The Assignment Eriko And Kazuya Part 1

Eriko was on the couch thinking as rain hit the windows. Early summer always brought rain like this she thought quietly as she waited. The pitter patter was soothing and a stark contrast to the pounding in her heart. She took a deep breath, waiting.

It wasn't too long before Kazuya walked in. He gave her a small smile taking his shoes off, "I'm here! The rain is really coming down," He wiped off his glasses and smiled at Eriko, the smile faded when he saw her face. "What's wrong… was it the meeting?"

Eriko nodded. "They… are transferring me… Japan wants the workers to be more integrated in International Sites."

Kazuya relaxed a bit and smiled. "That's great! You can see the world… right? I'll be right behind you… I promise…" His words faded into silence as he noticed she did not smile back at him. "Unless….where…?"

"Site 354…" Eriko responded quietly. Her body was trembling a bit, and her hands were tightly folded together in her lap.

Kazuya mouths the words over before speaking. The reality of their job sinking in, "The red pool? There? T-They can't…"

Eriko merely nodded. Kazuya stood up and crossed the room, he looked out the window in silence. Not a word passed his lips as he calculated. How could things have gone so wrong? This wasn't supposed to happen, they were supposed to be together, get married, and start a family.

"What does this mean…" He finally said. "What did they say…?"

"That I have a duty to Foundation, especially to show what the Japanese personnel are meant to do. My work in the labs are good enough, I should be fine…"

"Eri…. you and I just joined… there are hundreds if not thousands of more experienced Chemists than either of us…"

Eriko nodded back, "I know…"

Kazuya ran his hand through his hair taking a breath, "They can't be serious… this is a joke, some ijime tatic, I swear…"

"Kazuya?" Eriko looked at him concerned.

"We'll figure this out…. they can't really send you there… its…. Keter Duty… you are too new… Keter…" He kept repeating it in disbelief as if soon Eriko would laugh and tell him she was kidding. But deep down he knew she was never capable of such a cruel joke.

"I know…" he said with determination. Kazuya pulled out his phone and left the room. Eriko sat there looking at the ring on her finger. Soon the silence of the apartment was broken, as shouting from the other room filled the air.

"You can't be serious! You can't do this!" It was then it stopped, finally drifting into silence only somewhat disturbed by quiet talking. "What do you think her chances are then? Then why?" Kazuya's voice broke a bit, and Eriko could hear it. Sadness pierced her heart.

Eriko buried her face in her hands as she waited.

"Yes, I understand, my apologies for the phone call in this manner. Yes. My apologies. Yes, you'll have it on your desk in the morning." Kazuya came back into the room. He looked at Eriko, his eyes met hers, he could see the tears forming. The fear in her eyes. His face softened and he sat next to her and embracing her tightly. "I'm so sorry Eri…"

She hugged him, holding him, trying to be strong. "It….is going to be okay. I have you…so I will be okay."

Kazuya's eyes widened. His thoughts…went frantic. However he knew he had little options, so he took the first one he thought of. He took a deep breath and looked at her. Staring long and hard before finally speaking. "I'm sorry…" He said as he took her hands in his and touching the ring, "I need you to…return this."

Eriko felt her breath leave her. "K-Kazuya…."

"Please…just… don't make this any harder…"

Eriko looked down and nodded. She slowly removed the ring and placed it in Kazuya's palm closing his hand around it. She looked up at him, trying to process this. He kissed her gently and got up. He began to start for the door he pocketing the ring and began to place on his jacket. "I'll inform your parents."

"You can't inform them we aren't allowed…" Eriko felt emotion well in her.

"I can inform them of your death…. we'll say it was an accident, I'll apologize… and I will comfort them. It's my fault for not protecting you better." He made no eye contact with her. His back was turned.

"Kazuya! I'm not dead!"

"It's Keter Duty, Eri. Not like here…. you….. its…. it is going to be better this way. We both know that." He seemed so sure of it. Eriko stood up. "You can't….do this Kazuya…not like this…please…"

"Its already done Eri…."

Eriko crossed over to him as he began to put on his shoes. "Then, you have to promise me! Promise me when I return…everything will go back…right? It will be like it never happened."

She reached out to touch him but he moved out of her way and opened the door, without looking back he said one last word: "Sure."

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