Figure 1: SCP-354-RP1 immediately after emerging from SCP-354.

Item #: SCP-354-RP1

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-354-RP1 (referred to hereafter as RP1) is currently uncontained. Personnel encountering RP1 must avoid taking any action while under RP1's influence.

Description: RP1 appears in its victim's dreams as a man in a suit shown in Figure 1 to the right. Victims dreaming under the influence of RP1 are presented with two fantasy lives. After RP1 presents the two fantasy lives to the victim, RP1 pressures the victim into choosing one fantasy over the other. If the victim chooses a fantasy over the other, the victim will receive a tattoo on his or her chest symbolizing the fantasy he or she sacrificed. If the victim fails to choose a fantasy, RP1 will use the victim's memories to craft a nightmare in order to pressure the victim into choosing one or the other.

Personnel that have encountered RP1 are encouraged to update this document with their experiences.

Incident RP1-1: Cecil Chen
Fantasies presented - Life in NYPD with Donovan Rieche vs Life at A354 with Stephi Gibson
Fantasy chosen - Life with Agent Gibson. Detective Chen shot Agent Rieche to seal the choice.
Resulting tattoo - A red circle with the characters 朋友 inscribed within.

Incident RP1-2: Rosalind Dewald
Fantasies presented - Life at Site 19 with Joseph O'Donnell and Lisa (anomalous plant-girl retrieved from the Red Pool) vs Life at A354 as currently lived
Fantasy chosen - None. Forced to remain inside a recurring nightmare that began upon Joseph O'Donnell's departure.
Resulting tattoo - None discovered at this time.

Incident RP-3: Renée L Ryan
Fantasies presented - Life in Virginia with Donovan Rieche and their two children, Michael and Melody Rieche, vs Life at A354 without any of them and with the trauma.
Fantasy chosen - Dr Ryan would not seal the choice to stay with her family and would not kill Donovan to return to A354, but when she and her children were submitted to domestic abuse, she shot her husband.
Resulting tattoo - A stitched together broken heart with wings.

(Disclaimer: This SCP is not an official SCP - it is canon to the events of the Far Recon roleplay only.)

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