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Disposable multi-use gear

Name XP Required Skills Boosted Load Description
Pony Bottle 4 N/A 1 An extremely compact backup air source, commonly used by divers in emergencies. Comes with attached regulator, demand valve and status gauge. The Pony Bottle contains enough air for 4 turns of heavy activity. EDIT!
Metal Vapour Torch 4 N/A 1 A flashlight-sized, ultrahot cutting implement, the MVT uses small disposable cartridges of granular copper oxide, magnesium and aluminium to produce a short, burning jet capable of slicing through a half-inch steel bar in less than a second. Due to the size of the cartridges, the jet only lasts for a few seconds, but their composition means the MVT works equally well underwater. Once purchased, a character may carry a maximum of 2 cartridges per run. A successful Engineering roll of 2 is required to use the torch effectively.
Throwable Sensor 4 N/A 1 A spherical sensor, contained in a durable shell and designed to be thrown ahead into dangerous areas to gather data. Equipped with six cameras, infrared LED flashes and air quality, temperature, and radiation meters, the sensor transmits the data it collects back to designated devices. Comes with a recessed tie-point.
M26 Taser Gun 3 N/A 1 The M-26 Taser, the United States military version of a commercial Taser, has a range of 35 feet and is able to deliver an incapacitating jolt of electricity, sufficient to drop most humanoids (GM discretion on anomalous targets). Once purchased, a character may carry a maximum of 2 cartridges per run. A successful Ranged roll is required to use it effectively. Current Body is rolled in opposition, with a roll less than 9 resulting in incapacitation for 1d3 rounds. NEW!
26.5mm H&K P2A1 Flare Pistol 2 N/A 1 A standard issue military single shot flare pistol built to fire a variety of specialty rounds with a maximum of 4 rounds per run. Comes with standard red flares as default. NEW!
26.5mm Speciality Ammo 2/Effect N/A 0 Ammunition that is designed to produce a variety of effects that include but not limited to smoke, flash-bang, incendiaries, tear gas, chaff, oxygen displacement extinguishers, even incapacitance foam. NEW!
Stim Pack 4 N/A 1 This handy auto-injector contains a proprietary blend of stimulants and neuroactive substances capable of blocking out pain, fatigue, fear and greatly enhancing focus for a short time. Trades -1 Mind for +1 AP once per run. WARNING: May reduce empathy and/or cause night terrors. NEW!

Espionage Equipment

Name XP Required Skills Boosted Load Description
Silent Comms 4 N/A 0 Specialised communication equipment designed to allow espionage operatives to maintain contact with their team-mates, even in hostile areas. Consists of a set of low profile bone conduction earphones and a flesh-coloured throat microphone, which work by vibation, rather than actual sound, and render both incoming and outgoing messages practically inaudible to anyone except the user. These activities no longer require a Sneak roll.
Psychotropic Aerosol Canister 4 N/A 1 A small pressurized canister able to dispense a short-acting barbiturate for assisting in interrogations, compliance, or the like and is applied directly to the targets breathing orifices. A maximum of 2 uses per run is permitted. A successful Melee roll of 4 is required to use this effectively. A target under the effects reduces its Mdef by half (rounded up) for 1d6 rounds or 1 hour of SoftRP NEW!
Electronic Attack Suite 6 Electronics +2 0 An expansion to the Investigation Suite, giving the user offensive capabilities. Programs include: DDoS software, file modifiers and deleters, a variety of malware insertion vectors, firewall and security penetration aids, and password crackers. Requires a Hostile Environment Laptop.
Concealable Body Armour 9 PDef +2, Sneak +1 1 A concealable, lightweight, and flexible vest designed for use where traditional armour would make the wearer stand out. Fits unobtrusively under clothing and provides protection against small calibre ballistic and blade threats.
Parabolic Microphone 9 Perception +3 1 A handheld, pistol-grip parabolic mic, with collapsible reflector to aid portability. Can be used to focus and amplify sounds up to ~50m away, making it extremely useful for eavesdropping. Comes with built-in sight and recorder.
Micro UAV 12 N/A 1 Extremely small, remote controlled helicopter; equipped with a steerable camera for covert surveillance. Mostly undetectable to human senses at 10m distance. System comes in a pocket-sized case/charger, and is controlled with a joystick attachment for a standard PDA. Operations outside of line of sight severely limit data transmission range. About 20 minutes flight time per charge.
Hostile Environment Laptop 14 Electronics +4 2 A powerful laptop computer, hardened to an even greater degree than the HEPDA. Includes a variety of connection ports, allowing users to try and access a even wider variety of systems. EDIT!
Foundation Lock Pick Set 14 Sneak +4 when picking physical locks 2 A fully featured collection of picks, shims, skeleton keys, tension tools, auto jigglers and other lock picking equipment, able to open practically any non-electronic lock. Also includes a set of broken key extractors. Comes in a waterproof, zippered case.
Electronic Lock Breaker 14 Sneak/Electronics +4 when opening electronic locks 1 Handheld device designed to be to electronic security what the lockpick is to physical safeguards. Able to scan virtually any electronic entry system and suggest methods of attack, the ELB can attempt to fool, scramble or (as a last resort) overload whatever is in the user's way.
Wall Crawling Ensemble 18 Strength +5 when climbing a wall 0 Specially made gloves and boots with an outer coating of synthetically-fabricated reversible adhesive, inspired by the climbing abilities of the common gecko. These allow the wearer to climb sheer surfaces of all types, from rock to glass. Every point of Load over 6 decreases the bonus given by 1.
De Lisle silent carbine 22 Sneak +6 when shooting 2 Based off of a 1940s design, updated versions of the carbine are manufactured in small quantities for Espionage agents who require silent firepower. Due to a highly effective integral suppressor and subsonic pistol ammunition this weapon has the distinction of being one of the quietest firearms in existence. These characteristics do however come at the cost of range and penetrating power - the De Lisle is most effective when used up close, and accurate shots beyond 100m are extremely difficult.
Stealth Suit 22 Sneak +6 1 Highly experimental full-body catsuit, constructed using prototype metamaterials. These bend light along the suit's edges when activated, rendering the wearer effectively transparent to the naked eye. The interior of the suit is lined with a highly efficient insulator, practically nullifying the user's thermal signature, but overheating is possible if the wearer exerts themselves beyond the inbuilt cooling system's ability to compensate. Camouflage does not extend to items carried outside the suit.

Medical Equipment

Name XP Required Skills Boosted Load Description
First Responder's Vest 9 PDef +2, Medical +1 2 Basic kevlar vest, modified to hold a variety of first aid and medical equipment, giving the wearer quick access to important tools in an emergency. Provides protection against small arms fire and edged weapons.
Burn Treatment Kit 9 Medical +3 when treating burns 2 A field kit designed specifically to deal with burns. Contents include a fire/trauma blanket, sterile burn wrap and dressings, sterile gauze and pads, spray-on disinfectant/sealing solution, sterile gloves and adhesive tape.
Chemical, Biological and Radiological Response Kit 9 Medical +3 when treating CB&R injuries 2 Large, waterproof pouch containing 6 skin-safe individual decontamination kits, a small supply of heavy duty disposable gloves and field vaccines/treatments for exposure to a range of chemicals, biological agents and radiation.
Field Autopsy Gear 9 Medical +3 when performing autopsies 2 A collection of implements used in performing post-mortem investigations. Includes bone saws, hammers, chisels, forceps, spreaders, brushes and medical blades. Also comes with a small supply of heavy-duty disposable gloves, sample bags and fluid collectors.
Quarantine Tent 14 PDef +4 when treating 3 Portable, quick-assembly field tent, made of extremely tough, transparent plastic. The QT is designed to enclose a single person and allow medical treatment even in cases of contamination or infection. Features inbuilt glovebox-like manipulators, small object airlock, and air filtration.
Squad Trauma Kit 14 Medical +4 3 Larger version of the first aid kit, containing a more comprehensive variety of medicinal items. EDIT!
Crash Bag 18 Medical +5 3 Created after extensive consultation with first responders (both military and civilian) the 'crash bag' consists of a foldable stretcher and a range of attachable, modular systems designed to stabilise, support and monitor even critically injured personnel during the 'golden hour'.
Cell Gas 22 Medical +6 3 A canister of gas which promotes rapid growth and division of cells in mammalian tissue, discovered in an attempt to replicate the properties of the gas found with SCP-047. EDIT!

Security Equipment

Name XP Required Skills Boosted Load Description
Individual Gunshot Detector 6 Ranged +2, Perception +2 against suitable targets. 1 A self-contained passive acoustic system with the capability to detect and localise the source of small arms fire, while screening out other sounds. Reports a firing solution to the wearer on a visual display and audio alert within a second of a muzzle blast. Currently only useful against firearms.
Protective Face Shield 6 PDef +2 against attacks to the face 1 Flip down, helmet mounted visor made of strengthened, bullet resistant polycarbonate.
Green Laser Interdiction System 7 Temporarily blinds target, Intimidation/Ranged +4 (against target), Perception/Ranged +4 (against user) 0 Weapon-mounted visible laser, designed to dazzle and temporarily blind approaching personnel at ranges up to 300m in the day, and 1km at night, forcing them to skip one turn. Those with 6+ Perception must skip two turns. A ranged roll of 6 is required to 'hit' the average human-sized target. Targets without eyes are not affected. Bonuses and penalties only apply after use. EDIT!
Ballistic Body Shield 9 PDef +3 against attacks from the front 3 Large protective shield, often used during particularly violent riots and breaching actions. Equipped with a viewport for movement while in use. Comes with non-ballistic rated shin guards.
Battleprod 12 Melee +2, Intimidation +2 1 A supercharged electric stun-baton, capable of being mounted on a rifle.
Omnisight 12 Ranged +3, Perception +1 1 Combining a standard holographic sight with a 3x magnifier on a durable flip-up mounting, the Omnisight assists with engagements at short to medium range. EDIT!
Battle Compensator 14 Ranged +4 0 A combination muzzle brake/flash suppressor, designed to assist in mitigating recoil and concussion even during fully automatic fire. Extremely efficient at what it does. EDIT!
Enhanced Plate Carrier System 14 PDef +4 3 Heavy duty, military-grade body armour, utilising a wide-coverage soft armour vest in conjunction with improved ceramic and ultra-light polyethelene inserts to provide upper body protection against shrapnel, bladed weapons and some high-powered rifle rounds.
Grenade Launcher 18 N/A 2 40mm grenade launcher, available as either a stand-alone or underslung weapon. Standard ammunition is High Explosive Dual Purpose - Impact, which is as effective as a normal hand grenade against personnel and can penetrate light armour. A base supply of 4 rounds per mission is issued. When firing, at least 14m is required for the grenades to arm for detonation.
Heavy Telekill Helmet 20 MDef +4, PDef +2 1 Enhanced combat helmet, reinforced with Telekill alloy to defend against telepathic assaults. Provides maximum coverage at the expense of increased weight. EDIT!
FGM-172B SRAW 24 N/A 3 A lightweight, single-use missile launcher, equipped with a dual-purpose shaped-charge/blast-fragmentation warhead, effective against heavily armoured targets out to 600m. Utilises a 'cold launch' system for firing in enclosed spaces. Aiming takes 1 turn to complete, and must be completed without any interruptions (for example, taking a hit or being attacked in melee). The rocket requires at least 17m to arm for detonation.
XM-25 28 Ranged +6, Perception +2 3 An advanced and highly accurate 25mm light cannon, equipped with optical and thermal zoom sights, a laser rangefinder, environmental sensors and inbuilt targeting computer. Replaces primary weapon. Default ammunition is High Explosive Air Bursting, which requires 20m to arm and is as effective as a hand grenade against point and group targets, even behind cover.

R&D Equipment

Name XP Required Skills Boosted Load Description
Tactical Science Vest 9 PDef +2, Science +1 2 Basic kevlar vest, modified to hold important R&D equipment, giving the wearer quick access to important tools in a crisis. Provides protection against small arms fire and edged weapons.
Foundation Issue Folding Microscope 9 Science +3 1 A ruggedised and durable microscope designed for field use. Folds up for easy transportation. EDIT!
Foundation Chemical Pack 14 Science +4 2 Small fire and water resistant case holding a range of common chemicals, acids, bases etc. Handy for conducting experiments in the field. One can also produce a variety of substances and effects such as smoke, adhesives, irritants, incendiaries, chemiluminescence, acrid odors, and lubricants. Because of the limited amount of chemicals in the pack, only 3 of these substances can be mixed per run. EDIT!
Biological and Chemical Materials Identification Device 18 Science +5 3 Advanced machine that accepts material samples through a tray in the side. Subjects samples to a wide range of tests, including (but not limited to) acidity, hardness, melting point and biological composition where applicable. Delivers results to built-in display when complete. Carried in a large waterproof carrycase.
Anti-Intangant Directed Energy Weapon (AIDEW) 18 N/A 4 A man-portable cyclotron/emitter system that is used to create a charged particle cone, based off of current technology used in radiation therapy. Built to deter and suppress the intangible, incorporeal, and spectral. A Science roll of at least 3 is needed to use this equipment effectively. When fired at a live target, it will induce acute radiation sickness. Current Body is rolled in opposition, with a roll equal to or lower than max Body points resulting in reduced Agility, Perception, and Strength by half (rounded down) for 24 hours. NEW!
PortaLab 22 Science +6 4 A hard case container that can store a variety of different instrumentation, chemicals, tools, and other equipment. Comes complete with its own battery power source and gas stores. The PortaLab is also able to produce the same substances as the Chemical Pack. EDIT!

Maintenance Equipment

Name XP Required Skills Boosted Load Description
Decon Canister 4 N/A 2 Used by cleanup crews and hazard response teams across the Foundation, this non-toxic, broad-spectrum decontamination foam neutralises most biological and chemical substances and encapsulates radioactive particles, rendering affected areas completely safe in under 15 minutes. Comes in a 1.25L spray canister suitable for dealing with incidents affecting the user's immediate area and colleagues. Not recommended for skin-contact except in emergencies.
Battlefield Repair Vest 9 PDef +2, Engineering +1 2 Basic kevlar vest, modified to hold a range of maintenance equipment, giving the wearer quick access to important tools when they're needed. Provides protection against small arms fire and edged weapons.
Skull Tools 9 Engineering +3 2 A set of specialised head-mounted tools constructed following observation of SCP-680 at work.
The Special 14 Engineering +4 3 A highly sought-after collection of quality tools and implements, given to personnel who do particularly well at their duties. No two kits are the same, though a range of precision engineered and durable spanners, screwdrivers, wrenches and the like are invariably included, alongside a selection of cleaning items, adhesives and more. Comes in a waist-encircling toolbelt, designed to securely hold the contents, even when the wearer is upside down, in low/no gravity or being shaken violently.
Oxyacetylene Cutting/Welding Kit 21 Engineering +5 when cutting or welding, Melee +1 4 Man portable welding/cutting apparatus, designed for use in the field. Consists of a backpack rig with oxygen and acetylene tanks, attached to a torch handle via a 4m twin-line hose. Comes with welding, cutting and heating attachments.
Field Assembly Pack 22 Engineering +6 4 A large over the shoulder pack made specifically to house and store a wide range of medium to large power tools as well as instrumentation. Comes with a built in battery docking station and extension cords. EDIT!
Proboscis Engineer 28 Engineering +6, Electronics +6 while on base 0 The character is given access to their own personal Proboscis Engineer while on base. Cannot be taken on mission.

Miscellaneous Equipment

Name XP Required Skills Boosted Load Description
Strong, Confident, Powerful 8 Body (Maxiumum) +1 0 The character takes a Foundation regimented exercise and dieting course to get them in peak physical condition.
Sane, Conscious, Persevering 8 Mind (Maximum) +1 0 The character sits through a number of incredibly dull group therapy sessions crafted to strain their sanity.
Sustain, Continue, Prolong 8 AP (Maximum) +1 0 The character endures several long, forced sessions in their field of work, designed to ensure that even when exhausted they can still perform their duties.
NeverWet Coating 2 N/A 0 A piece of equipment or an item of clothing of the agent's choice is treated with a heavy duty, superhydrophobic coating, enabling it to resist and repel practically any liquid, including water, oils, acids and bases. Also makes the item extremely easy to clean.
Espionage Primer 3 Sneak +1 0 A compilation of advice for carrying on life in the shadows, with contributions from several active agents.
Herr Chirurg's Guide to Field Surgery and Applied Medicine 3 Medical +1 0 A medical textbook authored by SCP-542 on dealing with common wounds and ailments, even under fire.
Foundation Identification Handbook 3 Science +1 0 A short handbook detailing various types of anomalous phenomena.
The Rocket Surgeon's Engineering Guide 3 Engineering +1 0 A primer on maintenance and general engineering, written by SCP-890.
The Rocket Surgeon's Electronics Guide 3 Electronics +1 0 A primer on hacking, cracking and repairing computer systems, written by SCP-890.
Survival Manual 3 Survival +1 0 The standard Foundation Survival Manual, edited by veteran operatives and filled with information on surviving and thriving in a variety of hostile environments.
Down Range Bible 3 Ranged +1 0 Collecting shooting tips and weapon advice from across professions and the world, this volume is a useful reference for shooters of any skill level.
Melee Refresher 3 Melee +1 0 The character is given a refresher course in proper hand-to-hand combat and knife usage.
Thrown Weapons Proficiency 3 Thrown +1 0 The character takes a crash-course in using thrown weapons accurately, even in the heat of combat.
'Magic Eyes' 3 Perception +1 0 A two hour long video presentation on calmly examining and re-examining your surroundings, even in the midst of crisis, to notice things you otherwise might miss.
Force Multiplier 3 Strength +1 0 The character incorporates regimented weight-lifting and endurance training into their daily routine.
Combat Movement Course 3 Agility +1 0 The character takes a series of gymnastics and yoga classes in their spare time, improving their flexibility and increasing their reaction time.
Physical Defense 101 3 PDef +1 0 The character takes a Foundation course on taking hits and rolling with the punches.
How to Survive When Existence Doesn't 3 MDef +1 0 The character takes a Foundation-sponsored course in psychic protection.
SCP-354 Mission and Exploration Compilation Report, 1st Edition 3 Academics +1 0 A hefty +1,200 page document, requiring level-3 clearance, summarizing most of the documented pool missions since it's discovery. It contains detailed information on individual accounts, entities, objects, and events prior to the destruction of the original base. NEW!
Webbing 5 N/A 1 Improved load-bearing harness system, worn over the torso. Better holds and balances the load of carried items, decreasing their perceived weight and effect on performance. Gives the user four 'free' 1 Load pockets, at a cost of 1 total Load.
Hush Puppies 6 Sneak +2 0 Specially designed to minimise sound and pressure while moving, these boots are made of soft artificial leather, combined with multiple layers of soft rubber foam between the sole and the shoe.
Suppressor 6 Sneak +2 when firing 0 Standard Foundation-pattern 'can', available in a number of sizes to suit various classes of weapon. Contrary to popular belief, does not silence the discharge, merely decreases the firing signature so it is not as noticeable amongst background noise, and the location of the firer is harder to discern. EDIT!
Pick Gun 6 Sneak +2 when picking physical locks 1 Developed to allow even untrained personnel pick key-based locks in a hurry, the pick-gun comes with a basic selection of picks for widely-used locks.
First-Aid Kit 6 Medical +2 1 A Foundation-standard personal first-aid kit, carried in a pouch. Contains an array of useful medical supplies and a field guide detailing their proper usage.
Handheld XRF Spectrometer 6 Science +2 1 A device that uses X-ray fluorescence to analyze and display the basic composition of any object it is pointed at simply by deciphering the reflected wavelength. Also comes with 6 small non-reactive vials for storing samples. EDIT!
Maintainer's Toolpouch 6 Engineering +2 1 Collection of small tools (screwdrivers, pliers, safety knife, wrenches, wirestrippers etc.) commonly used for basic repairs around Area-354.
Hostile Environment PDA 6 Electronics +2 1 An upgraded version of the standard PDA, both physically and electronically hardened. Has been modified with a connection port that allows it to be linked to other electronic devices to gain information and attempt to access them.
Electronic Investigation Suite 6 Electronics +2 0 A collection of useful applications, designed to assist agents in investigating potentially hostile computer and electronic systems. Programs include: decrypters, network analysers, file copiers, probes and trace notifiers. Requires a Hostile Environment PDA/Laptop.
Water Collecting Jacket 6 Survival +2 1 A standard survival jacket, modified with a hydrophilic coating to allow it to absorb water molecules directly from the air. The water is passed through a number of small internal channels and into a purification system of charcoal filters and iodine pouches before being distributed among various internal pockets for later use.
Multi-Function Aiming Laser 6 Ranged +2 0 Weapon mounted laser sight, capable of both visible and infrared weapon aim assistance and illumination.
SAP Gloves 6 Melee +2 0 Thick, heavy gloves laced with small lead ingots, lending additional weight and force to unarmed strikes. EDIT!
Carbon Steel Blade 6 Melee +2 1 A weapon of the operative's choice is fitted with a hardened CS blade, giving improved cutting and penetrating power.
Throwing Gloves 6 Thrown +2 0 Special gloves with textured palms, specially made to grant the wearer greater control and grip while throwing things.
Miniature Binoculars 6 Perception +2 in fair light 0 80% smaller and 50% lighter than standard binoculars, with 7x zoom. Effective out to 1000m. EDIT!
Night Vision Goggles 6 Perception +2 in low/no light situations 1 Foundation made NVGs, equipped with an IR illuminator for pitch black conditions. Comes in both monocular and binocular variants.
Video Borescope 6 Perception +2 when used 1 Essentially a rugged video camera mounted on the end of a 5m long fibre-optic cable, the videoscope can be used to inspect areas that are otherwise inaccessible. Features a camera head with LED lighting and 360-degree articulation.
Foundation Boots 6 Agility +2 0 Foundation made boots with good flexibility and great grip.
Improved Ballistic Vest 6 PDef +2 2 Upgraded Foundation upper body protection, pairing expanded coverage and extra padding with a semi-rigid strengthened weave, capable of protecting the wearer's torso from small calibre ballistic threats (NIJ Level IIIA), bladed weapons and other physical threats.
Lightweight Protective Suit 6 PDef +3 against biological, chemical or heat-based attacks, Perception -1, Agility -1, Sneak -1 (all while worn) 1 Two piece hooded chemical/biological protective wear, designed to be donned quickly in an emergency over the wearer's normal uniform. Incorporates heavy gloves and footwear coverings into the lower garment, and an outer and inner layer of nomex for limited heat and flame resistance. Comes in a vacuum sealed package - donning it takes one uninterrupted turn.
Telekill Bandana 6 MDef +2 0 A cotton bandanna, lined with metallic threads of Telekill Alloy.
Fundamental Techniques of Psychological Manipulation and Interrogation 6 Persuasion +2, Bluff +2, or Intimidation +2 (only one, choice of buyer) 0 A series of online courses hosted by senior Foundation interrogators tailored to showcase proven techniques in leaching information or generating compliance from uncooperative individuals. Courses are broken down by level as beginner (persuasion), intermediate (bluff), and advanced (intimidation). NEW!
Hazardous Agent Detector 8 Provides alerts, Science +2 where appropriate 1 The modern equivalent of the canary in the coal mine, this compact device is designed to constantly sample and monitor the area around a user for chemicals, toxins, biological agents and radiation. Will give audible alarms and provide details if CBRN levels become dangerous, or if the oxygen content in the surrounding area drops below safe levels. Comes with a survey nozzle attachment to detect contamination on surfaces.
Survival Kit 9 Survival +3 2 A versatile collection of useful survival items, kept in a large waterproof pouch. Complete contents can be found here.
Obsidian Edged Blade 9 Melee +3 1 A weapon of the operative's choice is fitted with a carbon steel blade and a cutting edge comprised of specially toughened obsidian, making it even deadlier in melee.
Precision Crafted Thrown Weapon(s) 9 Thrown +3 1 The agent gains access to a supply of specially-made throwing weapons, manufactured to exacting tolerances and finely balanced for a perfect throw every time.
Power Gloves 9 Strength +3 for hand-based actions 1 A pair of mechanically strengthened gloves, based off of NASA development efforts. Uses a small external power source and synthetic tendons to increase the amount of force the wearer can exert.
Power Vaulters 9 Agility +3 2 Form fitted synthetic boots with retractable fiberglass velocity braces at the rear, behind the knee. When deployed, these allow a trained wearer to attain speeds of up to 30km/h, and jump over 2.5m in the air. Works best on level, solid surfaces. EDIT!
Telekill Skullcap 9 MDef +3 0 Provides a larger Telekill cover area than the bandana.
Liquid Armour 9 PDef +2 0 Sprayed on to existing armour, this compound is comprised of hard silica nano-particles suspended in liquid. Extremely flexible during normal handling, when exposed to an impact it transitions to a rigid material, enhancing the strength of the armour and preventing the impacting object from penetrating. This item stacks once with pre-bought armour.
Light Telekill Helmet 12 MDef +3, PDef +1, 1 Lightweight combat helmet, reinforced with Telekill alloy to defend against telepathic assaults. Trades slightly decreased coverage for weight reduction.
Ceramic Blade 14 Melee +4 1 A weapon of the operative's choice is fitted with a HIP-treated ceramic blade, resulting in an ultra-sharp, long-lasting, non-magnetic and non-conductive implement.
Thrown Obsidian Blade 14 Thrown +4 1 The agent gains access to a supply of master-crafted throwing weapons, with an obsidian edge to assist penetration.
Extra Hands 14 ASPECT: 'Extra Hands' - Gloves washed in 692, they work and think just like you. This can be tagged for various actions. 1 Gloves washed in SCP-692. Gives the character what is essentially an extra set of hands. They seem to have a bit of a mind of their own, however.
Humboldt Squid Tattoo 14 ASPECT: 'From The Depths' - With a simple press of a button, you unleash the kraken. 0 An animated tattoo, featuring a close approximation of SCP-252's chromatophore patterns. Upon activation (via wireless receiver) the patterns shift rapidly, causing a sense of unease and fear in those who view them and making the wearer seem very intimidating. This persists for a short period of time, even after the tattoo has been deactivated.
Mobile Assistant Compendium (MAC) 14 Academics +4, Survival +1 1 A compact and portable encyclopedic database of knowledge managed by an application navigator that replaces one's normal PDA. While it still functions as a normal PDA, MAC is able to give it's user access to thousands of records of information. A useful feature included is the ability to search for information by showing MAC the action, object, or text in question. User's primary method to interface with MAC is by voice. NEW!
Self-Contained Hazmat Ensemble 16 Immunity to biological, chemical attacks, PDef +6 against radiation, or heat-based attacks, Perception -2, Agility -2, Sneak -2 (all while worn) 4 A totally encapsulating suit that provides protection for personnel working in highly toxic, oxygen-deficient, or unknown environments. Composed of multiple layers of shielding, the suit provides temporary protection against mid-level radiation and high temperatures, is compatible with personnel radios and comes with a 60 minute oxygen supply. The suit is kept in a Protective Equipment Bag - donning it takes two uninterrupted turns. Like the gas mask, makes the wearer immune to gas- and vapour-based attacks, but blocks their sense of smell. Complete list of the ensemble's contents here.
HULC 18 Load Limit +6, Sneak -2 1 Short for 'Human Universal Load Carrier', the HULC is a single-purpose lower-body exoskeleton, designed to allow users to better carry large loads on their back for long periods.
Hybrid Thermal/Light-Amplification Optics 20 Perception +4 in poor/no light, Perception +2 in fair light 2 Enhanced NVGs that provide vastly increased capability by incorporating image intensification and long-wave IR sensors into a single device. This thermal capability makes them useful during the day as well as at night. EDIT!
Survival course 22 Survival +6 0 A week long crash course puts theory into practice, giving selected personnel hands-on experience with survival techniques. Graduates of the course are then put through a three day exercise to test their skills - dropped into the wilderness with basic supplies and instructed to find their way back to the base camp.
Bladewood Blade 22 Melee +6 1 Made using materials from SCP-143, Bladewood weapons are inhumanly sharp and exceedingly rare.
Thrown Ceramic Blade 22 Thrown +6 1 The agent gains access to a supply of master-crafted throwing weapons, made of extremely tough sharpened ceramics, making them exceedingly lethal in the right hands.
Powered Exoskeleton 28 Strength +6, +1 Load Damage Level, PDef +2, Sneak -6 0 Highly advanced, full-body, wearable robot, based on the Raytheon XOS 2. Greatly enhances the wearer's strength, while enabling them to retain normal movement speed, agility and dexterity. Does tend to make the user rather noticeable.
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