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In the world of Far Recon, you'll come to find that SCP-354 is a portal to limitless universes, or "dimensions" as they're informally called, and these dimensions have near-limitless possibilities. By now you've probably noticed that a good chunk of the outlandish dimensions consisting of entirely new worlds usually have several, equally outlandish creatures residing in them.

With such a big selection, however, it often becomes hard to put together something unique without it coming off as something else, or becoming too abstract, or any number of problems. Most GMs (including myself) need to take time before a run to even plan out all of these creatures, and it can be quite the task, especially with limited motivation or inspiration. So, this page is going to help you make yourself a monster or two for your run, by offering a variety of tips and resources.

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Images are a perfect way to provide a little inspiration for those monster-making brains of yours. Whether they're detailed drawings or simple sketches, a drawing of a monster is a great way to give you an idea for your own.

Of course, you can always take a monster you see on a picture, but this is strongly discouraged, as these are public resources available to all members. Swiping a monster without somebody knowing may result in the repeated use of the same monster by another. So, please, do try to keep these inspiration only, and not free monsters.

Also, keep in mind some of these may be NSFW, for one reason or another. We don't exactly monitor all of these.


Generators consist of short descriptions or ideas that can be used to make a monster in its entirety, or simply provide some aspects for your monster, like abilities or descriptions. Some of these go more in-depth than others, so it might take a few shots before you get something you like.

While we still discourage blatant copying from generators, because the results tend to be unique, they aren't as discouraged… but don't take that as meaning you're free to do it. Please do try to avoid it.

  • Spore's Creature Creator - A neat little program with a plethora of parts and basic modeling, that can help you design a creature.
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