SWL's Test Page

NOTE: Everything on this page is a work in progress, and should be taken with the largest grain of salt you can fit in a bodily orifice. It is here merely to draw comment and feedback from you, the players, ahead of time. Please do not edit this page - if you have a concern, tweak or other suggestion, please bring it up in the chat, preferably letting ShockwaveLover know as well.

  • Change visor so can be used with NVGs, GM and Muffler? Make sense - military visors are designed that way.

+6 - 4XP/1S - 2 = 22XP
+5 - 4XP/1S - 2 = 18XP
+4 - 4XP/1S - 2 = 14XP
+3 - 3XP/1S = 9XP
+2 - 3XP/1S = 6XP
+1 - 3XP/1S = 3XP

-1XP for each penalty.

Name XP Required Skills Boosted Load Description
SMG/2 Load Training x N/A x Allows non-Security personnel access to selected 2 Load weapons - most likely SMGs. Require at least 4 in Ranged.
FAST IV/IO System x N/A 1.5 http://www.chinookmed.com/cgi-bin/category.cgi?item=01323 0 Body resuscitation/stabilisation?
Adrenaline Shot x N/A x Something disposable that allows you to regain (Or have someone else) regain 1 AP without the use of a compel
Improved Comms x N/A x x
Noise Maker x N/A x x
Short-Out Device x N/A x x
Jammer x N/A x x
Trapping Kit x N/A x Bait, repellent, net
Quick Sealant x N/A x x
Breaching Kit x N/A x x
Chainsaw x N/A 3 http://www.husqvarna.com/us/forest/products/xp-saws/346-xp/ About 7kg when fully loaded. Maybe battery powered - easier to work with than petrol. Comes in carrybag/pack with spare battery and chain.
SLJ Kit Contents x N/A x x
Speed Suit x N/A x http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-372
Vial of Love? Juice 3 +1 Bluff and +1 Persuasion 0.5 Based on a liquid derived from SCP-031, makes the user much more attractive and charismatic to to others.
Mop Acid x N/A x A bottle of acid derived from SCP-1837 able to burn through obstacles and harm enemies when thrown.
Plastic Explosive x N/A x x
x x N/A x x
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