TV Tropes: Far Recon

Take Stargate. Fade the military structure a bit. Sprinkle in some insanity. Make it grimmer. No, grimmer. There we go. Jade some heroes, smooth the edges on some psychopaths, arm some scientists, give tinkerers better toys. Remove any patterns. Make the portal malevolent. Blend. Bake in a Canadian winter, allow to freeze, then serve.

On a more serious note, Far Recon is an SCP Foundation roleplay centered on the exploits of Special Task Force Alpha-354 "Poolboys", a task force consisting of agents, doctors, researchers and other personnel. Their purpose is to explore SCP-354 "The Red Pool", an inter-dimensional anomaly that connects between alternative universes and dimension along with various other types of jobs and other special tasks that they may need to do.

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  • Acceptable Breaks From Reality: Often times more realistic elements are escued for gameplay balance or plot convenience. Load falls into this due to the necessity of game balance.
  • Cerebus Syndrome: Hit Far Recon very hard during the Big One and subsequent reboot, mostly due to the departure of Salmander and how the general consensus was that the 'lolClownfarts' was taken too far and that it hurt the reputation of the roleplay as too silly and goofy for its setting.
  • Gameplay/Story Segregation: Discussed in the OOC channel, with elements such as body armor (sometimes) existing Story-wise, but not acknowledged mechanics wise.
  • Genre Buster: An urban fantasy, sci-fi, dramedy, with military fiction elements and romance at its core, but the genre changes to the GM's whim during Pool dives, when anything can happen.
  • Mind Hive: Done in Soulless's We Felt Each Other run, where the Poolboys were emphatically linked to both each other, the NPC mole-apes, and the monster who was the cause of it all. Everyone could sense each others emotions, physical actions and well-being, resulting in the blind mole-apes seeing for the first time, mental trauma from when one of the mole-apes dies, and everyone being completely overwhelmed.
  • Prison Episode: Red Pool Prison Blues, much more Darker And Edgier compared to the general tone of the roleplay at the time. An NPC threatened ReneĆ© and Alissa with rape, and a core Player Character committed a Heroic Sacrifice in order for the Poolboys to be able to destroy the dimensional anchor in order to go home.
  • Shoo Out the Clowns: Much of the comedy elements of the roleplay abruptly stopped around the time of FRagnorak, with many of the goofier NPCs either killed off, Put On A Bus, or just plain forgotten.
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