The Rules


To ensure an enjoyable experience for all players and GMs, these following guidelines are established as a basis for what kind of behavior is expected.


OOC (Out-Of-Character)

  • No illegal activity is permitted in FR IRC chatrooms.
  • The Far Recon roleplay may contain content inappropriate for those under the ages of 15. Individuals under the age of 15 are strictly prohibited.
  • All participants are expected to be mature and respectful. Harassment, sexism, racism, or other offensive behavior is not tolerated and will be subject to disciplinary action.
  • GM staff and their orders are to be obeyed at all times. It is the responsibility of each chat participant to know what is or is not acceptable behavior; if you are not sure whether any particular action or topic of discussion is appropriate for the OOC channel, it is your responsibility to ask the GMs.

IC (In-Character)

  • Keep all OOC discussion in the OOC channels.
  • The GM has the final word on all IC events and interactions.
  • Seuxal roleplaying (cybering) is prohibited in all IC roleplay channels. While characters are permitted to have sexual relations, players are not allowed to roleplay sexual intercourse. Should it come up, use the Fade To Black/”Sexy Discretion Shot”.
  • Romantic and sexual relations between characters should be consensual, both IC and OOC. Before any intimate relationship begins between two characters, it should be discussed and agreed upon by both players in the OOC.
  • IC/OOC boundaries must be respected. Antagonistic feelings between characters should stay in the IC. Conversely, OOC antagonism between players should not spill-over to the IC. If you have problems with another player, you are not required to RP in their company.


GM staff have the authority to dictate the course of conversation. Their orders are to be followed at all times. If deemed necessary, they also have the authority to enact disciplinary action:

  • The first infraction will generally entail a warning. This may be delivered in the form of a non-ban kick, via a muted chatroom, or a minimum 1-hour ban if deemed necessary to stop the current topic of conversation.
  • The second infraction will incur a minimum 24-hour ban.
  • The third infraction will incur a minimum 7-day ban.
  • Any further infractions will incur an indefinite (permanent) ban.

GMs have the authority to escalate any specific incident as they deem fit, especially for grossly inappropriate or recurrent offenses. If you feel that any instance of disciplinary action was in error, you may protest the action though PM with any GM or Admin. Any decision made by administrative authority is final.

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