Radio 354

Welcome to Radio 354, your source for character themes, mood music, and possibly some incoherent shrieking from the Pool.

Player Themes

Salmander Admins - Porky's Theme

Character Themes

Taggart - Khe Sanh
Duncan - Thunderstruck
Chloë - Sweet Child O' Mine
Elif - Kırmış Kalbini
Mark - Little Black Submarines
Carmen - Sky is the Limit

NPC Themes

Fish - Bastard Wants to Hit Me
Reggie - Like a Surgeon
Tylor - Spy Hard
Bland - Icky
Corbette - When Will You Die?

Run Themes

Desert Outpost's Theme - Kurast
Riding the Great Ska Rabmush - Way Out There
Theme of the Owls - Desert Twilight
Theme of Nolan and the Other - Sixty Seconds to What?
The Other Side of the World - Song of the Pharaohs
Class of '76 - Bells Are Ringing
Do You Remember Me? - Years of Work


Theme of [REDACTED] - Original Sin
Chase Theme - Yakety Sax
GM Productivity Theme - Stress
Espionage Theme - Party In The CIA
Maintenance Theme - Hardware Store
Possible Pool Theme - I Can't Decide
Brain's Death - Harry The Head(Is Dead)
Frollicking Theme - Living in the Sunlight

Suggested Character Themes

If you have an idea for a theme for another character, or NPC, list it here with your name. I(Roget) will be listing a few as examples.


Theme for Elif - It's Only Life
Theme for Ross - 'They're coming to take me away'
Theme for Alex and his Roomba(R.I.P) - Robot Friend


Theme for ErikoxRalph - 님이여..님이여..
Sad theme for post Pool dive drama - Wake me up when September ends
Poolboy Band (Character death) - Bon Voyage, Amigo
Poolboy Band theme - Theme of DCMC
Far Recon Sad theme sequence - Still Fighting It
Chloe's old theme - 기억의 시작 (The Beginning of Memory)
Nostalgic Recon - Sweet Child O' Mine
Bittersweet - Could've Been
FRmegeddan ("The Big One") - Umbral Ultimatum
Far Recon THE SONG - How Far We've Come


Generic action sequence - Unnatural Selection


Burma - Run Through The Jungle

Dead/Inactive Character Themes

Gaston - Gaston
Halim - Paint it Black
Erik - And So it Goes
Stephens - Dentist Song
Selah - Skin You (feat. Mr. Creepypasta)
Swanson - Cortez The Killer
Mikhail - Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
Max - Tear Drop (Instumental)
Halim/Stoat - Guy Love
Sverre- Totungsmaschine Mensch
Adam - Living In The Sunlight, Loving In The Moonlight
Nolan/Eva - Luv(Sic.) Parts 1 - 5
Lori - Breathing Underwater
Nolan - Carry On Wayward Son
Renee - You've Got A Friend
Cameron - Lateralus (BoR Cover version)
Velia - Wannabe
Spencer - Hello, I Love You
Charisse - Alors on Danse
Crom - Homat el Diyar
Quinn - Interstellar Overdrive
Everett - Fortune Days
Lily - Terrible Affliction
Howard - Civilization
Stoat - The End of Paradox
Ralph - I Never Go To Work
Arthur - Swang Yo Thang (2)
Carmen - Sky is the Limit

Outdated themes

Scantron rising through the ranks - I'ma Be
A comfused Erit_Invictus - What's up?
min min's goofing about - Kefka's Theme
Wilt and Sal fucking shit up - Men in Black - The Series
Cassidy - Higher
Sequence setting up Duncan with another man - Gay Bar
Worm's Theme - Waiting for the Worms
Driving Theme - Dragula

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