigate what happened to their teammates in the woods.


An Important Meeting


Taking A Trip Down To New Pittsburgh

In New Pittsburgh, With The Lead Pipe



Open Casting

The play will begin soon. The characters are in play. The show will be wonderful.

As the hallucinations continue, Eriko meets the Hayden who is not. The ensuing chaos results in the Hayden who is stuck in the brig and Eriko in medical.

+1 XP Taggart, Phelan, Loren, Jason, Eriko, Hank, Ashley, Daniel, Collin

A Startling Reveal

Beginning to Show True Colors

+1 XP Roger, Chloe, Loren, Elif, Carmen

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