Surrounding Locations


All of these Locations are On-Site or nearish to the site. They are either places that can be visited by characters or places that were created by characters.

Emergency Beacon

Junk Pile

Prefab 12

Rick's Bunker

A foxhole dug into the permafrost adjacent to Stoat's Garden. Coined the 'Drama Bunker' by Loren.

Site Ruins

Stoat's Garden

Surrounding Forest Area

Bug Skeleton

The remains of a giant bug killed by the Poolboys during the winter that had rotted away during the summer. Situated to the east of Area-354.

The Clearing

The Glade

The Glade is a clearing within the forests near the site. It takes approx a 30 min hike to get there. In order to get to the Glade you hike along a trail and once in a fork in the path you take the left path.

The Glade is a lush area with a waterfall and a sizable pool area. A stream cuts through the clearing. The water is cold, however there seems to be an abundance of fish in the area as well as other wildlife. It is pristine and calm, one of the "Safer" Places near the site.

The Glade

The Rock (King Greg's Hill)

The Rock, is a small outcrop near the edge of the forest. Since an incident in late Spring, the surrounding forest near the rock has been recovering from a wild-fire caused by Researcher Ishikawa-Bushnell's Thermite.

The Rock

Other Locations

Command Site-203

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