Old Logs

NOTE: These logs are for archive purposes only, and do not contain anything after November 3, 2012. For current logs, please go here.

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First Run Ever - The Chameleon - November 8th 2011

Sigrun, Dmitri, Tiana and Eva are all asked to come to the Red Pool for "training." They are met by Ilana Stilman, who informs them that they will be dealing with whatever is about to come out of the pool. They are attacked by a chameleon-like creature, but soon pour water on the ground to make it muddy and the creature leaves footprints. They kill it with ease. It then begins to glow and several armed agents jump out. Ilana dismisses them, stating this was unexpected.

+1 LP to Sequence, +1 XP to all characters.

The Hotel - November 9th 2011

Gaston, Sigrun, Tiana, Eva, Ryan, Nolan, and a member of security by the name of Mick were called to investigate a hotel full of disturbances by a suited man in a gas mask. Upon arrival, they were met with several corpses, two of which appeared to be killed in a ritualistic way. Further inspection brought them face to face with a man seemingly controlling a large beast with an orb. After Nolan accquired the orb, the man took his own life, and the beast was incapacitated, then appeared to be absorbed by the orb. The crew returned and the orb was taken to be catalogued.

+1 XP to Nolan, Mick (should Tox choose to stat him properly), and Sigrun. Ryan has also been given an XP upon further deliberation.

In Flanders Fields - November 11th 2011 - Special Remembrance/Veteran's Day Run

The team is called down to the sub bay to deal with an upcoming emergence event before it happens. They dive down in SCUBA gear and end up in an endless field of poppies, with rows upon rows of wooden crosses to one side. The poppies' roots are made of rotting flesh. They soon notice the poppies are growing on themselves. Eva, Ryan, and Bridge all become convinced the poppies are benevolent. Dmitri and Sigrun attempt to avoid the poppies. Eric is unsure of what to do. Ryan rolls in the poppies and soon becomes a grave himself. Eva and Bridge dance and then attempt to hug Dmitri, who flees from them. Meanwhile a Lark flies above Sigrun and gives her a match. Sigrun soon discovers an abandoned tank among the graves. She drives it back to the team while Eva and Bridge also turn into graves. Sigrun's tank is approached by a German tank. A German soldier hops out and waves her over, then pours gasoline on the ground. Sigrun lights her match and sets the field on fire, then hops back into her tank along with Dmitri and Eric. The tank is soon filled with smoke and they all black out. Everyone wakes up in the red pool and swims to the surface, their mission over. A sample of the poppies is handed by Eric to Salman.

+1 XP to Sigrun, Eva, and Ryan. -1 Mind to Eva, Ryan, and Bridge (until December 2), as well as a temporary aspect that gives an irrational fear of being buried and flowers (until November 21).

James R. Sullivan's Treasure and the Sea of Clouds - November 13th 2011

The Poolboys are called down to the sub bay for another emergence event. They are soon placed in a submarine and dive into the pool. They find themselves in a sea of clouds, complete with giant cloud sharks and whales. They come to a mountain top that seconds as a tropical island and discover a giant fort with a red X in the middle. A few of them make it to the top floor and find a giant diary belonging to "Captain James R. Sullivan", who urges the reader to destroy his treasure before his former crew finds it and spreads their influence using his finances. The Poolboys decide to go along with this course of action. Meanwhile a hurricane pulls into the island/mountain and drops off two giant pirates, one with a parrot on his shoulder. Did I mention everything's giant? As they approach the fort, the team decides the best course of action is placing a giant bag of gunpowder over the giant X and blow it up. Nolan is about to light the fuse when a giant parrot swoops in and pecks him. Following a scrabble and Ryan almost killing half the team (fortunately the generous GM saved them), they light the gunpowder and it explodes, destroying most of the treasure. The pirates flee. Nolan takes a doubloon for himself and they return to the pool.

+1 XP for Nolan, Sigrun, and Rosalind

In the Hall of the Mountain King aka Sal makes Everyone Really Hungry - November 14 2011

The Poolboys arrive in their sub in a dank cavern, with a tunnel leading way off into a hall. They slowly make their way down it, only to hear disgusting noises of slobbering and chewing. They soon arrive at a table at least a kilometer long, at the end of which is something snacking away. On top of the table is piles and piles of food, which Sal describes for 30 minutes as they all walk. Nolan and Eva snack a little. Once they reach the end they see a hideous creature in royal attire snacking on a butter chicken turkey leg. they also notice Nolan and Eva are gone. Taggart tries to shoot the king, but is stopped by a cave troll. Tagart and Sigrun are injured, and Tiana fails at slitting the King's throat. Sigrun gets up on the table and looks for wine. Meanwhile, two smaller trolls appear and attack Taggart until he shoots one in the leg, at which point the healthy one cradles the injured. Sigrun pours wine on the King then sets him on fire. The king screams and begins dying. The two trolls transform back into Nolan and Eva, with Eva shot. There's a flash of light, and they're suddenly back in the pool.

+1 XP to Green and Tiana. +1 LP to Daedalize.

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes - November 15 2011

Nolan, Green, Eva, Eric, and Byron all get into the sub and end up in a river of flowing rainbows. They then come to a corridor with clocks spread about. Their ages drastically change, ranging anywhere from 6 to 100 years old. Hilarity ensues. They then come to a set of autonomous armor. When he finds they cannot answer his question, he changes their ages. Hilarity ensues again. They soon come to a giant tower of clockwork. A British robot with a top hat approaches them and politely explains it will soon expand and consume and rape the Earth's natural resources. The team understands and nods, then throws him into the clockwork. It all breaks down and the team is crushed by a gear. They wake up in the sub.

+1 XP to Eva, Green, and Eric. +1 LP to Photosynthetic. Green gains permanent aspect: "Back in 'Nam: Although Green never actually fought in the Vietnam war, due to a certain incident involving age changing he suffers from occasional PTSD. This can include flashbacks, mania, and depression.".

Ball Bugs - November 18th 2011

While wandering the halls, Damian hears a rustling noise coming from a closet. After being joined by Ryan and Vander, he opens it, revealing many red pillbugs. Some escape into the halls, and on trying to contain them with a hose, Ryan discovers that they are very bouncy when curled up. He runs to Engineering and retrieves a vacuum with which to suck them up, while Damian and Vander are attacked by a larger bug formed out of the smaller ones left in the closet. Thanks to a net Ryan had ordered from the monkeys earlier, the three are able to capture the large bug, which disintegrates back into the smaller type.

+1 XP to Ryan, +1 LP to Wombat

Frostbite Hostel - November 19th 2011

A door, of unknown origin, is dredged up out of the Red Pool. Though a number of Poolboys show up when called, only Ryan and Vander enter, finding themselves in a strange apartment building. As they explore, they are beset by cold, wind, and water, eventually finding themselves in combat with a vicious sentient waterspout. Near-death, they retrieve the source of the phenomena and destroy it, though Vander's arm is impaled by a shard of the unknown object and is coated in frost when they return.

+1 XP to Ryan and Vander, -1 Mind to Ryan and Vander (until December 9), Vander gains permanent aspect: "Frostbitten: After being impaled with a shard of a Red Pool artifact, Vander is extremely sensitive to temperature, and feels a constant compulsion to seek cold places."

The Shadows - November 21st 2011

A call to all available STF-354 members becomes a site-wide call for assistance when hordes of shadow-like beings emerge from the Red Pool and begin swarming the site. Accompanied with their appearance is the failure of most lights, the only ones that seem effective being gun-mounted, or hand-held torches. The stress of the darkness, and the constant shrieks of the creatures seem to wear on the group's psyche, but Nolan and Stoat take charge to lead the team to help wipe out the rest of the "shadows" in the Area.

+1 LP to Nolan & Stoat, +1 XP to Eva, Green, and Frederic

Far Role Playing Game - November 21 2011

The Poolboys are sent into the Red Pool to deal with an emergence event. They soon find themselves in a pixellated world complete with midi music always playing. They must pass through a variety of trials ranging from a Pokemon Battle to collecting cuckoos. The team eventually comes together in the end to defeat a demon dragon, with Martin Stephens dealing a finishing blow using his dentistry techniques.

+1 XP to Stephens, Stoat and Sigrun

Burning Down - November 22nd 2011

Reentering the pool-door, the Poolboys find themselves in a different version of the apartment from Frostbite Hostel. They not-so-quickly realize that the building is in fact on fire, and burning down. While trying to flee via fire escape, they are attacked by a creature of flame. Though the creature's self-destructive tendencies save them, there are many injuries, and Ryan pays the ultimate price.

+1 XP to Eva, Stephens, and Green, +2 LP to Wombat, Eva gains permanent aspect: "I Fell from a Building: Eva suffers from chronic back pain ever since she fell from a burning building.", DEATH: Ryan

Keep Rolling - November 25th 2011

The submarine delivers the Poolboys to a big city, where they are confronted with a self-propelled, all-assimilating ball of junk. An attempt to blow it up leads into a car chase, before they finally trap it in a gas station and explode the whole place.

+1 XP to Eva, Nolan, and Sandor

Putting Down Roots - November 28th 2011

Passing through the door again, the Poolboys are forced to climb the fire-damaged and now plant-infested building. After a fight with vines enraged by repeated attacks, the group comes across a large flower. Inside is a plant-like girl, who affects their minds on being attacked, but proves open to negotiation. The group returns home, but the plant-girl has a possibly permanent grip on their minds.

+1 XP to Katrin and Spencer

Sound Paradise - November 30th, 2011

The submarine surfaces in a pastel-colored world. The team immediately notes experiencing some sensory muckups, including their sight going blurry and all senses being dulled excepting sound, which seems to be enhanced to compensate. As soon as they leave the sub they're attacked by two bird-like creatures that talk about Paradise with a form of sound-based telepathy. They go down quickly and the team follows a path to a village full of celebrating humanoid monsters that greet the poolboys peacefully. Gallus stabs one of them after a discussion about the monsters' God in a preemtive move. The monster goes down, others going to mourn the fallen by cannibalizing the corpse. The poolboys open fire on the crowd, Sigrun throwing a grenade. There are no survivors. They then walk over the corpses to two dog-like creatures guarding the entrance to the God. After peaceful negotiation, the guardians let the group pass to the God, which turns out to be an Eldritch Abomination. The poolboys make quick work of the God but not without being dragged into its dying body with tentacles. The poolboys experience the paradise the God offered but only for a moment. Everyone wakes up as the sub surfaces back to home base.

+1 LP to Soulless, +1 XP to Damian, Sigrun, Nolan and Quinn

Polyp of East Harpton - December 2nd

The Poolboys find themselves called down to the city of East Harpton, a seemingly prosperous metropolis in the U.S. But when they find the city abandoned, they quickly learn a terrible fate has befallen the city. A cancerous virus has infected the citizens, causing them to become tumor-ridden zombies that attack anything on site. After helping the local police force and securing some materials at a Home Depot, they face off against the real foe: a massive, quadrupedal polyp, who seems to be producing the infected. After some fancy driving work on behalf of Eva, and a little ingenuity from Sandor, Stoat drives the bomb off toward the massive polyp, destroying the creature in a brilliant inferno.

+1 XP to Eva, Stoat, Paresse, and Rosalind. +1 LP to LumineInfinitus.

Land in the Sky - December 7th - 8th

Called down for another emergence event, the Poolboys descend into the pool. They soon find themselves falling through the sky, the sub crushing as it slams into a mountain and tumbles down its side. They find themselves in a world of hovering islands, linked together by simple, rickety bridges, and occupied by flying sea mammals. Along their way, they come under attack by a lone antagonist, armed to the teeth with a rocker launcher, mines, and a sniper rifle. After a short battle between the team, the sniper, and some sky sharks, Eva finds herself face to face with their assailant. With the dimensional anchor in hand, he throws it to the ground and blows himself up, leaving the team to wash up on the shore of the pool.

+1 XP to Fred and Cecil

How the Poolboys Saved Christmas - December 13

An entire run performed in rhyming couplets, for those who like cheap amusement. The team ends up in Whoville, and tries to stop the Grinch from stealing Christmas. What follows is an escapade of sleigh riding and shooting. In perhaps a glimpse of sociopathy, the team ends up shooting the Grinch, who dies and tumbles off Mount Crumpet. They then ride back into town, return the toys, and eat roast beast.

+1 XP to Cecil, Damian, Fred, and Eva. Stoat gains permanent aspect: "Three Times Bigger: Ever since her metaphorical heart grew three times bigger, Stoat has been much more sympathetic to other's causes and troubles. She may also summon incredible strength when need be."

Bad Moon Rising- December 21

The Poolboys encounter a moon-like world and learn of the history of a race divided. The servitors used the power of their god to raise their dead, and forced the dead to kill their masters. The god struck them down, and left it's powerful stone with the leader of the dead. After finding out about this history, the group obtains the stone from the leader.

+1 XP to Eris

Plant Demon - December 27, 2011

The Poolboys are given the task to retrieve a certain object, surfacing in an unknown village full of peasants that speak of a terrorizing demon with an affinity to flowers. After a discussion, they wander to a field of flowers in which they discover that whatever this demon is, it dislikes when the flowers are cut down or harmed in any way. The group finds a hill with a small burrow, revealing a young girl impaled on a crystal, made up almost entirely of vines. This girl is taken back by Rosalind and Joseph after a near-conflict. Lisa the plant-girl is now being tested to see if the crystal can be removed without harming her.

+1 XP to Rosalind and Joseph

Walter and the Snowmen - January 3, 2012

Walter hears a voice calling to him, and he heads outside into the winter cold. As he walks across the frozen-over pool and its creepy sights, he can hear many separate voices calling for him. He comes to a clearing and sees many very small snowmen asking him for help. They're circled around a gigantic Christmas tree. They ask him to take it down, saying they can't leave until it's removed. The tree then shakes and all the snowmen flee. What ensues is a battle between Walter and various Christmas ornaments. Finally, an angel descends from the top of the tree, and after a hard-fought battle it kills Walter. While it's distracted by Walter's death, the snowmen take t out, chop down the tree, and leave.

Death: Walter Greyson, +1 LP ShadesO'Gray

End of a World - January 12, 2012

The Poolboys are brought in to stop something that appears to be disturbing the pool. During the sub's sinking, Eva notices some structural flaws in the sub itself. The sub catches itself on some rocks and begins to leak. It is only then that the Poolboys note that the sub has not been taken care of properly, as there are missing oxygen tanks. The Poolboys swim out, to find themselves in a vast ocean with the surface too high to breathe. They begin taking water to realize that it is possible to breathe this water. Those who manage to surface are disappointed to find the air is poisonous. They come across a species of sentient fish-people who talk about the end of the world and the Maw that will soon come to eat the world. When the Maw comes, the Poolboys choose to fight it, with disastrous consequences. Eventually, they find themselves surfacing back in Area 354 and go to heal their mental wounds.

+1 XP to Kens, Rosalind and Joseph. -1 Mind to Duncan

The Pool was Blue - January 20, 2012

The poolboys arrive to investigate the red pool being blue. Once inside, they come across a nonsensical world. Velia, Taggart, Nolan and Eva seem to know about the world and are relatively sure of their path at first. They hear the sound of laughing possibly from a bender. While Donovan and Virgil head upwards to a glass staircase, the others head downwards through some fluffy fire. Eventually, everyone meets up in a room of mouths and oil. Gallus separates from the group and finds the bender in the form of a baby and convinces it to give them a way out. Entertained, the bender lets everyone on their way.

+1 LP to Tox, Shades +1 XP to Gallus, Virgil, Taggart, Velia

Remnants of an Abandoned Tale - January 23, 2012

The poolboys are called on a mission, though no one's at the sub. After some debates with central, it's revealed that no one actually called for a mission, although those involved definitely remember being called for one. They decide to hop on anyways, finding themselves in a long-abandoned city. Donovan finds a note on the floor, in front of a wall that highlights a series of myths. Everyone notices the walls are covered in tic marks, later changing from scratches to blood, leading to a shimmering wall that is easily passed through what makes little sense. Rosalind is attacked by an odd monster as Halim fights with his teammates. A few poolboys who wander the house they come across find themselves remembering things they don't remember experiencing, culminating in finding a boy trying to play a tic tac toe game all by himself, with all the tick marks being having kept track of all his ties. After a strong scuffle, Nolan decides to show mercy and bring the boy to Area 354, where Erik dons him the name Sam.

+1 XP to Nolan, Erik, Halim

Statues and Monsters - January 25, 2012

Sabrina, Erik, Velia, and Halim all are sent into the pool and arrive in a world where everything is shaped like people and the person-shaped dirt enjoys being stepped on. And the people-shaped trees enjoy being attacked. They make their way to a forest where they see people made of glass that shatter when touched. Then they encounter statues made of flesh. Halim interrupts one of their sacrificial rituals and is attacked. When touched by the flesh statues, Sabrina's, Erik's, and Halim's faces start to fall off, while Velia finds a door out. The flesh statues are defeated and the glass people usher the group through the gate and back to the sub.

+1 XP to FlyingIcarus and Scantron.

Dr.106 or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Rot - January 30, 2012

Virgil, Halim, Sabrina, and Erik are notified of the breakout of SCP-106, they are told to contain the SCP in its holding cell. They are accompanied by a security guard who, near the cell, is claimed by SCP-106, his fate too horrid to contemplate. They barricade themselves in the containment room and Sabrina is injured while trying to get them out. Halim and Sabrina flee from the site while Virgil and Erik are trapped by the object! Virgil sacrifices his life while Erik has his legs torn off.

Death: Virgil +3 LP to Virgil +1 XP to Erik, Halim, and Sabrina

In the World of Time, Clocks, and Snakes - February 10, 2012

Eva, Nolan, Stoat, Rosalind, and Tiana are sent to a rapidly collapsing city with a Clocktower as the main feature, they find the Calibrator, who tells them of what is going on. The clocktower keeps the area in check, but it is currently broken. They travel through the city and find themselves at the base of the clocktower, where they battle a Clockwork Knight. They defeat it and make their way through the clocktower where they find the Serpent. They find a red meteor who is jamming the Clock. They fight the serpent, where it almost kills Eva and Nolan bashes its face in. They unjam the clock, saving the world and they leave.

+1 XP to Eva and Nolan

The Girl with the Long, Black Hair - March 10, 2012

Alissa, Vicky, Stefan, and Erik all come to stop a late-night emergence event. They get in the sub and blast off towards a grey light. The sub immediately ends up in the middle of a flooded boiler room. After wading through the water, they head up a set of stairs and find themselves in the most horrific setting ever. High school. The school is completely grey and abandoned. A constant music loops over the microphone. When they look out a window they just see through the one on the other side of the hall. Erik decides to mess around with the chalkboards and finds that whatever he draws comes to life. Meanwhile, the other decide to scope out the place and find the main stairwell. Most striking was its large window, which showed millions of stars in space. They then head upstairs and find an art room. Erik, decides it's a good idea paint a family. Then paints them being horribly dysfunctional, with the daughter being abused. They get taken away by CPS, but not before the daughter bleeds, covering the bottom of the canvas with blood that slowly drips. After scolding Erik some more the team explores the third floor but finds nothing of interest. The stars in the main window begin disappearing, however, and a crack appears in the ceiling of the second floor. Stefan decides to check out the computer lab and opens google maps, which makes maps appear in the social studies classrooms. The stars disappear further. Stefan checks out the TV in the AV room and sees the abused girl from earlier staring back. The other TVs turn on to show the same thing. It should be noted at this point that Alissa's scolding of Erik causes him to simply fall unconscious. He hurriedly heads to the art room and sets up another canvas, drawing a new family for her, only to witness her stabbing them to death. He decides to draw a first person shot of himself mailing her. He gets mailed back, but all it is is a blood stain. It then spreads out to form the words DRIP DRIP DRIP. He feels blood drip on his shoulder. The crack on the ceiling is bigger. The group heads upstairs, noting the stairs are almost gone. They enter the room above the art floor to find a dead father, mother, and brother, all horribly mutilated, in a pile. Meanwhile, Alissa watches as the last stars disappear. The lights go out. She screams. They head down the stairs, Alissa carrying Erik. A giant eye occasionally blinks open to see them. The sound of blood dripping can be heard everywhere. As they reach the median between the second and first floor, a female voice speaks to them, making sexual advances towards Stefan. Something presses against his chest and his own lights go out, casting the world in pitch black. Suddenly, everyone is cut. Alissa screams again. Something grips Stefan's groin and tit punches Alissa, then begins molesting Vicky. Erik, unconscious, is cut until his blood covers Alissa. All in pitch black. They finally turn the corner and see the girl with the long, black hair, barely illuminated by flickering lights. She advances towards them, undressing. Stefan shoots her but is then crippled by the pain in his groin and she advances at Vicky, biting into her shoulder. Vicky and Alissa both stab her and make a get away whilst she is distracted by Stefan. Then she pops one of Stefan's testicles. While the other two get to the sub and get Erik to safety, Stefan nightmarishly struggles to get away while slipping on the blood covered floor and being crippled by his popped nut. She stabs him several times before he finally make sit to the stairwell, where she incapacitates him. Alissa manages to get ahold of Stefan in time and pull his body down the stairs. As she pulls him across the water the girl with the long, black hair throws her knives at Alissa. They manage to get Stefan to safety but Alissa in incapacitated. Vicky makes a last minute catch of Alissa and pulls her in, then closes the hatch. She turn on the sub, and the propeller chops up the girl with the long, black hair to mincemeat. Then they're back in the pool.

+1 XP to Allisa, Stefan, and Vicky for BUSTING THEIR BALLS. +1 LP to Stefan for the letter trick. +1 LP to Salmander for apparently making the scariest run ever.

Board Game Shenanigans - Pi Day 2012

Terrance, Halim, Vicky, Stefan, and Ignatius are sent to investigate power fluctuations in the residence building. After fixing a seemingly simple leak and power break, the party is attacked by Sorry! pawns. Upon defeating the Sorry! pawns, the party meets Uncle Pennybags, who attempts to collect rent from the party without a deed. After firing a sneaky shot from a hidden gun in his walking stick, Pennybags goes to the Risk Soldier police, who would have resolved the situation peacefully had Terrance not shot one of the Risk soldiers in the head. The Risk soldiers get reinforced, and the party holds off the squad of Risk soldiers while Halim solves the Tower of Hanoi to access a trap door. The trap door leads to an access corridor to a giant Scrabble board with a d20 in the center, and the party attempts to power the center d20 by connecting the center tile to a triple word score tile while a possessed Cecil attacks the party with lightning bolts and 2/2 bears and wolves until the center d20 is powered and seals the game world away. The party (and Cecil!) are returned to the cafeteria.

+1 XP to Halim, Terrance, and Stefan. +1 LP to Fifthman

What If Bees Was a Run? - March 17th, 2012

Cecil, Duncan, Tobias, Terrance, and Stefan end up in a suburban neighborhood floating in a static-filled abyss. A quick inspection of the nearby houses shows few signs of human life, and no residents to speak of. The team decides to head down the street and before long a fire hydrant spontaneously transforms into a swarm of bees. From there, the team is subject to a variety of resistance from bees of all shapes, sizes, and formations. After a scuffle with a giant bee and a swarm of perception-altering hypno bees leaves the team worse for the wear, they make their way into an underground cavern where Stefan accidentally drops a flare on a book that may or may not have been the source of all the bee phenomena. The world quickly collapses around them and the team finds themselves back at base with a pile of ash and more than a few stings.

+1 XP to Cecil, Ducan, and Stefan

"It" Begins - March 18th, 2012

Kens leads the group on a hot pursuit after a newly discovered shapeshifting SCP that escaped from a Foundation escort convoy. The team visits the escape point and and comforts the lone survivor, who points them in the direction it fled. They venture into a base in the nearby forest and scour the bloodstained halls for their target. The team is soon ambushed by what appear to be heavily mutated humans, and the brief scuffle ends with the Poolboys victorious. But the lights go out afterward and Kens is suddenly gone. A heated argument ensues about who is and isn't the shapeshifter when suddenly Alissa and Terrance lunge at their teammates in a feral rage. Iggy puts both of the mutated pair down despite calls for mercy from Halim, and the uneasy pair delve further into the depths of the base. They find Kens, naked and confused, but it soon becomes clear that he isn't himself. Alissa steps out of the shadows behind them and a one-sided battle ensues that leaves Iggy limping towards a nearby lab. He and Halim make it inside and shut the door, where they discover pods containing their intact comrades. The creatures flee through the vents to parts unknown, and Iggy and Halim make their way back to the surface carrying their teammates.

+1 LP to Sequence, PryorG, and Dr_Kens, and 1 XP to padri, dev, Uncandescent, Sequence, PryorG, and Feierbird because no GMs were paying attention.

Preservation vs Regrowth - March 20th, 2012

The poolboys find themselves in a world where everyone is literally a shadow, either white or black. They first come across a man in a state of perpetual drowning. Iggy, Harmony and Erik at first argue against releasing him, before Halim manages to release him anyways. The man reveals himself to be George, and gives some information about the world that's been rotted out, making a joke about how people used to say 'the end times are near' and the rest of the world laughing at them. George joins their little group, and they then come across a small group of houses. George argues against opening them, but is convinced by Erik to move off. While exploring, Erik finds a teddy bear, and Stefan finds a closet full of giant crows that have been ripping at a young woman for a while. After a scuffle, Stefan moves to release the woman, only to be argued against again. She's released anyways, and reveals herself to be Joana. They catch a glimpse of something that's been following them since their mission began and Iggy manages to get it in the shoulder. They come across an old woman who's been stitched all over and demands them to find a kind of glowing ball. Once they find it, they're attacked by a creature that explains it's just trying to preserve what little they have left of the world. Iggy empathizes and tries to tell the group to shove off, only to be tackled and tied up, then sedated. The old woman explains the ball is the key to restart the world as it should be, and the gives her life to it. After some coaching, so do Joana and George. With that, the ball shatters, and the world's saved.

+1 XP Erik, Iggy, Halim and Stefan

The Glass Giant - March 29th, 2012

To be described.

+1 XP to Renee, Terrance, and Don.

By the Skin of their Hides - April 4th, 2012

The poolboys surface in a huge plains with grass up to their chests and winds blowing excessively. There are creatures flying high above, but hard to make out. The first sign that anything's wrong is when Terrance goes down with no warning. After a few other members go down, they come across the source: small dog-sized creatures that had barbs on their tails they were throwing at the Poolboys. Tiana, Halim and Renee however manage to calm them down. They hear singing from above from the creatures, but the singing is interrupted by a huge creature capable of jumping 40 feet and slicing one of them in two.Terrance goes to investigate to find a large insect-like creature with huge jaws, its main attack being large teeth that were used like scissors. Terrance grenades it in the face, provoking it into attack. Halim manages to knock it to the floor, where it is shot to immobility. A large skulking creature that vaguely resembled a human appeared then, asking for their skins. After a failed bartering attempt, the skin-creature started to remove people's skins, starting with Ren, Tiana and Rosalind. Bats descended, separating Halim, Erik and Terrance from the females. It was convinced by Ren to take herself and Tiana a little bit away, on deal that the bat-like creatures would fly off. True to its word, that's what happened. Then, it began to 'kiss' Ren and carve the skin off Tiana. Erik provoked it into a fight, ultimately in which Erik was the loser, who was then skinned alive. Satisfied, the creature leaves, and the Poolboys, one dead, and most with skin partially or almost wholly removed, go home.

Death: Erik Labrant +1 XP Ren, Tiana, and Terrance

Monty Recon's Flying Circus - April 10, 2012

Terrance, Coop, Alissa and Tomas are all sent to a strange dimension consisting of very foggy grassland. They soon come upon a gramophone playing the Monty Python's Flying Circus theme on loop. The party is soon ambushed by several masked trapeze artists who swing in from the fog, and the gramophone comes to life, stretching to amazing size. What ensues is a fight to the death between the party and several circus characters as they appear from the fog. By the end of the battle, everyone is incapacitated except Coop, who is on his last health. Using quick thinking, he grabs Tomas's grappling cord and wraps it around the gramophone, collapsing it. The group is saved by a hair.

+1 XP to Coop, Tomas, and Alissa. +1 LP to Gookamungus for creativity.

The Speyederinth (AKA Sal tries for a TPK again) - April 11, 2012

Don, Alissa, Coop, Ren, and Samson are all sent int the sub to an interdimensional labyrinth filled with spiders, giant eyeballs, and other hazards. Events of note include Coop setting off a rain of acidic tears due to liberal use of cologne, Don being poisoned by a hallucinogen and then being attacked by hundreds of spiders who he believes to be his friends, and Samson being killed by an imp with the ability to control the labyrinth's bricks. Coop and Don must save Alissa and Ren in the end by carrying their incapacitated bodies through a small hole in the labyrinth, and everyone almost dies again.

+1 XP to Coop, Don and Alissa.

Red Pool Prison Blues

To be described.

Death: [Halim]

+1 XP to Cecil, Terrance, Taggart, and Renee. +1 LP to Wilt, TheRaven, and Fifthman. +2 LP to Scantron.

The Spiders, the Man, and the Spider

To be described.

+1 XP to Nolan and Terrance.

Twisted Designs - April 27, 2011

After a mysterious seismic shift, a stone tunnel appears in the pool. Velia, Terrence and Renee dive, enter the tunnel and surface in a pleasant courtyard in a castle. But as they go deeper, they encounter increasingly disturbing horrors, culminating in an unspeakable torture chamber and an encounter with the demon lord Asbrath!

+1 XP to Velia, Terrence and Renee. +1 LP to PresidentEvil and Sequence. -1 Mind to Velia, who will recover May 15.

We Felt Each Other - May 4th, 2012

The Poolboys arrive in a tiny and cramped space, later confirmed to be a small tunnel. They begin to feel sensory hallucinations but unknown as of yet the source or the specifics. Rosalind, Spencer and Greg head on out to try and figure out what's going on when they catch sight of a creature. They fail to calm it down and it flees, but they find that it has massive claws and is ape-like, completely white and semi-transparent. In the meantime, Terrance spots movement in some rocks Cameron was sitting on. Terrance finds another ape-like creature; it freaks out and claws Terrance in its bid to escape, where it is shot in the back and in the face. It then scrambles away, with Greg chasing it and everyone else following. They come across the creature rubbing some kind of herb onto itself, which Rosalind identifies successfully as a kind of plant in the treatment of injuries. As the hallucinations become stronger, Terrance begins to notice that they are not merely random hallucinations; with his insight, the poolboys come to the conclusion that they are actually feeling the sensations of each other and the other creatures that live here. They come across three creatures who have been overwhelmed in some way, a theory that perhaps they are unable to deal with the sensation of sight as they have no eyes. The poolboys are shocked to feel the death of a creature, but Terrance and Greg note that they also some other creature's amusement, with Rosalind mentioning that she felt incredibly entertained and also full. Enraged, the poolboys go down a tunnel, Spencer noting that this tunnel was actually not made by the digging creatures. There, they find a predatory creature, a mix between a centipede and an eel with a huge, bulbous head. Rosalind and Terrance point out that the head was most likely the cause of the bleeding of sensations and a fight ensued to kill the creature. The fight ended when Terrance used a grenade as an impromptu detonator to shake a stalactite enough to squish the creature just as it was attacking Spencer. This gave the opportunity for Cameron to deliver the final blow to the creature via a punch into the skull. The poolboys immediately felt the links between themselves and each other severed and were then sent back to Area 354.

+1 LP to Uncandescent, +1 XP to Greg, Cameron, Ren

The Culture Mash - May 21st, 2012

Alissa, Danzig, Cameron, Stoat, Terrance, and Cecil end up in a strange featureless room with their entry point quickly sealed. After getting scanned by a strange device, the team finds themselves on a trippy pop-culture laden odyssey through such scenarios as a battle against the King of Rock and Roll on-board the USS Enterprise, a dinner party blissfully coexisting with an all-too real enactment of Vietnam, a Wild West style town populated by gunslinging vikings, and a monster truck destruction derby populated entirely by zombies. After a battle with ninjas on the moon turns into a cultural clusterfuck as portals to other mismatched worlds appear one after another, the team escapes through a portal into the lair of the man-child-thing controlling everything. A short scuffle ensues resulting in the creature's death, followed by the Poolboys blowing up the simulation and being transported back home.

Avant-Guard - May 24th, 2012

To be described.

+1 Xp to Greg, Rosalind, Japheth. -1 Mind to Greg and Japheth (to be returned Friday June 8th.)

Mother Goose's Garden - May 25th, 2012

The Poolboys arrive to a picture perfect landscape and are put on guard, cautious. They walk through a forest covered with edible fruits, though their peace is interrupted when Cameron spots movement in the trees, but it's gone before anyone can get a good look at it. Continuing, they arrive at a meadow full of life and are confronted with an anthropomorphic rabbit that Adam recognizes as Peter Rabbit. They spot a cottage and on the way there find a cat playing a fiddle in a dress. She doesn't respond to the poolboys but instead stops and runs to the cottage, along with every other animal. The poolboys meet with an old lady who claims to be Mother Goose and are convinced to wander into a sinister forest looking for adults. There they find a bear and a wolf, who attack them. The bear is killed by Paresse's knife and the wolf is sedated. Checking for injuries, Cameron and Adam come to realize that the anthro animals are actually childen with pelts stitched onto their skin and their bones broken. The poolboys find some adults who claim to be the parents of the children and have captured a small fox. A man tries to run off after an argument and is tackled by Danzig. A standoff ensues and the poolboys decide to head back to confront Mother Goose. When they find her, she leads them inside and tries to offer them milk and brownies, only to be punched and have her neck snapped by Cameron. She however manages to survive and thoroughly creep out Adam by trying to comfort him while her neck's snapped. Cameron overdoses her on sedatives while Danzig reads through and finds a poem that gives a hint as to how to kill her. Cameron promptly grabs it and tosses it into the oven, where the reaction from the children is fairly immediate. Children begin to scream and cry and the world melts like a hot candle before the poolboys return home.

+1 XP to Adam and Danzig

Mutaint - July 21st, 2012

The Poolboys surface in a huge city where everybody is inhuman and has special abilities. They also find themselves changed in appearance to fit into this world. They choose between two factions, the ProFree and the Government, as the government has decided an eradication of a type of ability that is too powerful and unpredictable to be safe. The poolboys meet with the ProFree movement, an group of a newer generation that struggles to maintain that these more dangerous people are capable of living like normal citizens. The poolboys eventually agree to hit up the major building with the ProFree group, only to find out that the ProFree group didn't care for their lives and would kill them when they got in the way. After the building's collapse, the poolboys having made it out in time watch as one of the more dangerous members of the ProFree movement goes out of control from watching the deaths of her friends. The dimension collapses.

Survival Exercise - September 22nd, 2012

After Max, Jeb, Charisse, Eric, Ralph, Duncan, Taggart, Lori, and Zach are converged upon by various members of Security, they are dropped on the land Bossman uses for his safaris. With limited supplies and only the guiding words "Promotions if you make it to the lodge, located due west," the team sets off to become a better team. Several of the team members appear to die, Charisse suffers another brilliant round of 3rd degree burns, Eric manages to out run a dragon crocodile beast, and Lori steers clear, somehow, of almost everything.

+1 XP to Zach, Lori, and Ralph. Eric, Lori, and Charisse gain aspect "I ran away: After running from the monsters in everyday life, ___ can accept four extra points to any athletics roll made when fleeing in exchange for one AP." [Exact wording subject to change.]

Sal's Run Marathon - November 26 2011

The Age of the Second Sun

The team is called to the pool by Jillian Cunningham, who informs them that they need to recover several pieces of an item that was lost to recent emergence events. They don their swimming gear and dive into the water. They find four lights surrounding them, each a different colour. Yellow, red, blue, and deep purple. The swim towards the yellow light and first end up in a desert, with a wall and towers in the distance, and a plateau behind that. Two suns are in the sky, one lazily crawling above the horizon and another shooting across the sky and disappearing into the plateau. They come to the wall and climb over it to find its gate blocked by rocks. The two towers have the corpses of birdmen with bows. Traveling to the plateau, the team is ambushed by sand-burrowing worms with bows and swords. They run to the plateau's cavern, and are then caved in by falling rocks. They climb up and find a giant golden bird, who informs them the object they seek is with the worm queen, and that the worms have injured it and killed its children. It asks the team to kill the worm queen, which they agree to do. They go through a secret entrance to the worm tunnels below and finally come to the queen's chambers. They see her being presented their presumed target, but are caught off guard as a baby worm cries nearby. Katrin stabs it, but the group is spotted. Thinking quickly David shoots the queen and the worm army collapses. Sigrun retrieves the object (a plastic propeller) and they run back to the top of the plateau. They find the bird dead and a smashed egg. ~Thus ends the age of th-the second sun.~

+1 XP to David

The Cold of the Arctic Expanse

The team arrives at the sub bay and Jill informs them that they'll need the special sub for entering the red or blue lights. The team decides to go into the blue lights and finds themselves in a sub in a pool of ice in a cavern in a mountaintop. They follow footrpints down to the valley at the bottom of the mountain, a vast expanse of snow. They soon come to an igloo where they find a yeti. He informs them he traded off a strange objects for a new carpet. The group follows the tracks he points out up to a bustling penguin town. There they come across a shopkeeper who tells them that his apprentice lost the item in polar bear country. The group heads down to polar bear country and comes across a lone polar bear. It whimpers and then gestures for them to follow it. It leads them into a snowy canyon, where they are then ambushed by several bears. The group fights the bears off and finds a plastic helicopter tail.

+1 XP to Nolan

The Humming of the Purple Machinery

The Poolboys put on their SCUBA gear and head towards the purple light. They find themselves in a purple labyrinth of machinery. A few of them climb up onto the walls and see a purple victorian palace. Nolan asks around and finds that Lord Poppin lives in the palace. This is mildly worrying, as Poppin was a manic depressive, british, genocidal robot they encountered previously. He books an appointment and they head to the palace. They enter and soon meet Poppin, who now has a 12 foot tall giant robot skeleton. He's holding plastic helicopter legs in his hand, which the group asks for. Poppin deliberates over what to do with them, then decides to place them in the dungeon until they starve to death. The floor opens up beneath them and they find themselves in a dungeon made of giant gears. Of course, the break out, and Stoat and Eva climb into a bedroom window, followed by Sigrun. They take out the maidbot making Poppin's bed, then lower sheets for the group to climb up. They then burst into the throne room and shoot Poppin in the chest, at Sigrun's suggestion. He collapses and two claws fly in, taking away Poppin's head and the helicopter legs. They shoot down the claw holding the legs and retrieve them. The other claw disappears. Purple light engulfs the group.

BOOM The light recedes and they turn to see a new, revamped Poppin fall from the ceiling. He's about 20 feet tall and covered in armor plates. After throwing the team around like ragdolls for a while they finally take him down. A claw tries to take the head away but they shoot it down. Purple light engulfs the team.

And they're back in the pool.

+1 XP to Sigrun, Eva and Stoat

The Danger of the Rocky Road

The team gets in the special foundation sub and heads into the red light. They find themselves in an unnaturally cool pool of lava. The sub makes a path for them and they depart. The team walks out of the cavern they're in to find themselves on the side of a volcano. They walk down a mountain path. On the way they scare off a small rock with bird legs, encounter a giant armadillo disguised as a rolling boulder, and examine a snail made of sand and a pebble. They eventually come to some huts, where they ask around for the helicopter piece. A man in a hut instructs them to go ask a certain Johnny in the gravel pit about it. they find a small rock boy munching on insect pebbles. He tells them he constructed a sand castle and used the object to top it off, informing them they'll find it near the rock piles on the shore. They come to the rock piles and examine them and a large boulder between them. They then spy the castle, but the rock-bird they encountered early runs in and extends a beak, snatching the helicopter body. Nolan shoots it and it collapses. They hear a rumbling as the rock piles break apart into tiny rocks birds that surround them and squawk. The boulder rumbles and comes to life, standing on two giant talons. A 6 foot long beak extends from its exterior. The team alternately fights the little birds and the big one before Sigrun finally throws a grenade into the boulder bird's mouth and it collapses.
The team fades in purple light, but not before Stoat spies something long and red jumping through a river of lava far off.

+1 XP Stoat

The Slaying of the Lava Worm

As the team arrives back, Jill hurriedly takes the chopper part then informs them something followed them. After giving them some cell-replication gas she sends them to the pool shore. They wait and watch as the surface begins to bubble. Then something long, red, and cylindrical, but otherwise featureless bursts from the water and dives back in. It then bursts out again to show that at its end is nothing but a wide circular hole of gnashing teeth. A great battle ensues, ending with Spencer incapacitated, Rosalind fleeing for her life, lava bursting everywhere, and worm teeth falling from the sky (These teeth are picked up by several team members).

+1 XP to Damian and Rosalind. +1 LP to Soulless.

Seq and Scan's Run Marathon - December 2011

Laughter In The Dark
The Poolboys enter the sub and go down, but as they descend, the sub gets darker and darker, and they begin hearing distorted, angry versions of their own voices. Then, suddenly, each is completely isolated and deprived of their senses. Something watches them and laughs as the entire contents of their minds are ripped out, rifled through, examined, and put back in. As suddenly as it began, they find themselves back in the sub at dock, and they all stumble away traumatized.

Adrift in a Sea of Negativity
The Poolboys (minus Nolan, Spencer, and Katrin) black out and wake up in what appears to be an underwater city, somehow still able to breathe. The group becomes paranoid and homicidal, each suspecting one person and wanting to kill another. Stoat manages to get Walter alone and does a number on him, while Fred and Eva get caught up in a scuffle. However, as time goes on, the group members slowly come to their senses. Once everyone is back to normal, a skeleton pops out holding Ryan's Shrike.

+1 XP to Stoat and Fred.

Lost in a Plain of Apathy
The Poolboys wake up in winter tundra, minus Eva, Sigrun, and Taggart. As they journey, they get colder and more apathetic to events. Stoat forges through the apathy to grasp a poker of determination that heals the group of the apathy. Then they defeat a polar bear king and take his axe.

+1 XP to Stoat and Spencer.

Wandering in a Forest of Memories
The Poolboys wake up in a concrete-floored forest minus Stoat, Spencer, and Taggart. It's extremely dark, but each stands in his or her own pool of light. Nolan gets hit by a few knife traps along the way. They encounter a dark shape; when Eva touches it, she disappears, only able to interact with the team through items from the area. They end up talking to Vander, Ryan, and David along the way, each telling them to watch out for Green. Nolan relates to Eva his final encounter with Green; as soon as he does so, Green shows up, apparently only able to be injured by Nolan. They have a pleasant chat, but Green gets destroyed when he tries to cheat in a duel proposed by Nolan. In his place, they found a necklace given to Stoat by David.

+1 XP to Katrin, Walter, and Nolan.

Untitled-Katrin's Run
The Poolboys wake in a city filled with variations of Katrin. They make their way to the Asylum at the center and walk through, making their way past several insane Katrins. Then they pull a knife out of a map and wake up.

Ignorant in a Fortress of Knowledge
The Poolboys wake up in a massive library next to a wall of books. They shortly come across a few younger versions of Spencer sharing some drinks. The lead Spencer reveals that they are part of an outnumbered resistance movement trying to avoid genocide by the older versions of Spencer. The devil having been spoken of, a few crossbow-wielding older Spencers show up and attack the team. The team easily fends them off, though, and takes one captive. They take a copy of the real Spencer's pocket watch and wake back up.

An Oasis of Love in a Scrapyard of Hate
The Poolboys wake up in a white city filled with robots and lilacs. They are led to a junkyard where they fight an evil robot shaped like Eva that insults all of them. After a long battle they defeat it, and are welcomed by the Mother Robot before leaving.

+2 LP to Scantron and Sequence


Day to day incidents that may spring up in IC due to carelessness of a character or drama

Introduction Lecture - November 8th, 2011

An introductory lecture of Area 354 to the group by a man later found to be named "Bob".

Red Ice - November 10th 2011

The Poolboys are all sitting in the cafeteria when suddenly Lee James runs out and locks up the cafeteria. Red snow begins to fall, and soon the window is covered in crackling red ice. Ryan throws hot coffee at the window and it shatters. The Poolboys then go through a series of attempts to destroy the giant ice face that emerges until an unfortunate sequence of events that causes an oil and cooking spray explosion in the cafeteria. The face retreats. Ryan is later tackled and reprimanded for attempting to treat burn wounds with freezing water.

+1 XP to Eva and Tiana. Ryan was later given Frank the Pet D-Class as reprimand.

Red Jacuzzi - November 13th 2011

The Poolboys are called down to engineering, and they're told to bring their swim stuff and pajamas. Jillian Cunningham says they've won a free jacuzzi and pajama proboscis party, then locks the door behind them. They soon find themselves stuck in a room with a bunch of proboscis engineers hanging out in the jacuzzi and having a slumber party. The team is soon alerted of a leakage of red pool liquid into the water supply. The jacuzzi soon fills with the stuff and the team faces off against an amorphous blob. For every man except Taggart it's the girl of their dreams. For every woman but Sigrun it's a weeping child, needing protection. The team soon begins fighting among one another. Meanwhile, Jack approaches Brain. Brain informs Jack that he needs to open up engineering. Jack rushes down and opens it, but not before Green is shot and crunched by a rifle. The team is soon saved, but many are left scarred.

+1 LP to VAE. -1 mind to Rosalind and Green, as to be recovered on December 4th.

Butt to the Head - November 14th 2011

Nolan headbutts Ryan as they pass in the halls, as payback for almost blowing him up yesterday. They immediately get into a fight which is only ended as other members of security come in.

Nolan was given a Punch to the Throat with Dicks, and the Viralform Visor - both for 1 day

Coffee Break - November 14th 2011

In response to a spree of thieving, pranking, violence, and assorted mischief by Gallus, Ryan, and Nolan, the three are locked in a room together to resolve their differences. Green, having decided to show up uninvited, is stuck inside as well. There is a good deal of drama, but the incident is resolved without too much violence, and the four appear to be on better terms as they are released.

The Sun Bird - November 15th 2011

The cafeteria disappears with Rosalind and Damian inside it. They end up in a desert with only birds. They comes to an oasis with a golden bird hoping about. It soon joins them, but Rosa jumps it and they hear a loud squawk. Turns out the sun is a giant golden bird, and it chases them back to the cafeteria. They then end up back at the Area with their golden bird specimen. Except the specimen is just a duck, covered in red pool stuff.

Worse than Death - November 23rd 2011

After Green makes an attempt on Nolan's life, as "revenge" for his recent crippling, he is injured and taken away for interrogation by Adrian and Jason Dodridge. When nothing of interest is turned up in said interrogation, he is handed off to Research Executive Cassidy for use as an unwilling experimental subject. Meanwhile, Eva, who was traumatized by the events she witnessed, is dosed with amnesiacs to prevent the mental stress from exacerbating her condition.

DEATH: Green

On Top of Old Stony - November 29 2011

The team is called to the pool's shore where they are informed something is in the water. After donning SCUBA gear and picking up harpoon guns they dive into the lake and swim down to a nearby boulder, out of place due to its lack of red lichen. As Nolan taps it a mouth appears and almost swallows him whole. The team gets into an underwater altercation with a rock pufferfish, which eventually propels itself onto land. It almost runs over Eva and Spencer before they finally take it out.

Just Poppin In - December 1 2011

The lights in the facility flicker and a familiar voice comes in on the PA. It's Poppin, and he's reconstructing himself in the Area's control room! After reeking havoc with the climate control, Poppin emerges on a stubby little body. He then proceeds to have giant metal tentacles emerge from his back and beat the shit out of the party. He then runs, but si pursued and shot down by Nolan. The party engages in a stalemate of combat until Stoat runs out of nowhere and beheads Poppin. Sigrun dismantles the head and everybody goes on their merry way.

+1 XP to Stoat

Stranded - December 2 2011

Nolan, Paresse, Sigrun and Stoat are all talking in the cafeteria when they hear a schlukking noise. Sigrun is unable to spot whatever makes it before it stings her and she falls unconscious. A big, leathery, white thing with purple eyes then scoops her up and flies through the window. Stoat matches to grab ahold and they fly off into the forest. She hits it with a knife and it crash lands into a snowbank, dragging Stoat and Sigrun off to its cave. Meanwhile, Nolan and Paresse head off into the thick snowstorm to try and recover the pair. They soon become separated in the blinding snow and Nolan finds himself fighting some kind of blue velociraptor type creature. Back in the cave, Stoat and Sigrun both hide under the creature's warm wing in an attempt to hide from the cold. A baby schlukker soon appears and begins nursing at the creature between them, purring. Stoat and Sigrun finally decide to leave. Meanwhile, after an epic battle, Nolan is finally defeated by the creature. It nods at him and limps away, leaving him stranded in the snow, too weak to move. At the entrance of the cave, Sigrun and Stoat are attacked by a blue t-rex creature. After it tackles Sigrun to the ground, Stoat throws a grenade and a knife at it, killing it. They both head back towards base. Paresse finds Nolan and drags him back as well.

Red Hot Worms - December 6 2011

A ticking noise is heard throughout the facility. Then a squelching noise. A few poolboys come out into the hallway to see a little red worm. And then another. And then about 3 dozen more. They flee down the stairwell, finding along the way that the worms explode into steam. They soon find the facility covered in these worms, chewing away at everything. Coming to the pool, they're attacked by a burrowing mole worm. After it digs away, Nolan and Stoat head up to the roof to help heart. On the way up a flying steam worm attacks Nolan. Meanwhile, down below, the groups finishes off the mole worm and then fights a giant steamipede. Nolan and Stoat, on the roof, find themselves inside Heart as they destroy its worm infestation. They come across a particularly large worm and eject it out the top. On the ground, the steamipede flees the group, heading for the roof. A rather large steam worm falls from the sky and explodes into superheated steam, incapacitating Sigrun and Cecil. As Stoat exist Heart she finds the steamipede on the roof. She throws a knife at it, then watches as Taggart and Damian heroically burst open the door and shoot the thing dead. Back inside the facility, a scruffy looking janitor runs through the halls and eradicates the infestation with his mop.

+1 XP Taggart, Damian, Stoat, and Nolan

The Moon Bird - December 9, 2011

Part of the site is suddenly covered in arid conditions, and the pool turns into an oasis, complete with palm trees. The poolboys are sent to investigate, and find a cube-shaped object in the sand. On top of it is a familiar symbol, the large bird facing the viewer with the sun atop its back. They quickly find a way to open it and enter. It leads into a corridor that moves down and under the lake, as evidenced by the occasional dripping water. They see pictographs of a great owl of the moon being slain by sand worms. Moving on, they come across a hole in the wall, filled with sand. It was breached recently. Immediately afterwards they the recently dead body of an owl humanoid creature. As they move, corpses of owls and sandworms alike litter the halls. They finally come to a great hall, where a battle between the worms and the owls is ongoing. The team fires on the worms. The worms turn on the team and the owls flee. Sigrun throws a grenade that compromises a pillar holding up the ceiling and red water begins rushing in. The team flees outside, only to see the outer world has returned to its wintery state. The only thing that remains is the cube.

Santamander December 23, 2011

The team is visited by Santa Claus, who distributes items to people that afford various bonuses. At the end, Charon comes to visit Santa. Hilarity ensues.

A Boxing Day Carol - December 26 2011

Spencer is visited in the night by a dead friend and three ghosts, teaching him the dangers of alcoholism, culminating in the scariest moment in FR ever. Surprisingly touching.

+1 LP to Salmander

Mistakes of Science - December 28 2011

An attempt to see Lisa's insides using MRI goes horribly wrong, resulting in Lisa being moved to another containment indefinitely and research/interactions with her severely restricted.

Far Recon Proposal - January 17 2012

Nolan proposes to Eva. Read the fucking log, it's romantic as shit.

In Which Don is Insulted - March 10 2012

Some of the Poolboys go out on a hiking trip around the Area, and happen to stumble across a ravine cutting through the surrounding forest, with a river flowing through. After some exploration of the shore, Erik tosses a stone across the river, which happens to cross completely, without delay. When they attempt to cross the river, they find a massive, invisible wall in the middle of the river, running down it completely on both ends. After a few efforts to get through the wall, a stone flies toward the team from the other shore, with a crudely-written note taped to it. What ensues is an effort to communicate with what ever is behind the wall, resulting in an incapacitated Gallus, and an impaled Don.

+1 XP to Gallus.

SubxCorbette 4eva - August 18 2012

Eriko, Ralph, Murphy, Henry (and later Simon) are called out to deal with a situation at the Pool. One of the base's lost subs has come back, and is engaged in a tug of war with the dock staff over Director Corbette. Leg dislocation, electrocution and near-misses with thermite abound.

Fucking Around

Items that may be hilarious but not necessarily important enough to fall under the other two categories.

Do Taze Me Bro - November 11th 2011

Ryan gets in a fight with his pet D-class, Frank. He tazes Frank, only to find Frank get off to it.

Collective Conscious Flirting - November 11th-12th 2011

Nolan attempts to flirt with Eva. Sal jumps in as his Ego, and soon other GMs begin acting as different parts of his Freudian brain. Hilarity ensues. WARNING: Log is extremely long but also extremely hilarious. MUST READ.

+2 LP to Mr_Wilt. +1 LP to Sequence, Salmander, Dexanote, Tox and Heiden.

Kiss De Girl - November 12th-13th 2011

Attempting to redo his date with Eva, Nolan has Gaston prepare a spaghetti dinner. Gaston decides to go the extra mile and provides extra entertainment, much to the chagrin of the couple.

Freudian Poetry Writing - December 14 2011

Spencer is trying to write a poem for Rosalind when his Freudian conscious jumps in. Hilarity ensues.

Electric Dreams - December 20th 2011

When the rec-room electronics decide to come out to play, who knows what will happen?

The Toastening - January 22 2012

Toast is suddenly serious business. Toast of varying qualities is made. Reactions are totally not out of proportion.

Nerf Pls- March 22 2012

The rec room becomes a soft, foam battleground as Don and Duncan battle it out, the only way they know how…

Farts on the PA- April 7 2012

Salman farts over the PA and an NPC named Jim fights him over it. PPPRRRFFFFT

Miles' Psych Evals- May 2012

An unconventional psychiatrist named Miles Jacobs comes to Area 354 to see who's psychologically capable of doing their job via a series of unconventional interviews.
NOTE: Renee is banned from missions into the Pool; Spencer, Stoat, and Simon are on watch for unusual behavior; Alissa is sentenced to anger management.

Plot Arcs

If the run or incident was part of an overarching plot leave a level 5 Header with the plot arc's name and then place the log under that header.

Finished Arcs

Heart Conscious

Heart Conscious - November 10th 2011

The Area is filled with the sound of a heart beating Poolboys are sent to the roof to figure out what it is. They find a giant heart, suspended on several tendons. After some deliberation they're able to convince the heart to quiet down.

+1 LP to Mr_Wilt

Smoker's Heart - November 11th 2011

The team hears the heart become louder and rushes to the roof to discover and smoldering cigarette butt. Eva finds the keycard of a certain "John Sherman", from security.

A Hardened Heart - November 11th 2011

The PA comes on and informs the Area that John Sherman was found dead in the Red Pool. Eva gives Ilana his keycard.

Heart Step and Vomitting - November 11th 2011

The team discovers a giant eyeball in the rec room. They soon take it to the heart, which places it in an artery. Eva finds out the heart apparently wants friendship, at which point she hangs out with it and plays dubstep. Meanwhile Gallus vomits several times and passes out. He gets into a minor scuffle with Tagart and Nolan, and creates some very detailed barf.

+1 LP to Pemander

The Brain - November 12th 2011

A wave of electromagnetic energy blasts through the Area, shutting down several electronics. The Poolboys soon discover a brain. Turns out the brain can talk through telepathy and is a bit of a smartass. The brain goes to sleep after a short discussion around how Green is an asshole.

Ureter? I hardly know her! - November 14 2011

Giant kidneys appear on the cafeteria ceiling and the Poolboys engage in quite the battle. Eva is knocked unconscious, but Vander and Chelsea save the day with well-directed gunfire and salt.

+1 LP to ShadesO'Gray and Photosynthetic

Heart to Heart with Nolan - November 14 2011

Nolan has a short conversation with Brain and then Heart, where he learns Brain has the hots for Heart, and Heart has some things to hide.

Mind to Mind with Eva - November 22 2011

While she is comatose, Eva is visited in her mind by Brain, who explains her situation to her. Pretty trippy.

Must Come in Handy - December 26 2011

A giant hand appears in Spencer's room, after a bit of a scuffle the team discovers Brain has adopted the hand as a mount.

Flight of the Immunees - December 27 2011

The cafeteria is suddenly attacked by a giant immune system. Ride of the Valkyries plays various types of blood cells dive bomb, shoot, and clot. Macrophages finally come out but are taken down before they engulf and kill Walter.

It's All in Your Head - January 1, 2012

Duncan decides to challenge Brain, so Brain enters his imagination and messes around, eventually killing Duncan after he makes a "rookie mistake". He then releases Duncan to day dream again.

The Desert Outpost

The desert outpost is an outpost set up in another dimension by foundation personnel. It can be found at #Desert_Outpost. It will act as a primary in character channel for those characters currently at the outpost, and as a channel for runs taking place in the desert dimension. It is not meant to act like #redpool. Currently the Poolboys are obligated to protect it due to a certain incident involving and owl spirit and a crypt.

Welcome to the Desert Outpost - December 10, 2011

The group is called to the sub bay and informed by Salman that the temple they destroyed earlier (See Incident: The Moon Bird) is now accessible through submarine. He also informs them that the excavation team uncovered a portal back to the temple's point of origin. The team enters the cargo sub and descends into the portal. They end up in a cavern, outside of which is full desert. For a full description of the area, see the paragraph in the logs. They set up the sub's cargo then venture into a small ghost town down the path at the gate of the cavern. They find an abandoned village, with sand covering the ground. A church is in the center, displaying the symbol of the moon owl and an altar stained with blood. The group explores until they all decide to enter the crypt behind the church. Nolan plucks a skull from a bird skeleton and a loud HOOHOO is heard. Damian then plucks a skull and a purple aura flies past the group. At its front is the face of an owl. It accuses them of disturbing the bones of the dead. It goes on to explain that it guards the crypt, as it's the only people left to guard in the village. It has been abandoned since desert covered it and the subsequent worms began attacking. It then considers taking Nolan or Damian as sacrifices. After some talk it compromises to have any Foundation member guard the crypt at any time. And if there isn't, he'll take their souls. The group then heads off to inform the directors of what has transpired. The spirit holds Nolan and Damian back, saying they must stand the first watch.

The White Mask - December 11, 2011

The the group heads to the desert outpost, with Nolan bringing his skull. They find it now occupied by Foundation personnel, who have set up camp behind the gates. They then head to the crypt, where they encounter the owl spirit once again. Several things transpire, that you should probably just read the logs for. They're not long. Seriously. It's just conversation. An easy read. So read it, you lazy ass.

The Acquisition of Shliffle and Shoofle - December 12 2011

Damian spies figures on the horizon. He points it out and the rest of the group follows. They soon come across a group of Cowmels grazing. Seizing the opportunity, they try to maneuver the Cowmels back to the Owl village until they're interrupted by a Camelvanner named Nepeste accusing them of being "banditos". He calls a few of his fellows over - including Regardo - and after some talk they trade away a big Cowmel and a small Cowmel (Shliffle and Shoofle, respectively) for a pistol with several boxes of ammo, two flashlights, and a jar of painkillers. Some group member are later disappointed to discover they cannot bring the Cowmels back to base due to several logistical problems.

The Great Ska Rabmush - December 13 2011

The team is called into the outpost to investigate a mysterious sand cloud that's appeared on the horizon. They get in sandrails and zip away towards it, stopping by to talk to some Camelvanners. They're informed that the thing is the Great Ska Rabmush, a giant machine-beast that traverses the desert. They decide to pursue it and follow the cloud of sand. Inside, the poolboys find a giant, circular backside with insectoid patterning in blue lines. They bored its backside and enter a small hole, where they find themselves in a green hallway with blue lighting. The poolboys discover an engine room filled with flying gear beetles and a solar-collection room with solar cell butterflies. After some clever puzzle solving by Marcus, they continue on their way to find a dormitory, and then a cafeteria. They try and go to the control room, but are informed by an automated, telepathic voice that the elevator is closed and they need to detour through the recreational area. They take the elevator down to the gym, which is oddly barren and made of a ramshackle floor. While moving across the floor, Taggart trips and sets off a trap. The floor crumbles away and Taggart, Cecil, and Rose find themselves in a pit with ball bearings. A giant, mechanical antlion lies in the center, and tries to eat them. An adrenaline filled battle ensues, but the team finally prevails, but not before Rosalind is incapp'd. They finally go up the stairs to the control room and have a little chat with the onboard computer - something you should read if you're following the desert outpost plot. They finally set a course for the owl village and return, Spencer carrying Rosalind off.

+1 XP to Spencer, Rosalind, Marcus, and Taggart. +1 LP to Pemander for puzzle solving. +1 LP to Salmander for excellence in GMing.

The Arch of Cranes - December 17, 2011

The Poolboys are called to the outpost to perform testing with the Ska Rabmush. They take it to the nearest village on its database, but find nothing but sand and a few wooden planks. They then return to the owl village, pick up some more team members, and head off to a place on the map called the "Crane of Arches." While they travel, Dmitri asks the Ska Rabmush several questions about various parts of the desert's history. The Ska Rabmush alerts them that they're entering crane territory, then a few minutes later they find themselves being attacked by a large, wooden sand ship. The Ska Rabmush descends into the sand and continues. It finally surfaces at a giant, stone arch. The team talks to a group of hooded figures that refer to them as "pilgrims". Some odd things are revealed by the figures. They then notice that the ship they encountered earlier was now approaching them. The Poolboys quickly get back into the Ska Rabmush and ram the ship. The metal of the Ska Rabmush easily destroys the wooden ship. Several cranes flee, but are captured by the Poolboys, and placed in the Ska Rabmush's brig.

Cleet the Bat - December 27, 2011

The tam decides to take the Ska Rabmush to its "updating site". Unfortunately, they soon find out the plateau is in the way, and the Ska Rabmush heads west along it, looking for a way south. They come to the Great Void, an expansive void with no visible end or bottom. They soon encounter a giant bat named Cleet, who informs them the bottom of the void is basically hell. He then suggests going around the plateau the other way, although this may lead them to the Other Side of the World - whatever that is. Nolan gets in an argument with the rest of the group, and finally resolves to go by himself - much to the chagrin of the rest of the group.

The Other Subplot

The Other Nolan - December 28, 2011

After being called by some unknown voice, Nolan finds himself in the great Ska Rabmush, heading for an unknown destination. A voice calls for him again and he receives a paddle and a straw hat from the giant machine. It finally comes to a stop at the "other side of the world", which seems like a mirage up ahead. Nolan walks forward, but soon finds himself wading in a mixture of sand and a blue, silvery substance. He comes across a paddle boat drifting across the sea of mirage and boards it, finding an owl skeleton inside. He opts not to touch it and instead paddles forward. The sun goes down and the moon comes up. As its light touches the skeleton, it comes to life and identifies itself as Professor Craol Softbeak. He tells Nolan that some kind of structure lying at the end of the plateau, and whatever resides there is calling to him. Nolan decides to press forward.

Nolan decides to place his hand in the sea, but pulls it back as the fluid begins climbing onto him. It drops back in and the sea suddenly turns to sand. The sun comes up and a blob of the silvery fluid turns into a silvery-blue Nolan. Nolan shouts at it. It tries to reply, but only sand comes out. It approaches Nolan and begins fighting him. After some vicious hand-to-hand combat, Nolan is finally defeated. He blacks out. Nolan wakes up in the boat to find that he's become the sand man. He tries to speak, but only sand comes out. The professor suggests they try and get to the structure at the end of the plateau, as the entity there might help them. Nolan nods and paddles on.

Not logged but important: Another Nolan also shows up in Area 354. He behaves normal, if a bit nicer. He readily replaces Nolan, up to sleeping with his girlfriend.

The Other Bird - December 29, 2011

Anotehr bird shows up and bites off nolan's head because he smells like poop. then he flies off into the sunset and everybody dies from mercury poisoning.

Nolan and the professor finally reach the edge of the plateau - and the sea of mirage. They're almost thrown over the waterfall, but Nolan uses his new found power over the mirage water to keep them both from falling off. They climb to the top but a gigantic sand worm intercepts them. Nolan smashes its head off and they head into a giant tower and the end of the plateau. Inside they meet an old vulture looking through the telescope. He informs Nolan that the Other Wind is just a predator of the sea, that steals people's identities and turns them into mirage monsters. He tells Nolan the only way to get his body back would be to kill the doppleganger. Nolan decides it most likely either went to the Ska Rabmush or back home. Him and the professor decide to go to a peacock island in the southern side of the sea to retrieve some kind of flying machine made by the peacocks, then fly to the Ska Rabmush. Nolan sleeps first.

The Other Victims - December 30, 2011

The professor wakes Nolan up and they head out and along the plateau. They soon come across a crane made of the same substance as Nolan, lying still on the ground. then an owl. Then a worm. They dot the plateau, covering it in a blue smear. Nolan and the professor decide to move a bit faster.

The Other God - January 3, 2012

The professor and Nolan finally come to a gigantic pile of blue bodies, with a helicopter crashed into them. Nolan spots the island they're looking for, and they descend down the plateau. He forms a boat with his mirage water and the head off towards the island. Nolan makes the mistake of removing his hand and the boat dissolves, the professor floating away. Nolan reforms a boat and head off to the island, in search of the professor. He's instead captured by peacocks and placed in a cell. What ensues is a Mission Impossible style break out, involving a laser exploding and the professor in a mech suit. Nolan faces off against a black and white peacock armed with a laser, but manages to get away. They finally reach the top and nolan beheads a giant ostrich, then they board the chopper. They head across the plateau, but are attacked by a giant bird with a helmet covering its eyes. It trashes the chopper, but when Nolan breaks it free from its headwear it offers to fly them to the ska rabmush.

The sun comes up once they get to the right side of the world, and the professor stops moving. Nolan takes his bones onboard the ska rabmush and drives it to the outpost. He finds it abandoned. He goes to the cavern and finds the pool frozen over. He tries breaking it, then collapses onto it, crying sand.

The Other Giant - January 4, 2012

Nolan explains his predicament to the professor. The professor recalls the peacocks possessing some kind of melting machine, and they find out it can come as a module on the Ska Rabmush. The Ska Rabmush states that they can find a module at an updating station. Nolan decides to head to the void to see if Cleet can carry them across. After some initial confusion, CLeet complies and carries them across. The professor is scarred by the experience, and collapses into Nolan's arms as the sun comes up. Nolan sets off along a dirt road.

The Other Scarab - January 8, 2012

Nolan and the Professor finally come to their destination, only to find the updating station they've come to is now a museum at its grand reopening. With the information of a young peacock, Nolan sneaks in dressed as a bird soulsucked and gets into the museum. He finds himself on stage, and performs a variety of magic tricks before finally being pulled off. Nolan then looks aorund the museum, picking up some blueprints, before finally coming to a historic reproduction of the Ska Rabmush, every module included. He gets aboard but lacks the proper code to activate it. Luckily enough, the kid from earlier and his uncle walk aboard at that moment. Nolan immediately recognizes the uncle as the black and white peacock he encountered on the island. He holds the uncle hostage until he actiavtes the Ska Rabmush, then flees the museum with the heating module, crashing through the walls in his massive machine. He picks up the professor and flees across the desert, pursued by smaller vehicles piloted by museum security. He tries to shoot them but his clumsy soulsucked hands prevent him from hitting any vehicle. The professor suggests simply resting for now. Nolan agrees and falls asleep.

The Other Death - January 9, 2012

The professor awakens Nolan and tells him they're at the void, and their pursuers appear to have given up and gone home. They both exit the Ska Rabmush, but are ambushed by the black and white peacock and a SWAT team. After a brutal confrontation, Nolan finds himself at the end of a laser gun. The professor jumps at the black and white peacock holding it at the last second and they topple into the void. Nolan finishes off the others. He hears the professor speak and looks over the edge to see the professor dangling barely a meter below. He says goodbye to Nolan, then falls into the void. Nolan cries, then calls Cleet. Cleet carries him and the module to the other side. He then instructs the Ska Rabmush to install the module, and falls asleep as the slow installation process begins.

The Other Finale - January 10, 2012

The clone Nolan on site asks Velia out, and tells her him and Eva broke up. She agrees and leaves, suspicious.

In the desert, the module is finishing installing. Nolan is in the midst of examining the blueprints when he hears a voice. It's White Face's. White Face goes on to reveal he engineered the entire affair, then shows Nolan what has happened in in his absence, how his clone slept with dozens of girls, and how he was about to g out with Velia. Nolan decides that he will kill White Face before leaving.

Eva gets a text from Nolan telling her to come to the roof. She then receives a text from Velia asking how the break up went. Suspicious, Eva comes to the roof to see a silhouetted Nolan looking over the roof. She talks with him and he reveals he is going to break up with her. She cries but asks him to face her. He does. Half of his face is blue. He throws her off the roof.

Nolan tries to punch White Face, but fails miserably. White Face laughs and asks him if he would like to fight. Nolan nods. White Face retrieves Nolan a weapon of choice from the Ska Rabmush, then activates the melting module for him.

The team inside the rec room hears screaming, then a radio report from Nolan telling them Heart threw her off the roof. They then hear gunshots, and Nolan telling them he's pursuing a piece of Heart that fell off. They rush outside to find Eva somehow alive from her fall, albeit unconscious. To further exacerbate things, they hear a report over the PA that the pool is beginning to melt from a major heat source inside it. They bring her into medical, then a portion of the team runs up to the roof to see the crime scene.

Eva falls into a snowbank, softening her fall. Nolan's face reforms and he shoots Heart.

White Face further reveals his evil machinations to Nolan, before disappearing to get his own armor and weapons.

Eva wakes up in medical. After some brief recovery, she tells the team that it isn't Nolan who threw off the roof, that it was an impostor. Mick nods and runs to the roof. Eva begins to be able to wiggle her toes.

In the Desert, White Face reappears. This time he isn't just White Face, though. He appears to be a white mask attached to a gigantic multi-armed bird skeleton. He begins striking at Nolan, who finds himself losing.

A few members of the team pursue the footprints of the clone into the forest, looking around for him. After some chatter from a disappearing figure, he appears behind Velia and begins choking her.

The pool begins melting further, an obvious depression appearing over the outpost entrance. Eva recovers further.

Nolan is about to be killed by White Face when he summons his last bit of strength and cleaves his mask in two. The skeleton collapses just as the pool finishes melting. Suddenly, a purple aura appears again, this time headed by a bright white light. The angry voice of White Face cries out, calling for Nolan's blood. Nolan flees to the pool and disappears just in time.

In the forest, the fight continues as the team bit by bit peels off the clone's skin, revealing his blue inside. They finally beat him to near death when he collapses into sand again and disappears, heading back towards the pool.

At the pool, things begin to heat up as the pool melts. Those still on site watch as a blue Nolan swims out and falls onto the shore. Unsure, of what to do, they begin threatening it. All of a sudden, another blue Nolan runs in and tackles the first. They begin fighting, neither saying anything, and tumble back and forth until the team loses track of who's who. They attempt to break up the fight, but both keep coming at each other, trying to knock one another's brains out. All is interrupted as a purple aura headed by a white, pulsating orb bursts out of the water. It picks up both Nolans, confused over which is which. A great debate over who is who then ensues, with Mick, Velia, and Taggart all adding their piece. Nolan and the clone both attempt to make themselves seem more like Nolan, until the clone suddenly realizes something. He instead begins acting quite rude to Velia. realizing what the clone is doing, Nolan clues in and also begins being rude to Velia. Velia and Mick clue in as well and inform White Face that
the clone is the real Nolan. White Face thanks them and takes the clone with him as he disappears back into the pool, collapsing the portal to the outpost behind him. Nolan turns back into himself soon after, and goes to see Eva.

The Other Ending - January 10, 2012

[2012-01-10 21:20:14] <Salmander> Somewhere, in the vastness of the void, a skeletal professor and a blue Nolan are playing poker
[2012-01-10 21:20:31] <Salmander> "Good to have you back, Miragus."
[2012-01-10 21:20:42] <Salmander> The clone grunts and plays his hand

+1 XP Velia, Mic. +2 XP Nolan. +1 LP Salmander, Mr_Wilt.

Charon and the Gate

A Bad Idea - December 18, 2011

A package arrives for Eva, much to the curiosity of those around her. Much to her chagrin, the package contains a letter from the deceased Doctor Franklin, the former immortal anomaly who had been killed some weeks before, as well as a notebook containing a basic dictionary of a complex language. With the help of Damian and a few books he took from the helicopter in - Revelation, they seek out Spencer for help decoding the books. The team discover the books describe a summoning ritual, although as to what it summons is unknown. With the support of Spencer, Nolan, Damian, Taggart, and Stoat, Eva decides to go through with preforming the ritual. They descend to the basement, where Nolan and Stoat write down the ritual circle on a bunch of papers scattered about the floor. What ensues is something the Poolboys never expected.

The Charon Incident - December 18, 2011

A large crack echoes out from outside, and the team, along with Katrin, find a new addition to the pool. An island, along with a large stone statue holding a door and a mysterious, sharp-dressed gentleman. Upon questioning, the man refers to himself as "Charon the Gatekeeper", and reveals that the team are the ones who summoned him. Upon further investigation, it is revealed that Charon was at one point Franklin, sharing similar physical features and all past memories Franklin had with him. After some further questioning, the team step through the door, into a world of technicolor and mystery. After some exploration, an encounter with a strange creature, and a painless death, the team stumble back out into their world, exhausted and terribly confused.

Director Lecture - December 23rd, 2011

The team present at 'The Charon Incident', as well as Walter, who was talking to Charon outside the gate, are herded into a conference room, where all the Department Directors are present. After a thorough chewing out by Director Corbette, as well as some questioning from both parties, they're given an ultimatum - find out how to get rid of him within a week, or the Directors will take the problem into their own hands.

The One Who Got Away

The Massacre of Every Man's Day Off - May 29th, 2012

The Poolboys travel through Gate to meet with Boss Man at his behest. He briefs the team about an annual holiday held by his people every April 1st where every citizen is rendered immortal for the span of the day. Boss Man then tells the team about Panos, a narcotic-manipulating death row inmate indicted for managing to kill 12 people on this holiday. Panos has managed to escape from prison and is currently on the loose; Boss Man requests the Poolboys' help in finding him. The team agrees and engages in a short shopping spree in the city before heading back to base to compile data.

The Island Outpost

The island outpost is an outpost set up in another dimension by foundation personnel. It can be found at #islandoutpost. It will act as a primary in character channel for those characters currently at the outpost, and as a channel for runs taking place in the island dimension. It is not meant to act like #redpool.

Introductory Run - April 29, 2012

To Be Described.

Roger That - May 3rd, 2012

To Be Described.

+1 XP to Stoat and Taggart

Feelin' Crabby - May 5th, 2012

Nolan and Terrance go exploring and find a crab. It leads them to a discarded airplane seat, which it then merges with and attacks them. Over the course of the battle, it also absorbs and takes on properties of one of Terrance's flares, Nolan's knuckles, Nolan's boots, and origami paper. It gets dead.

+1 XP to Terrance

The Island of Man Eaters - May 8th, 2012

The group learns of a new island and promptly sets off to explore. They find a jungle covered island inhabited by a cannibal witch, named Lestari, and her servant, named Harta. After some tension-filled initial contact they manage to work out a mutually beneficial agreement, with the Poolboys agreeing to help protect her home from the other cannibals on the island in exchange for information. They give Lestari a radio and ship off.

Lilliputian Laments - May 10th, 2012

The Poolboys arrive at the Outpost to find out that Spencer has been sucked into a pool of unearthed black liquid. The team dives down and finds a cube contained in an air bubble. Upon breaching the bubble, the teams shrinks and descend to the cube's surface, where they make their way into the strange structure. After a run-in with an inordinately painful staircase, a few neck attacking hummingbirds, and a collection of self-image warping rooms, the group finds Spencer's body being controlled by hummingbirds, animated by vines, and voiced by a mysterious entity. The Poolboys manage to free Spencer and blow up the main vine cluster with an oxygen tank and a flare gun, followed by the team drifting up to the surface with mental and physical wounds all around.

+1 XP to Terrance, Stephi, and Swanson.

Thunderstuck - May 17, 2012 ((PARTIAL LOGS ONLY))

Met a man made of electricity while underwater. Killed him, but he reformed as a man made of rocks. Eventually brought back to shore and killed again. Reformed as a humanoid amalgamation of rain gear. Named Dante and left at the Outpost.

Recruitment, Pt. 1 - May 28, 2012

SCP-1646-1 shows up at the outpost, looking for a woman. A brief conversation is held, in which several poolboys are informed that they will be asked to assist SCP-1646-1 in locating this woman at the Outpost at some time in the future. SCP-1646-1 demonstrates the consequences of failure to comply by decapitating a security guard and, after an unsuccessful decapitation attempt, the removal of Terrance's teeth via telefrag.

The Lost Forest/The Ark

The Campsite - 27 July 2012

Acting Director Adrian Tam calls the Pool Boys to examine a door that "showed up" in Lab C54-A. Upon inspection, it leads to a forest in the dead of night. The Pool Boys entered, heading towards a campfire they could spot, only for the door to slam shut and disappear. After meeting with 4 survivors who spoke of creatures that "you shouldn't look at", the Camp became under siege by said creatures. Killing them caused wails that wracked the Pool Boys with pain, but they managed to hold out and were evacuated by a six-man team, where Tam ordered them to Medical for examination.

+1 XP to Arthur, Stoat, and Sverre.

The Outpost - 31 July 2012

Due to an equipment failure at a temporary outpost, Tam sent Sverre and Stephi on a quick reconnaissance run to determine the cause of equipment failure. Stephi found a cave on a small island that she couldn't reach, while Sverre determined sabatoge. After the Tech team was dispatched, a large creature that resembled a tentacled mass attacked, injuring Stephi lightly before Sverre managed to send it running with several well placed bursts. Fixing the equipment, the Tech team and the two scouts returned to the Area.

+1 XP to Sverre

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