Painful Memories Eriko And Kazuya Part 2

It was the next day and Eriko was at work. She was waiting anxiously, a bento box in her arms. It was then Kazuya came into the break room. "Kazuya-kun!" She said cheerfully and happily, she quickly went over to his side.

Kazuya briefly looked at her and then away, he walked over onto the other side of the room and got some water. "Ishikawa-san…. what is it that you want?"

Eriko faltered, she was unused to being called that from Kazuya. She took a breath and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear, "W-Well I….I packed you a bento….I wanted to give it to you." She smiled a bit.

He still didn't look at her, "I don't need it," He said evenly.

The words caused a confused look to emerge on her features, "But…….I always pack you a bento…. I-It….I've done it since college….remember?" Eriko crossed over to him, looking into his eyes, giving him a small smile. "Ne?"

He turned away and walked away from her. "Go away. I don't know you."

Eriko frowned, "That's a lie."

"Grow up Eriko." He said, annoyance causing a steel edge to grow on his words.

Eriko crossed her arms, "Well it is a lie, you and I know eachother really well! We've dated and we were-" Eriko was cut off by Kazuya.

"You will NOT mention that." His tone caused her to visibly flinch. She looked at him, before finally speaking.

"What is your problem? Just because of last night… I mean I understood I wasn't upset! It is right for the future but… we still know eachother!"

"We do not."

Eriko stared at Kazuya. Her voice wavers, her eyes searching for any sign of recognition "What are you trying to say…"

"You are a stranger to me."

"But I'm not…just cause of my transfer doesn't mean I'm any different." Eriko's voice breaking a bit.

Kazuya looked into the distance as he sipped his water. "So then what did you do to earn Keter Duty?"

"Kazuya!" She tried to place her hand on his shoulder only to have him swat it away.

"Miss Ishikawa I suggest if you do not want me to report you then you leave me alone. We do not know each other, you are nothing but a stranger. Please go. If you do not have business here then leave."

Eriko looked at him, hurt, and she took a step back. Looking down she rubbed her arms. "I…..I understand Kazuya-kun."

"Don't call me that. Matsura-san will be fine."

Eriko nodded, "W-Well then… M-Matsura-san…please excuse me." Eriko left the room, the Bento box she was waiting to give, sat alone on a table.

Kazuya crossed over to the Bento and looked at it. There was a note, he opened the lid. It was neatly packed and arranged, just like normal. Almost all of the contents were his known favorite foods cooked the way he liked them. Such care was placed into it, and he knew it. He looked at the note.

Kazuya-kun, despite last night know that I love you. <3 ~Eri

He sat down and looked at it before shoving it away and throwing the note in the trash. He placed the lid back on and left it there. After the work day was done Eriko returned to the breakroom. She found the untouched bento exactly where she left it. Her heart sank a bit. That night she had it for dinner since it would be a shame to waste the food she made.

She kept it up for weeks until she finally gave up knowing she was irritating him more than helping him.

The painful memories never seemed to end. No matter where she would go…they were there. Every night, coming home to an empty place. Saying "I'm home (Tadaima)," To where no one responds, remembering when he would be there smiling or entering with her, side by side. Turning on the lights as she slips her shoes off. Sitting down at the table, empty…alone…. eating a bento that she had made for the one who pretended she never even existed. That the last couple of years they had together… wasn't real. All of the foods that reminded her of him.

Not being able to communicate with the family that thought she was dead.

All her friends, coworkers, ignoring her…. keeping their distance lest her bad luck be caught.

Walking down the street and remembering a kiss, or a joke, or a touch brought nothing but a bitter smile and teared up eyes.

The memories, the photos, there was no escaping them. Not until she went to Site 354… and even then in her dreams they wait. They blossom, they fall building up until she wakes up alarmed and upset at her location. Her life isn't the same… it will never be the same.

There is nothing she can do…that will ever restore it.

It's already ended.

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