Scan's Character Concepts

Name: Dr. Sunder Banerjee

Concept: Twitchy Security Guard
2 Academics (Indian, English)
6 Survival ((7 w/ EI))
6 Sneak ((7 w/ EI))
7 Perception ((4 w/ Eye Implants))
6 Athletics
7 Ranged ((7 w/ EI))
6 Pdef
6 Mdef
Panic: Sunder is prone to panic attacks and gets scared easily. In other words, he tends to go into fight/flight mode when others would stay calm.
Outdoorsman: Sunder has spent most of his life on the countryside. Being outdoors or working with animals makes him confident, but he can get distracted by nature easily.
Glamour of War: Sunder is fascinated by war and the military, and has fantasized about becoming an actual soldier himself.

Miscellaneous: Age 31, 5'5", rather dark-skinned, glasses. Has difficulty speaking in the presence of three or more other people, and has terrible people skills in general. Generally unwilling to spend extended amounts of time in rooms that he feels have 'bad dimensions'.
Wish List:
Extra Language Course (1/4/+2ACD)
Suppressor (2/2/+6SNK(combat))
Tracer Bullets (3/8/see description)
Suit of Quickness (4/8/+4SNK/+2ATH)
Foundation Ninja Training (5/11/+7MEL/+2ATH)
Electrical Baton (6/13/+8MEL/+2PDF)

Name: Tryggvi Valdemarsson, PhD

Concept: Nuclear Physicist, Marksman
8 Ranged
8 Perception ((5 w/ Eye implants))
4 Athletics ((5 w/ Eye Implants))
6 Academics (Icelandic, Danish, French, English)
8 Science
4 Pdef ((6 w/ Eye Implants))
8 Mdef
No Mercy: What little understanding Tryg has of the concepts of mercy, empathy, and moral ambiguity, he actively suppresses. He's capable of anything he deems necessary for the mission or his safety, but he tends to be a bit more narrow-minded about things than most people.
Scientific Mindset: Tryg applies the principles of rigor, precision, and experimentation to all aspects of his life, and focuses his endeavors on the scientific method. He'll let pretty much anything slide so long as it gives him valuable data.
(Does/Does Not) Compute: Tryg often has trouble with figurative language, lateral thinking, and improvisation, but if he has a good understanding of what needs to be done, he does it with high precision and efficiency.

Personal History:
Native of Eyrarbakki, Iceland. Showed two primary aptitudes as a child: shooting and science. His parents decided to encourage both aspects, and young Tryggvi devoted almost all of his efforts to the two for most of his life. Tryggvi graduated from High School at the age of 16, and earned his PhD in Nuclear Physics at the age of 32, after which he was recruited into the Foundation and assigned to Site 21 to analyze and create derivatives of several anomalous items, and is responsible for breakthroughs that would give the Foundation a dramatic edge in any hypothetical nuclear confrontation.
In early 2012, Dr. Valdemarsson was responsible for an incident in which he killed seven researchers and three security guards that he "had reason to believe were affected by a cognitohazard, and were thus at risk of compromising security." While his actions were later determined to be justified given the available data, the replacement research team was reportedly "as frightened of Dr. Valdemarsson as they were of anything they were containing" and both morale and productivity plummeted. His reputation preceded him to every other site he was sent to, and it was determined that there were a very limited number of sites whose personnel were, for the most part, unaware of his record. Allowed to choose between several projects, Dr. Valdemarsson chose Area 354.

6'7", long white-blonde hair, grey eyes, very pale skin. Skinny. Speaks mostly in a slow, heavily accented (but grammatically impeccable) monotone. Age 38.Diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at the age of ten. Side interests include volcanology, European royal bloodlines, the 2008 financial system collapse, the Icelandic prison system, and aluminum. Carries a Geiger counter with him most of the time. Zero tolerance for those who become affected by cognitohazards, and even less for cognitohazards themselves.
List of favorite phrases:
"You will have to be more specific."
"That is unnecessary."
"What are your intentions?"
"Instruct me in the [relevant phrase]."
"I am not familiar with [context]."
"[Action] is indicative of an emotional response."
"I considered [action] justified by circumstances."
"My record will show that I am sane and have been judged fit for active duty."
"That is none of your concern."
"[Action] is unwarranted."
"Do you require a demonstration?"
Wish List:
Pdef 101 (0/2/+1PDF)
Photo ID Device (1/2/+1SCI,+1PRC): Getting from Spencer
ACOG Scope (1/4/+2RNG)
The Power Within (2/4/+1AP)
Tracer Bullets (3/8/see)
Seeking Bullets & Tracer (4/10/see)
Foundation "Ninja" Training (5/11/+7MEL/+2ATH)
Bladewood Armor (6/11/+7PDF)
Mecha Brain (7/18/+10ACD,+4SCI,+4MDF,+3ENG,+3ELC)
Theme: (Solitude)

Name: Dominik Kaczmarek

Concept: Doktor
8 Medical
8 Persuasion
8 Melee
2 Academics (Polish)
5 Perception ((3 w/ EI))
5 Athletics ((6 w/ EI))
5 Pdef ((6 w/ EI))
5 Mdef
Games and Puzzles: Dominik can breeze his way through anything he can think of as a puzzle or game (especially actual games), but frequently fails to realize the seriousness of situations.
Prizefighter: Dominik participated in lots of boxing matches as a youth, along with other types of fights, making him quick on his feet and able to deliver a quick jab when needed. His old injuries can flare up unexpectedly, though.
Laughter is Best Medicine: Dominik is friendly, sociable, and easy to underestimate, but is prone to trying to charm his way out of situations for which diplomacy isn't suitable.
Age 32; 5'7", light-skinned, short brown hair. Various light scars and old injuries cover most of his body, and his nose is crooked. Wheezes just a little when he talks, but is energetic nonetheless.
Most often seen playing a game, solving a puzzle of some sort, or messing around with some toy, and will often invite others to join him. Laughs quite a bit. Enjoys alcohol, cigars, gambling, and women. Plays the accordion.
Wish List:
Foundation Boots (0/2/+1ATH)
Foundpedia (0/2/+1ACD)
Adrenalin Shots (1/2/see)
Crab Surgical Scissors (1/4/+2MED)
Ballistics Vest (2/5/+3PDF)
Rebound Gloves (2/6/+3MEL,+1PDF)
Foundation "Ninja" Training (5/11/+7MEL,+2ATH)
BCM ID Device (6/12/+7SCI,+2MED)
Manly Perfume (8LP/16XP/+10PRS[Female])
Theme: (Smooth Criminal- VSQ cover)

Name: Jake Tan

Concept: Physicist, Computer Technician
8 Electronics
8 Science
8 Sneak
5 Perception ((2))
7 Athletics
5 Pdef
5 Mdef ((8))
Workaholic: Tan has worked (and continues to work) far more than is necessary for his entire life, to the point where he has to force himself to relax. He may be highly productive and have learned a lot, but he's usually at least somewhat stressed and fatigued.
Locker Filling: Tan has been targeted by bullies of all sorts, and has adapted to it. He's a natural at running, hiding, taking verbal abuse, spotting danger, and taking punches. He has real problems trusting people, though, even when he really needs to. In addition, he's somewhat misanthropic and quite introverted, with a particular distaste for the less intelligent or physically strong.
Age of the Geek: Tan is, at heart, a basement-dwelling nerd. He despises nature and the outdoors in all forms, and immerses himself in modern culture, science, and technology as much as he can. Exercise and healthy eating aren't exactly his forte either.
Age 27, 5'10", Chinese descent, skinny. Medium-length black hair and glasses. Pokemon fanatic. Used to speak Chinese, but no longer does due to disuse. Similarly used to play violin and piano. Usually wears either red or yellow. Master's Degree in Astrophysics from Princeton, in the process of writing his thesis upon recruitment. Assigned to the team to research and analyze the multidimensional properties of the pool.
Wish List:
Physical Defense 101 (+1 Pdef, 0LP/2XP)
Photo ID Device (+1 Science, +1 Perception, 1LP/2XP)
The Power Within (+1 Max AP, 2LP/4XP)
Supercomputer Linkup (+2 Science, +1 Electronics, 2LP/4XP)
Infinite Speed Computer Linkup (+3 Science, +2 Electronics, 3LP/6XP)
Suit of Quickness (+4 Sneak, +2 Ath, 4LP/8XP)
Foundation "Ninja" Training (+7 Melee, +2 Athletics, 5LP/11XP)
Mecha Brain (+10 Academics, +4 Science, +3 Engineering, +3 Electronics, +4 Mdef, 7LP/18XP)
Telekill Armor (+7 Pdef, +8 Mdef, 8LP/15XP)
A wild Jake Tan in his natural environment…
Jake Tan at a young age:

Name: RJ Durand

Concept: Inventor, Weapons Specialty
8 Engineering
7 Science
8 Electronics
2 Academics (French)
2 Thrown
5 Perception
5 Athletics
5 Pdef
4 Mdef
Work it, Make it: RJ is obsessed with making things, fixing things, finding out how things work, and finding out how to stop them from working. Depending on what he's actually supposed to be doing, this is either helpful or distracting.
Lighten Up: RJ doesn't take things seriously very often and can be a bit of a slacker on doing things that don't interest him. He can always find the bright side of any situation, though, and it's not easy to get him discouraged.
Fuck The Police: RJ has little (bordering on no) respect for authority or other people telling him what to do. He does whatever the hell he wants, and he's skilled at escaping the consequences of his actions. Concepts of loyalty and debt are similarly none of his concern.
Things to do with explosives/incendiaries:

  • Frag Grenades: Regular Asplosions (Frag Grenades)
  • Wax Grenades: Covers things in wax, immobilizing them (Frag Grenades + Waxxy Vest)
  • Telekill Grenades: Extra damage to telepaths (Frag Grenades + Telekill Bandana)
  • Niflheim Grenades: Extra freezing damage to organics (Frag Grenades + Insta-Freeze Bullets)
  • Magnetic Grenades: Extra damage to electronics (Construction)
  • Incendiary Grenades: Specialize in setting things on fire (Construction)
  • Remote Control Bombs: Bombs that can be activated remotely (Construction)

Other things to make:

  • Medical Sensors: Wearable bio-sensor equipment that gives a boost to medical rolls performed on wearer.
  • Handheld Laser: Powerful laser with settings useful for both medical and engineering applications.
  • Trackers: Small electronic devices that can be used to track items or entities that carry them.
  • Sonic Grenade: Small electronic device designed to make an earsplitting racket. Good for distractions.
  • Protective Gloves: Elbow-length gloves resistant to chemicals and extreme temperatures.
  • Sound-amplifying headphones: Picks up ambient noise and voices and amplifies them, while damping loud noises (modified mufflers)

Personal History:
Born in Clermont-Ferrand, France, in 1978. Showed up for school for classes he found interesting, spent the rest of the time poking around interesting places, messing around with machines, and committing misdemeanors (known to local police by his machinery-themed graffiti and the moniker "novat"). Cheated on enough exams to scrape together a GPA high enough to get into Blaise Pascal University, where he graduated in the top tenth of his class with a Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering. Hired by a shady weapons design company that the Foundation had been investigating for connections to the Chaos Insurgency. After selling several secrets to a Foundation front company, RJ was coerced into working as a mole within the Chaos Insurgency, which had folded his official employer into one of its pre-existing front companies earlier that year. However, two years later, RJ was discovered, and transfered to a remote site, Area 354, for his own protection and direct employment.
5'11", medium build, dark-skinned, age 34. Wears sunglasses, smirk. His left and right biceps have a glow-in-the-dark wrench and hammer tattoo, respectively.

Name: Giorgio Sukalos

Concept: Xenohistorian
6 Science (Aliens) ((8))
8 Academics (Klingon, Vulcan, Goa'uld, Greek)
8 Persuasion
6 Sneak
5 Perception ((2))
5 Athletics
5 Pdef ((6))
3 Mdef
You'd Have To Be High: Giorgio doesn't actually use drugs, but given the crazy shit he'll do, that would seem like the only explanation.
Ancient Aliens: To Giorgio, everything can be explained by the actions or interference of aliens, particularly ancient ones. He gets excited at any opportunity to find evidence of his hypotheses.
Is Such a Thing Even Possible?:  Yes it is. Giorgio is always the optimist, and will never give up.

Name: Jason Vang, PhD

8 Science
8 Academics (Spanish, Hmong, Somali, Arabic)
5 Melee ((8))
8 Perception ((5))
5 Athletics
6 Pdef
4 Mdef
Overmemed: Jason has, through overexposure, developed both a reduced sensitivity to and mild addiction to sensory stimuli and mind-altering affects. He seeks out new stimuli and experiences, and is then disappointed when they lose their novelty.
They're Gonna Get Me: Jason is rather paranoid, always certain that someone or something's about to jump out and grab him. He performs regular checks for threats of all sorts.
Berserk: Jason is normally jovial and slow to anger, but if something does manage to piss him off, he can lose it and ignore distractions and pleas for mercy in a destructive rage.

Name: Diego Alvarez

Concept: Ex-D-Class
8 Survival
8 Sneak
2 Academics (Spanish)
8 Melee
4 Perception ((3))
6 Athletics
6 Pdef
4 Mdef ((5))
Getaway: Diego's experienced at hiding and getting away from things, along with finding ways out. That also happens to be his first instinct when things don't go exactly as planned.
Attention Deficit Ooh Shiny: Diego has difficulty paying attention to uninteresting topics, a tendency to forget things, and is generally disorganized. His train of thought changes tracks so often that it's difficult to get a fix on, and when something does capture his interest, he'll focus on it to the exclusion of all else.
Call of the Wild: When he's outdoors and away from civilization, Diego is in his element. Nature is at his fingertips, and he can see it all, know it all, and become one with it. The only problem with this is that he is prone to completely ignoring what he's supposed to be doing if it would distract him from this.

Name: Father Winchester

Concept: Scientist turned priest turned scientist who moonlights as a priest.
8 Science
8 Academics (Theology)

  • Portugese, Spanish, working on learning French and Latin

6 Persuasion
8 Perception
3 Athletics
5 Pdef
8 Mdef
Strict Pacifist: Father Winchester does not use violence period, and can only tolerate its use when absolutely necessary. He'll do whatever is needed to avoid the unnecessary use of violence by himself or others, or to minimize its consequences.
Solemn: Father Winchester is very solemn and reflective. His inner calm allows him to be more perceptive and retain his focus better than more hot-blooded individuals,  but he can have trouble summoning up the excitement or adrenaline necessary for more demanding tasks.
Dusty Old Bones, Full of Green Dust: Father Winchester's 55 years old, and not in the "going on forty" sense. He's had a few more decades to take in information and learn how people think; he's also a rather nonthreatening figure due to his age. On the flip side, he's quite a bit out of touch, and his body's showing the strain of years.
Personal History:
Born in Sao Paolo, Brazil to missionaries, his parents disappeared in the Amazon on a trip to reach out to undiscovered tribes when he was two years old. At the age of seven he moved to Great Britain, where he excelled as a student and attended Cambridge to study theoretical physics. Partway through writing his thesis, however, he dropped out without warning to join a seminary back in Sao Paolo. He became a priest, and served at two parishes before his encounter with SCP-XXXX. Having both the theological knowledge to identify the figure and the background in theoretical physics to further deduce its nature, he was able to construct [DATA EXPUNGED] until the MTF responsible for its capture could fully contain it. He was then offered a position studying the entity/phenomenon further as a Foundation researcher and accepted; he was later assigned additional duties both as a physicist and a theologian, so they wouldn't have to hire another guy.
Unfortunately, dealing with supernatural phenomena for years on end takes a toll on one's faith. In recognition for his years of service, his request to choose an assignment that he believed would give him an opportunity to further explore his faith. He chose Area 354.

Name: Gary Walker

Concept: Redneck Sniper
8 Sneak
8 Survival
8 Ranged
8 Perception
5 Athletics
5 Pdef
4 Mdef
We Don't Need No Education: Partially due to being rendered illiterate by severe untreated dyslexia, Gary dropped out of school after the sixth grade in spite of his high intelligence. While this means that he might not know a lot of things that most people would consider common knowledge (also he seriously cannot read), the time most kids spend in school, Gary spent further honing his skills.
Independent Operator: Gary's used to working on his own under adverse conditions, and knows how to take care of himself and dispose of others. He'll often disregard or fail to take into account his team members, however.
What the Fuck?: Gary's ideas are a bit out there, to say the least, and his trains of logic can be quite difficult to follow. However, he's at his best when what he's doing makes no sense at all.
Personal History:
Born 1974 in rural Idaho. Dropped out of school at age 12 due to dyslexia, despite high intelligence. Taught shooting, outdoorsmanship, and petty thievery by his older brother, and later by himself. Cajoled into joining a right-wing anti-government militia that was in possession of SCP-XXXX-4, which the Foundation took. Noting the skill with which he held off attackers, he was offered a position at Area 354.

Name: Satyana Sanmugasunderam

Concept: Acoustician

7 Science
6 Engineering
6 Academics

  • Hindi (able to comprehend most varieties at the very least), English, Spanish, Chinese

6 Ranged
6 Perception
6 Athletics
5 Pdef
4 Mdef

Uninhibited: Satyana has a habit of doing whatever the hell she wants, when she wants to do it. Her impulsiveness is obviously a hindrance at times, but she's more in tune with her intuition than most, having less resistance to her instincts. She isn't held back by morals or anything, either.
Sound Addict: Satyana can pick up on sounds with plenty of ease, and just loves listening to anything, particularly music; further, when she can hear a beat, she can use it to coordinate her thoughts and actions. She gets lost in thought easily when listening to things, though, and she absolutely despises silence, which she will fill with whatever she deems necessary.
Don't Fear the Reaper: Satyana has accepted and internalized that she and everyone around her will die in the near future, and that nothing they do will matter ultimately. She doesn't truly feel fear and doesn't back away from danger, but she's not likely to drop everything to help out her teammates, and her self-preservation isn't always 100% on.

Personal History:
Born in Toronto in 1979. Graduated near the top of her class, she then was accepted to, and then left, The Royal Conservatory. She later graduated Caltech with two Bachelor's degrees. Noticed by the Foundation due to a combination of her obvious capability, general lack of close personal connections, and (according to several of her peers) skill with a handgun, she was hired in 2007. After being key in securing and containing several SCPs with MTF █████ █ "Hippie Crap", she was permitted to choose her own assignment; she chose to join the Poolboys for "a change of pace".

Age 33, Indian descent, 5'10", shoulder-length black hair normally kept in a ponytail, glasses. In shape, but not muscular. Accent is Canadian, with a touch of Indian. Usually wearing an expression somewhere between a pleasant smile and a full-out smirk.

Name: Nitis MacGregor

Concept: Surly Doc

8 Medical
6 Sneak
6 Science
6 Melee
5 Perception
5 Athletics
5 Pdef
5 Mdef

I Don't Hate To Break It To You: Nitis doesn't beat around the bush, and he's usually grumpy and irritable in some form. To say his diplomatic skills are subpar is an understatement, but he doesn't take shit from anyone.
Do I Have To Do Everything?: The sight of someone else failing to succeed usually gets Nitis to try to do it himself if he has any inkling of how to do it.
Everybody Calm the Fuck Down: Nitis doesn't like chaos, panic, or excitement. He keeps a cool head most of the time, but he won't put up with strong emotions for long.

Personal History:
Adopted at the age of 1 in Oklahoma by the MacGregor family.. Went into private practice after his residency. When confronted with several victims of an anomalous disease, rather than alerting the authorities, he devised a cure himself. Once the Foundation got involved, he was recruited with little difficulty.

Age 44, 5'8", stocky build. Short black hair, Native American descent.

Name: Jay Michaels

Concept: Reluctant Soldier

8 Ranged
7 Sneak
8 Academics (Arabic, Aramaic, French, Turkish)
7 Perception
5 Athletics
6 Pdef
5 Mdef

Do We Have To?: Jay is always hesitant to enter combat, even in self-defense; he'll always look for another way to do things. When he does fight, he tries to get it done with as little fuss as possible, and always regrets it afterwards.
Daily Double: Jay knows a bunch of random stuff that might come in handy, but he can have trouble sorting through all the trivia to get to the important things.
The Great Indoors: Jay is a city boy who does not like nature. He's jumpier than normal outdoors, but when he's indoors, he has his shit together.


  • Fishing line
  • Collapsible fishing pole
  • Twine
  • Magnifying glass
  • Superglue
  • Small vial of holy water
  • Camera
  • Pens and a notebook
  • Work gloves
  • Lightweight poncho
  • Orange spray paint
  • Pocket bible
  • Pocket Quran
  • Small bag of marbles
  • Small bag of trail mix

Personal History:
Born on November 8, 1982, in Birmingham, UK. Served in the army for however long you have to, then got a degree in Middle Eastern Studies. Recruited to the Foundation as a consultant. Failure during [DATA EXPUNGED] negotiations led to his reassignment to STF-354.

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