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The Big One - November 3rd 2012

After a week of slowly intensifying tremors and anomalies, the Poolboys are subjected to a massive attack from the Pool, with multitudes of creatures pouring out and cracking open the metaphorical gates of Hell at Area-354. At the conclusion of a long, pitched battle, the Poolboys stand triumphant, but at the cost of the Site…and quite a few friends.

(Note: This run spanned four rooms, and was logged as such.)


PC Deaths: Nolan, Max, Corbin, Cameron (heavily injured)

NPC Deaths: Michael, Brain, Most of the Site

LP: 3 to Mr_Wilt (1 for run, 2 for Nolan's death)

XP: 1XP was awarded to all who participated

In a Snowbound Land

Everett and Loren head out for an evening walk around Area-354, but happen upon a damaged prefab near the treeline. Curiosity piqued, the duo enter, and discover a grisly scene. While they attempt to reach Command to report it, Greg, Taggart and (later) Locke become involved, and the group must try and make their way through a deserted camp…one that might not belong to them anymore.

XP: Everett and Greg, special mention to Loren. Thanks to all who made it awesome.

Maintenance Access 1137

Continued excavation of the Site-354 ruins uncovers a previously buried storage area, and a team consisting of Everett, Loren, Monty, Taggart, and Locke are tasked with searching and securing the area before a cleanup team can move in. Once inside, they discover a group of survivors awaiting rescue. The only problem: The only problem: these survivors have been dead for weeks...

XP: 1 point each awarded to Agent Steinberg and Researcher Lohr

Friends, Romans, Dinosaurs

The first new pool run! Lily, Taggart, Arthur, Eriko, Chloe, Alex and Loren are sent into the pool after the ice abruptly splits open. When they emerge on the other side, the group is greeted by an eccentric inventor who needs their help to stop a rampaging cybernetic tyrannosaur. Yes, you heard me.

XP: +1 XP point to everyone(!) who participated.

Pool Party

Ralph's having his bachelor party, and Taggart, Lily, Duncan, and Greg are all invited. After a night of partying hard, Ralph gets kidnapped by a mysterious kidnapper who seems to be watching them all the time, and it's up to the drunken poolboys to save him. Basically, think The Hangover: Part 354.

Girl's Night Out

After a call to a spatial anomaly, the poolboys must enter a large facility that has been connected to the inside of a prefab. Part one of the Prefab 12 arc.

+1 XP to Eriko and Stoat.


Taggart, Eriko, Chloe, Greg, Loren, and Simon venture into an interdimensional zoo type place, where everything is abandoned and crazy animals are on the loose! eeek!


Playing Hooky

Greg, Lily, Eriko, Ross, Elif, and Chloe venture back into Prefab 12. Join them as they learn the value of friendship, and overcome their fear of the dark!

The Girl on Fire

When the Poolboys arrive in 1950s Suburbia America, they uncover a strange event that happened years earlier resulting in the arson of a house and the death of the occupants. However the spirits have not moved on, and someone in the shadows is still watching. Will June, Arthur, Loren and Greg make it out unscathed?


XP: +1 XP point to everyone(!) who participated.

Pulling Strings

Too many poolboys travel back into Prefab 12, and encounter another ashy monster. They kick the shit out of it and meet a man with a really irritating nervous tic. Part three of the Prefab 12 arc.

XP: +1 XP to Arthur and Loren.

Mirror World- The Alternate 354

The Poolboys go into the pool and arrive at Bio-Site 354. How strange. What will be meeting their other selves be like? And are they willing to allow the pool to merge with the other world in order to be free of the Pool in theirs?

Starring- Greg, Taggart, Lily, Stoat, Chloe, Loren, Arthur, Howard, DT, Ralph and Simon


XP Alivi (for running it), Pres and TheRaven, Roget and Wogglebug as well

The Only Way

The Poolboys arrive at a massive forest, with only bare hints of human influence. They meet tree people, who are suffering from the effects of radiation poisoning and blame it on the mushroom people who drink the sap from their corpses. When the Poolboys find out that the tree people drink the sap of their mutated children in an effort to avoid allowing the mushroom people to have it, the Poolboys decide it would be better to destroy it, under influence of the dead ghost children.


XP: +1 Loren, Eriko, and Howard

Do you remember me?

The poolboys arrive in limbo and discover that not all is as it seems. They explore a ghostly city filled with the shades of the dead while fighting terrifying monsters, and a few old friends make a reappearance.


XP: XP FOR EVERYONE!!! WHOO!!! (+1 for Taggart, Loren, Ross, Stefan, Eriko and Lily) +1DuXP for Tehpillowstar for the run

The Uncanny Valley

The Poolboys find themselves in a strange slowly crumbling world populated by Androids. And bring back something bigger than they'd thought.


XP XP for everyone who stuck through with the run from start to finish. (Greg, DT, Stefan, Ralph, Chloe)

The Tall Building of Happiness

The Poolboys arrive to an endlessly tall building in which everyone is happy. In the attempt to destroy the source before it leaks through the pool, they discover cannibalism, false childhoods, complete and utter nothing, and have to deal with riots, mass slaughter, and ultimately the Big Boss himself.


XP: +1 for Taggart, Bill, Chloe, June and Eriko

The Floor is Lava the Run

When the poolboys find themselves in a land of childhood, will they be able to defeat the monsters under the bed, and cooties and a dragon in order to get home? And who is Bubbles?!


XP: +1 for Everyone including Soulless who participated. (Duncan, DT, Rick, Chloe, Loren, Lily, Bubbles, Taggart, Greg)

Dog Eat Dog World

The poolboys find themselves in a dog kennel, and also they are dogs. They are recruited by the mysterious Big Dawg to defeat his eternal enemies, the commie cats of Chairman Meow. Woof.

XP: +1 to everyone in the run.


Coolness Factor

Kens, Griffin, Loren, Lily, Bill, Rick, and Sej go into a freakshow art gallery, where nothing makes sense and the rules don't matter. After battling the odds, they meet a guy in a fox mask, who tells them a bunch of pretentious bullshit before speeding away.

XP +1 to Griffin, Kens and Sej



Brigit, Bill, Eriko, Loren, and Rick find themselves surfacing in a freaky-ass spanish church, and are then pursued by hordes of monsters bent on doing mean things to them. tl;dr shit gets spooky.


XP +1 to all run participants.

Down In the Bayou

Loren, Elif, Eriko, Bill, Taggart, Rick, Kevin and Chloe find themselves in a dark, dank swamp, with monsters all around them and a blue light in the distance. When they finally find the source, there's an old foe waiting for them…'


XP +1 to all who participated.

In Which we Admit That Silent Hill Really Did Nail the Horror Thing

Brigit, Greg, Taggart, Eriko, and Ralph journey back into Prefab 12 to learn more about the exact function of the place. They do an okay job and then spend a very long time running for their lives. Part four of the Prefab 12 arc.

XP: +1 to Ralph and some other people.

Leavin' On a Jet Plane

June, Greg, Chloe, Loren, Rick, Duncan, and Lily are stranded in an airport for the damned and had to work together to catch a flight back to Yellowknife, Canada. Along the way they made a friend, traded knives and guns for tickets, hit on an extradimensional being, and ran over a mob with a train. All in all it ended with some reincarnation and spicy single serving peanuts.


XP: +1 to June, Greg, Chloe, Loren, Duncan, and Lily

Elements of Humanity- 最初

The Poolboys emerge in an abandoned fishing village from Japan. The water tainted red like the pool. Can they figure out what they need to do? And what is inside the Shrine on the hill?


XP: +1 to Everyone except those who dropped mid-run

Elements of Humanity- 風

The Poolboys emerge in the desert where the wind blows freely. Two are struck when they see a strange figure and start to cut communication with the group. They also meet a God of wind…what will they learn from Fujin about the nature of the gems? And what will they learn about themselves?


XP: +1 to Everyone except those who dropped mid-run

Saviors of the Dreaming Dead

The Poolboys arrive in a world where the spirits of dead children go to the afterlife. The children cannot move on, and so the poolboys must dabble in witchcraft during the night when the veil between worlds is weakest to help drive off the beast and allow the children to enter their final resting place. The Poolboys also bring home a child with no name, in hopes to teach him how to remember all he's fogotten.


XP: +1 Loren, Chloe, Collin, Hank, Zay

They Should Have Sent a Poet

The Poolboys sent to investigate mayday signals coming from the pool but are instead thrown into an endless void, left to drift there in zero-G. After some puking, they figure out where the mayday beacon is coming from only to have their sub ripped apart by strange creatures. After finding some notes and equipment from the bizzaro sub they attempt a re-entry rather poorly. In the end they are violently ejected out of the pool and into the surrounding trees.


XP: +1 Phelan, Loren, Mark, Zay, and Rick

Invasion Day

The Poolboys are sent into the future to combat the threat of aliens destroying a planet much like the very Earth they live on. After their sub-car is flipped from an explosion they go to one of the few remaining human outposts and armed with future tech. After a falling skyscraper, an ambush in an alleyway and an assault on a fortified bunker, they press a big red button to reactivate the planet's orbital defense network and save the day! They find themselves back in the sub bay in a sideways sub with no major injuries.

XP +1 for Eriko, Hank, Loren, Ralph, and Taggart

Legend of the Rainbow-Tail

The poolboys are transformed into merpeople, and must assist the kingdom of Port-Land in its eternal struggle against Sinister Finister and his legion of robot sharks. http://pastebin.com/gdrTQMwX

XP: +1 XP to all who finished the run, DuXP for Jason.

A Retrieval Mission

The poolboys are sent after a possessed researcher in hopes to bring her back. They find a race of beings living in the woods plagued by a Foundation-esque organization bent on containing them but was ultimately defeated in a recent battle. With the poolboys help, they are able to release the others trapped in captivity.

Run Logs: http://pastebin.com/QkUn6mLv
Mind Logs: http://pastebin.com/T2zpYPhQ
Document: http://pastebin.com/qqg7VWh8

XP: +1 XP to Chloe, Alice, Jason, Ralph, and Collin.

FR Crew, Get a Clue! (And Jason Too!)

The gang is sent to solve a murder mystery in a large (and strangely puzzle-filled) mansion. There was a butt autopsy in there as well.

Logs: http://pastebin.com/g5QMTxzE
Other Logs: http://pastebin.com/W8wjNFvR

XP: +1 to Ralph, Jason, Alice, Elif, and Rick.

SCP-835 Containment Breach

A sudden distress call results in the Poolboys being inserted into an isolated site in the middle of the Gulf of Florida, where their mission is to find the survivors, obtain their research and secure the site…hopefully.

XP: +1 for Collin, Zay and Eriko

Under the Shadows of Mars

The Poolboys find themselves in an abandoned base in Mars. As they walk down its dark, empty halls, they piece together what has happened to its occupants…and quickly find out they must escape themselves before the same fate befalls them.

XP: +1 to Chloe and Mark

Ruins (Part 1)

The Task Force is deployed to a strange underground complex where they use humanoid creatures as a source of energy. After agonizing over the decision of freeing one of the victims, they encounter a fireteam of heavily armed humanoids, and after an attempt at communication, they decide to all head back to the sub, and to Area-354.


**XP: +1 to all participants

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