T4W - Epilogue

The 4th Wall: Epilogue

((Based off a poolparty. Here are the logs))
I looked down upon the chaos. The chaos I had caused.
I was given the power to control anything and everything. The power to decide. And what did I decide?
682, my trustworthy steed, was down there, in the havoc. Killing innocent people.
I could have just stopped this. I had the power to do so.
But I had to give everyone a fair chance. I was cursed, the power had taken away my common sense and replaced it with… I don't even know.
I don't even know who were these people. The CIA? FBI? Some local police department? What did it matter anymore. To the eyes of 682 they were all just chunks of meat.
I summoned a flame in my hands. I saw my target below. The bitch that tried to rule the world. Then again, wasn't I doing that myself?
I was about to blast her away, when I realized something…
My powers…
I dropped to my knees, at the sudden realization. I had become what I detested most.
"I'm A goddamn Mary Sue!"

Now I stand before you. I had let Glacon escape… I can't locate her in any universe I have control over. But I… I have lost control over the Far Recon universe. Glacon has regained her powers.
I periodically lose control over several other universes…
When I regain control, I find out that it has been visited. Visited by the poolboys.
Glacon gains control over any universe she desires, she must only connect said universe and the Far Recon one via the pool.
It is only a matter of time before she connects the pool with our universe. I only don't know whether the poolboys will be on our side. Glacon currently has full control over them.
Or does she?
Isn't her entire being based on a 'fair game'?
Bullshit, that bitch wants me dead.

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